Portimao: Race two press conference

20/09/2009 Sprint Race Press Conference GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final press conference of the season for today's sprint race here in Portimao: joining us today are race winner Luca Filippi from Super Nova, in second ...

Sprint Race Press Conference

GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the final press conference of the season for today's sprint race here in Portimao: joining us today are race winner Luca Filippi from Super Nova, in second place we have Sergio Perez from Arden, and in third place we have Javier Villa, also from Super Nova. Luca, congratulations on a great race today: how does it feel?

Luca Filippi: I'm really super happy, because on Friday after a great practice we have a really bad qualifying because of a very silly problem, and since that I thought okay, this year I can never win a race anymore, and I was really, really sad! But I had a really great race yesterday for a podium, and I thought wow, I start from seventh and I won't win the race again! [laughs] But today I was really motivated, I had a really good start but Petrov stalled in front of me so I had to make a long way around him and lost a place, and since that I pushed a lot, and I'm really happy because, okay, I won because somebody else was penalised, but I did a lot of moves, a lot of overtaking: one on him [points to Perez], one on Hulkenberg, one on Maldonado, one on Kobayashi as well! So I won because I was always fighting, because I never give up, and I'm really pleased for this result: we finally won a race! [laughs]

GP2 Series: You were pushing quite hard, even after we saw on the timing screens that the penalties were coming: did Sean, your engineer, tell you to calm down at all because they were coming?

Luca: Honestly after we had the same problem in Indonesia, where two guys were penalised for the same problem, I always look at the safety car line: I never ask in the briefing, because I don't want anyone else to think about it! [laughs] But I do it, and even yesterday where the leader backed off a lot but the safety car was very slow, yesterday we were lucky that nobody crossed the line, and today we were unlucky that they didn't leave enough gap. I was lucky that I didn't even need to slow down to not cross the line, but I knew that that was a problem.

GP2 Series: Despite that, as you say, you managed to get through a lot of guys before their penalties: do you think you could have got the win anyway?

Luca: At the time I think Zuber had a bit of a gap, but I still had something to push more, so I think at least the second place was possible.

GP2 Series: You've had a difficult season but come here to a circuit that you clearly love, got two podiums including the final win of the season: how much does it mean to both you and the team?

Luca: Unfortunately we had a lot of problems, especially at the end of the season where I was getting faster and faster, and especially in Valencia where I was taken off when I was leading the race, and that should have been maybe a win, and since that we've always had a problem. We came to Monza, which is my circuit and I was so motivated, and we had a problem in race one and then in race two where I was so fast and even had the fastest lap, but we had a problem again and I was really sad. So we came here and it went well, I got the fastest lap yesterday and two podiums, so I couldn't be more happy!

GP2 Series: Congratulations on the win today. Sergio, on P2 and a strong podium which you may not have expected this morning: how was the race for you?

Sergio Perez: First of all, yesterday I was already up to P8 and I got taken out by Parente when I tried to overtake him, so today I thought it is the last race and I will try with everything I have to see what happens. I knew it was going to be a very difficult race for everybody, and this was the case, but I did a really good start and after the safety car I was P7, so after that on the restart I got overtook by Filippi and then I saw that he had a bit more pace than me but I tried to stay close. I was very lucky today because without the penalties I do not think I would finish P2, but I've been so unlucky the whole season: when I've had the good pace I've had some problems, so now I'm happy that I can end the season with a podium.

GP2 Series: You win some you lose some: today I guess you win. You didn't seem to have the pace of Luca today after the penalties cycled through: was it that you couldn't catch him, or you were thinking of the podium?

Sergio: No, I couldn't catch him: I was pushing as hard as I could every lap, but he was quicker, and that's it.

GP2 Series: Nevertheless it's a good way to round out the season: how has your first season been for you?

Sergio: Very difficult, I think. In the beginning of the season we scored a lot, and then we dropped: we had the pace to race but we had some problems, some bad luck. This weekend we didn't have quite the pace we had in other races, but we were luckier than in the last five weekends. So overall not too bad, I'm disappointed that we didn't win a race, but hopefully if I come back next year I can go for the title.

GP2 Series: Congratulations. Javi, congratulations on P3 today, and it's good to see you back here. It looked like you had a fairly quiet race today, but how was it from inside the car?

Javier Villa: It was a difficult weekend, and in qualifying Luca had some problems and was down the grid, and in the first corner touch me in the rear tyre, we have some problems, but it was okay. Today in the race I started in the middle of the grid, and you never know what can happen from there, like today. But I didn't think it could be on the podium! We had a more or less okay start, a bit more luck with the safety car, and we're on the podium: not so very quick, but we had a good dream and finish the year with a podium. We had a difficult season, because of some problems and other things, but we are here now.

GP2 Series: You we a little way behind Sergio, and it looked like you just couldn't catch him: was that the case?

Javier: Yes, it was on the limit. This weekend we were not one of the quickest ones, and really we never really got to there, but Luca was very quick and we saw that yesterday, today, very quick.

GP2 Series: You and the team have nevertheless had a good weekend here, and were fighting for third in the team's championship: how important has this been for the team?

Javier: It's not this one, it's in general that both drivers had the bad luck really, all season, and like in the last race in Monza we started second, we were very quick, and we had an opportunity to win a race but before the start we had some problems with that. Now we are in the top ten, we should of course do better, but we'll see what happens.

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