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Silverstone Test

Ocean Racing Technology successfully negotiates the first GP2 Main Series test sessions

Johnny Cecotto
Johnny Cecotto

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Johnny Cecotto Jr. and Kevin Mirocha find the right rhythm

Ocean Racing Technology is wrapping up its first GP2 Main Series winter testing with peace of mind. The Portuguese team collected a great deal of data that will be very useful down the road in the championship, and it also took advantage of the Silverstone test sessions to lay the foundations of its working relationship with new drivers Johnny Cecotto Jr. and Kevin Mirocha.

Ocean Racing Technology has occasionally landed in the top 3 and quite often in the top 10. Johnny Cecotto Jr. showed what he is capable of through his experience in the discipline, and Kevin Mirocha made constant progress, despite his lack of experience with the GP2 Main Series package.

"Honestly, these tests were fantastic. I was one of the fastest drivers until it started raining, and I think I could have finished in the top 5 for the day," declared Johnny Cecotto Jr. "We tested many different setups and we got some very interesting data, especially on the dry track. We had a gearbox problem in the afternoon, but if it weren't for a red flag we could have been in the top 3."

As for Kevin Mirocha, he faced a dual challenge: learning the GP2 Series car and also getting familiar with the team. With over 70 laps to his credit, Kevin was one of the most diligent drivers on the track, and continued to make progress, providing excellent technical feedback for the team's engineers. "I am fitting in well, and I am very happy with the work we did this week at Silverstone. My partial times were very good, but I did not get a chance to have a clear lap without traffic. We have a good working foundation and I think the car has great potential. I am very happy to be part of such a professional team."

"I must say that I'm really pleased and pleasantly surprised with how both drivers got quickly up to speed with our car and jelled with the team!" Ocean Racing Technology's CEO Tiago Monteiro said. "Everyone did a brilliant job. We can feel the motivation of everyone to step it up at all levels. Both drivers improved during the two days to really competitive times and I like their attitude. We still need to work hard until the first race-don't forget we're still young-but I am really looking forward to the Barcelona tests!"

The final GP2 Main Series winter tests will take place on Barcelona's Catalunya Circuit April 19 and 20.

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