Monza: Race two press conference

Race 2 Press Conference: Monza 09/09/2007 GP2 Series: After your difficulties in qualifying did you ever expect to have a podium and a win this weekend? Timo Glock: We knew it would be quite difficult to be on the podium but we fight everytime...

Race 2 Press Conference: Monza

GP2 Series: After your difficulties in qualifying did you ever expect to have a podium and a win this weekend?

Timo Glock: We knew it would be quite difficult to be on the podium but we fight everytime until the last moment, and thats the reason why we are sometimes on the podium where some guys would not expect us to be and that's a positive thing about the whole team. The race today was quite difficult. I lost the start against Giorgio, and I stayed behind him to go with him and I could overtake fourth and fifth, I can't remember who it was, and then I could overtake Senna and then Giorgio spun in the first corner and at the end I overtook Risatti and the positive thing was that I could go quickly away. I survived the lead. In the middle of the race I had to cross the chicane one time because of Buemi and Filippi. I was already late on the brakes, I can't understand how they braked so late and I turned in, looked in the mirror and had to open the steering or else I would crash into them. For sure they were not in the same position and Buemi was behind me. I stayed in the front and did my race and I couldn't let him pass again because there were two or three cars between us then. It was a difficult situation but I hope we get away with it.

GP2 Series: You said yesterday that after the second lap you were considering going back to Germany to have a beer, how sweet will that beer taste now?

Timo: Tonight I think, it depends on the real result, but I think if it stays like this it will be not only one beer, it will be two or three.

GP2 Series: Looking at what you've managed to do this weekend compared to Lucas, how confident are you going into Spa?

Timo: Normal, like all the other races. Nothing special. I hope we can be consistent again in Spa and in Valencia as well.

GP2 Series: BMW have now said you can go to Valencia, but do you think the championship will go down to the wire? Can you wrap it up in Spa?

Timo: We will see. It will be quite difficult, but we will fight it out.

GP2 Series: Luca, two podiums in Monza, you must be delighted.

Luca Filippi: Yeah. In Monza this is what I wanted. I came here with one goal which was to win but the podium is nice and I'm happy. You saw there were so many people watching. GP2 is getting more popular every season and now the people are coming earlier to watch GP because it's fun and everybody likes it now. It was really nice to do these podiums in front of thousands of Italian people watching me.

GP2 Series: And nice to do it infront of the F1 paddock. We noticed some F1 team bosses on the grid who came to talk to you.

Luca: Listen, we have a better show than them. GP2 is THE category, then Formula One... maybe I can ask Bernie if he can swap and make GP2 as the most important and Formula One is the learning category, for the young guys to learn... young guys like Coulthard or Barrichello [laughs].

GP2 Series: You've had a tough season with a lot of disappointment through no fault of your own. How much does this weekend reflect the promise your season should have shown?

Luca: I can say that honestly we were quick at every single weekend, we were just unlucky. I don't luck to talk about bad luck because everybody can have some so I just reset my mind. I came here with one goal, as I said, and everything was getting better and better, especially during the race. My pace was very strong. Yesterday we found a problem on the damper and today the car was fantastic. I just did a mistake in turn one and i had a flat spot on the front and on the last lap it was bouncing around and I couldn't catch Timo. I was quicker I think.

GP2 Series: You cut the gap to 0.7 but then went straight on. Do you think that without that moment and the flatspot, you could have caught Timo?

Luca: Yeah I think so. I did a mistake because we are pushing at 100% which you have to do if you want to catch him. But I reset my mind again and set one of my fastest laps on the final lap, which I thought was really good as my front right tyre was completely square.

GP2 Series: And now Spa, what are your hopes?

Luca: I'm looking forward to it. I think we can be quick. Spa is a question for everybody because we didn't race there last year. I just have to learn the circuit very quickly. I went with Renault 2 litres but we were maybe 30 seconds slower. Its a great circuit, historic, and I want to go there and enjoy the track which is on of the best and go quick.

GP2 Series: Bruno, from 14th in qualifying you took fourth yesterday and third today. What a weekend!

Bruno Senna: Yeah it's been a great weekend. In qualifying I really though we were going to have another one of those weekends where you just get frustrated, but really I cant be more happy than this. With all the conditions that we faced it was a good fight for the positions that we achieved and I am pretty happy with third today to be honest. I think maybe if Risatti wasn't infront I could have probably pulled away and not been under pressure from Timo and Luca, and when you have a slower car in front of you it's so difficult to fend off two fast guys. Well, another podium and back into the points.

GP2 Series: Talk us through your race because you had a lot of action.

Bruno: It was tough because when I saw Pantano behind me I thought I was in trouble because he was going to be quick, and I was stuck behind Risatti. I was much quicker than him, but when I stuck behind him I tried to push and overtake Risatti and I made a mistake which allowed Pantano past. I didn't offer much resistance, because i just wanted to keep the other guys behind. I just wanted to let Pantano fight with Risatti and maybe get them both and obviously they collided so I was back behind Risatti again. Then Timo had a go at me, and we had a nice fight, then Luca came into the first corner and everybody touched and then Timo got rid of Risatti and it was a bit of a crazy race. I touched Luca in the second chicane and I had bent steering which took me four laps to get used to and after that I tried to be consistent. I knew I couldn't catch Timo or Luca because the car was too difficult to drive, but I saw Lucas in my mirrors and pushed very hard not to make mistakes.

GP2 Series: This is a favourite track for you drivers, and next week we are in Spa. How much are you looking forward to it?

Bruno: I'm confident. We need to step up a little bit and really get some research done for Spa and get the car right. One advantage is that nobody ran there on slick tyres so there's no useful telemetry. We need to wait and see and for sure I will push hard to have a competitive car from the word go and if that is the case I will be back to being as competitive as I was at the beginning of the year.

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