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Valsecchi, Rodriguez and Grosjean discuss the race GP2 Series: Davide, a fantastic dominant win today in front of your home fans: how does it feel? Davide Valsecchi: I was a little bit worried! [laughs] I was a little bit worried before the ...

Valsecchi, Rodriguez and Grosjean discuss the race

GP2 Series: Davide, a fantastic dominant win today in front of your home fans: how does it feel?

Davide Valsecchi: I was a little bit worried! [laughs] I was a little bit worried before the start, and I missed start and we were third but we were extremely competitive, and I solved this problem in the first few laps when I overtook D'Ambrosio and the first driver Rodriguez. And then I was a little bit worried, I think about lap ten, because behind me was Grosjean in second, just 2.5 seconds behind me and he was pushing, and I thought maybe he will catch me. But I think we were a little bit better today because I was able to push hard, to be very quick, and to do it without force.

GP2 Series: You were much faster today than just about everyone: what do you put that down to?

Davide: I don't know, maybe the car was fantastic! [laughs] No no, it was good, but I was worried for the first few laps, at my home race, a lot of friends and family to watch, and maybe I don't use so much the situation in the beginning, you know. But when I was leader the car becomes better and better and better, and the gap becomes bigger, and I win!

GP2 Series: It was the perfect time to do it really, at the end of the season...

Davide: Yeah, yeah, yeah: after half a race the track changes and becomes dry, and you always think maybe the track becomes dry and they push more and they catch me, but it was good when I saw the pit board and the gap was always the same: I was in control.

GP2 Series: The win here in front of your home fans, does it make up for some of the bad luck you've had earlier in the season?

Davide: I'm happy, and we've lost sometimes because of the crash in Istanbul for instance, but it comes good now at the end of the season and everyone is happy!


GP2 Series: Roldan, second today after quite an amazing race: how was it from inside the car?

Roldan Rodriguez: It was easy! [laughs] No, no, it was quite difficult. I've been struggling all this season, and starting from third today I really wanted to do a good race: there was no doubt, it was not in my mind to do a mistake or a bad race, so I knew I had to do a good start and a good rhythm to finish on the podium.

GP2 Series: A fantastic start for you in very tricky conditions: how did you manage that?

Roldan: I really think during the season I've done maybe five or six times this start, but nobody could see because I was in 20th! But the starting this season in the middle of the field, or in 19th or 20th, I had to learn and I had to improve a lot of things about the start, and I did it, and today from third everyone can now see that.

GP2 Series: You had a lot of fights today, with Valsecchi, with Grosjean: how was that for you?

Roldan: I don't know, I think the thing is that I was confident, and the car is better than it was also, and when you are happy in a team and things start to go as you want, then everything comes easier. In Spa also we had to do a good result but on the last lap the engine stops, and I could feel it in seventh, but I think the last part of the season has been coming good and things are starting to happen for us to be as I want it.

GP2 Series: What does this podium mean for you and the team after such a difficult season?

Roldan: I don't know, I'm just happy for me and for the team. There are a lot of good people inside this team: Coloni, and then all the mechanics and engineers in the team, and I really got on well with them. Really this is for them, this is my gift for them.


GP2 Series: Romain, great drive for you today to finish third: perhaps it wasn't the result you wanted, but it was a great drive for you...

Romain Grosjean: Shit shit shit!! [laughs]

GP2 Series: I think I'll leave that bit out!

Romain Grosjean: Yeah it was a good race, but unfortunately I was not fast enough to get Rodriguez and Valsecchi. I knew Senna and di Grassi were out so I really did my best, took all the risks to try to overtake them, but we were not losing the championship here: we lost it before, and third [in the race] is okay and this means we are only fourth [in the championship] now. We won't make this season again, and there's no use looking behind when Filippi pushed me out and things like this. At the end of the season I think everyone forgets that it is my first season in GP2, I didn't know most of the tracks, so when I arrived most of the time I had to learn it and it was wet, dry, wet, dry, so it was difficult. The team did a really good job, and it was a great season.

GP2 Series: As you say, I think a lot of people forget that it was your first season because you won in Asia: how much harder was this season than you expected?

Romain: It wasn't so much harder than Asia - Bruno was in Asia, Petrov was in Asia - and in the end everyone says that Asia was easy, but no it wasn't, it was just that the car was fantastic and nobody knew most of the tracks, so everyone was equal in the beginning. The car was fantastic, and this year I had no teammate to help me develop the car, so I was alone with the team. It was harder, and at the end we had a good performance and we should have won in Valencia, we won in Spa, and here I think we could have done a little different but it wasn't so: I did some mistakes, missed some points, and had some bad luck as well.

GP2 Series: You have had some bad luck, but it's not a bad result in your first year: are you satisfied with your result this season?

Romain: Yeah, yeah, as everyone in GP2 is just one level before Formula One, and Giorgio has a lot of experience, Bruno has two years, di Grassi three years, and me it was my first year, so just don't forget that: in the end everybody did a great job and everybody is very close, so there's no shame to be had, but to just instead look at what I did.


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