Monza: Race one press conference

Race 1 Press Conference: Monza 08/09/2007 Giorgio Pantano, Luca Filippi and Timo Glock in today's press conference GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the GP2 Press Conference for Race 1 in Monza. Joining us today in third place ...

Race 1 Press Conference: Monza

Giorgio Pantano, Luca Filippi and Timo Glock in today's press conference

GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the GP2 Press Conference for Race 1 in Monza. Joining us today in third place Timo Glock from iSport International, in second place Luca Filippi from Super Nova International, and race winner today from pole position, Giorgio Pantano from Campos Grand Prix.

Giorgio, congratulations, a great drive today. It looked like maybe about your easiest win. Was it?

Giorgio Pantano: I mean, nearly all the weekend was going perfect for me. We have a good feeling, I have a good feeling with Monza. The car was perfect today and I know I have just to go out from the first corner and try to push the maximum I can, and that's what I've done. Everything was perfect from yesterday and today and I hope also tomorrow.

GP2 Series: Was there any difficulty at all during the race? You didn't have a lot of pressure from anyone behind you, so did you have any problems with the car or any pressure at all that you felt?

Giorgio: No. The only difficulty was when the safety can was coming in. You have some gap and then you have to close back and restart with some cars behind you. Here on the long straight there is a good chance they can overtake you and you have to manage the situation and just to pull a little gap between you and second and try not to give them a chance in the next braking. That was the only problem I had today.

GP2 Series: Did you have any idea of what the time gap was between you and Lucas?

Giorgio: Yes I see my pitboard and always I see the gap between me and second.

GP2 Series: And from then, it was an odd race for you because you were clearly faster than anyone as you set fastest laps throughout the race. Was there any sense of frustration at having to rebuild the lead or is it just one of those things?

Giorgio: You know, this is racing. You have to manage all situations. My biggest problem was the safety car and when you have to close the gap and open it again, that was my biggest worry. Three times I did the same thing and I pulled away a little bit from di Grassi and managed the situation.

GP2 Series: Were you aware of anything that happened with di Grassi?

Giorgio: To be honest I didn't know. I didn't see him and I didn't know what happened to him. When I slowed down I saw Luca behind me and Timo and I didn't know to be honest what happened to him. It doesn't bother me.

GP2 Series: With the pace that you showed today, tomorrow you start from eighth so what kind of expectations do you have for the race?

Giorgio: If we have this situation, this condition, there is a good chance to win also tomorrow. If I start in P8 the chance to overtake here is something we have. Its just we need the same condition like today and then we try to win also tomorrow and then score the maximum points I can. I know there is Timo and Luca in front tomorrow but we try.

GP2 Series: That's all you can do. Well done.

Giorgio: Thank you

GP2 Series: Luca congratulations on your podium. A very eventful race for you, how was it from inside the car?

Luca Filippi: Yeah it's very nice to be back on the podium, especially at home at Monza. In Italy you have a special sensation and feeling so I wanted this podium very much. We started very well from free practice when we were P2. In qualifying I went over the exit curve a bit too much, so starting from P7 I think P2 was the best result possible for us. Giorgio was the quickest so P2 was the best result possible.

GP2 Series: When you were out in clear air you looked to be very fast today but you had a lot of battles. How hard were the fights you had today?

Luca: With Negrao it was a fun fight. I passed him in Roggia once and when I was behind Petrov under braking I lost downforce and went straight in Ascari. At this moment I thought I was losing the race but i was able to manage the car on the gravel and I just lost one position from Negrao again. Then I think this mistake didn't permit me to be second after the pitstop because Negrao and di Grassi were just in front of me for a bit. Without this mistake I would have been P2 after the stops but this happens when you push its sometimes normal to make a mistake. Of course I was pushing very hard.

With Nakajima I passed him in Roggia I think but then he cut to stay in front of me, and he would have been penalised if he didn't make a mistake by himself in the safety car. I'm really happy honestly. Today I started from seventh and finished second. Tomorrow I start seventh again and I will try to do the same.

GP2 Series: In free practice you were only just off Giorgio. In qualifying it didn't quite come together. Does this make up for quail?

Luca: In practice we had a good car and we tried something in qualifying which worked but not 100%. I honestly think we still have something to try for tomorrow and we can go quicker tomorrow, because the car was really good but we can still improve a little bit.

GP2 Series: How hard is that going to be, starting from seventh, with Giorgio and Timo around you?

Luca: It will be hard of course, maybe easier than today. Today I had some quicker guys infront of me and tomorrow it will be the opposite. Giorgio will be behind me. If I can get a good start, maybe I will be able to beat the people in front of me but it will be hard. For sure I will try to do my best in front of the thousands of Italian people there will be.

GP2 Series: Congratulations.

Timo, well done on getting probably quite a surprising podium today. A fantastic drive from you after some problems at the start and you were a little bit fortunate with some guys falling out in front of you. You've had your fair share of bad luck this season, does this go some way to making up for that?

Timo Glock: Yeah. That race showed the whole way of the season. It was up and down and after the start when I had to go through the gravel, I was P20 after the first lap. I couldn't believe it. It was bad luck, but in the end we decided to pit under safety car, and when we went out the safety car came in so we didn't win anything and just lost more time than anything. The only luck we had was with the second safety car, but before that for two laps I thought about finding the exit of the track, driving the car to Germany and having a beer at home. I couldn't believe it. Lucas was second and on the way to scoring more points and take the championship lead again. And after two laps I thought, OK we have to fight back as hard as we can, like the whole year, and its what I did. I was P9 after the second safety car and then I was only behind Senna and all these guys who were fighting hard. I stayed behind and waited for the mistakes and overtook them after. At the end I was P4 and with the luck at the end in the last couple of laps when Lucas had a problem with his car I opened the gap in the championship again. I think its maybe a bit equal now. We had six races without a point and now he's had the bad luck. It's good for us and our championship.

GP2 Series: People always say that if you have some bad luck at the start of the race you should keep in it because you never know what's going to happen. You're the living embodiment of that today. How difficult is it to keep calm and concentrate on what you're doing?

Timo: I think it was one of the hardest race mentally for me. After the first two laps I nearly finished for Saturday, driving the car home and keeping it in one piece and try the best on Sunday. But after two laps I had changed my decision as I knew it was my last chance. When I was in P10, P9 I had already made my strategy for Sunday race. I said, 'OK stay P8, P7 to have a front row' but then everything changed again. You can't have a plan, and at the end I think all these situations make us stronger and you never give up. I'm fighting every time until the last lap.

GP2 Series: It's hard to know how fast you were today. Unlike these guys they had clear track but you nearly always had someone in front of you. How good was your car?

Timo: I think the pace is not on the top like on the last weekend or the beginning of the year. Giorgio is quite special here in Monza, he was quick last year and I watched a couple of slow motions to see how he takes the curbs and it's quite special. I tried it and I cant do it. Our car is jumping around too much. We are not on the pace of Giorgio. Maybe we have the pace of Luca, but its quite difficult. Monza is a special track and today we always had someone in front of us and in the end I struggled with the brakes and that was quite difficult because the rear locked up and when I switched the front locked up, so it was difficult to get the balance right. We have to just get points and try to win in Spa again.

GP2 Series: It's been quite hard to tell what you're going to do this weekend because the pace hasn't been there at this circuit. Given that what did you expect today, and what do you expect tomorrow?

Timo: After the first lap today I expected that we would be P15 or P10, but before the race I just wanted to score as many points as possible, because in the qualifying our pace didn't show because we had a problem with the second set of tyres. We lost two tenths and with these two tenths we would have been around P2, 3 or 4. So the pace is there but not to the level of Giorgio. I think he is in a class of his own here in Monza. So we have to fight again tomorrow and try to be in the points.

GP2 Series: Given that before the race it felt like damage limitation, now that Luca is not likely to be a big part of the race tomorrow, is this your best chance to pull out a gap?

Timo: I would say you never know in GP2. Today Lucas started P2 and I was P20 after the first lap and the whole thing turned around. So you never know what will happen tomorrow and we will see. I will try to stay out of trouble and score points and I know that he will be aggressive and try to get as close as possible to the points. We will see how it goes after the first lap and then develop the race.

GP2 Series: Great race today.

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