Monaco: Scuderia Coloni race 2 report

VALERIO'S SHOW ENDS UP IN THE WALL ARABADZHIEV RECOVERS TO 13th IN MONACO RACE 2 It was an exciting but bitter second race for Scuderia Coloni in Monaco. Alberto Valerio was the unquestionable star for nearly half of the race, but had to...



It was an exciting but bitter second race for Scuderia Coloni in Monaco. Alberto Valerio was the unquestionable star for nearly half of the race, but had to retire after going off at the chicane right after the tunnel, damaging the front wing and the front right suspension of his Dallara Renault car. Fourth on the grid, Valerio didn't have the best possible start and was passed by Jules Bianchi on the inside of the first corner.

Anyway Alberto immediately showed an aggressive mood: he chased the Frenchman through the uphill section, Massenet and Casino and then passed him in the Mirabeau corner, then going after Luiz Razia. He needed just two laps to close the gap on the Rapax driver, and from then on he started to put an incredible pressure on him, trying to pass everytime he had the chance to: in a track where passing is nearly impossible without a mistake from the opponent in front, Valerio nearly managed to pass twice. On lap 9, he entered Razia's slipstream in the tunnel and tried a daring pass in the chicane. He got through, but he did the corner past the inside part of the kerb and decided to give the position back to avoid any possible penalty. Anyway, Alberto kept pushing on the tail of the Rapax driver and on lap 13 he tried again, this time at St.Devote. He was through again but passing on the inside he was slow out of the corner and Razia managed to regain P3. Despite this, Valerio decided to continue his heart-breaking charge, until the crash on lap 17. Surprised by Razia braking stronger than usual, Valerio braked too hard to avoid the crash, and the car spun to the right hitting the wall and forcing him to retire and to lose important points in the fight for the championship.

Vladimir Arabadzhiev race was less spectacular but very very consistent. The Bulgarian's start from the 20th spot of the grid was good, but he was passed on the inside by a bunch of drivers who decided to cut the corner taking advantage of the pit exit lane. Vladimir opted for a calm first part of the race, in which he managed to keep the Ocean drivers at bay. Then, when the Safety- Car got in due to a crash by Gonzalez, the race direction called all the driver who cutted the first corner in the pits for a drive through. Thanks to this, Arabadzhiev recovered until P13, and from the restart on he started pushing. In the last laps of the race, the Bulgarian was the third fastest driver on track, showing that his learning process in Monaco was completed.

Paolo Coloni: "It's a pity because after seeing how the race developed we are sure that a podium finish was sure for Alberto. Anyway, I'm really happy about my team's performance, the guys gave staggering fast cars to both drivers. We are a young team, this is just our second Main Series race together, and I see a huge potential, both with Valerio and Arabadzhiev. Vladimir paid the usual "rookie fee" in Monaco, but the improved well throughout the weekend and in the end he was right on the pace. Now we will have a lot of work to do in order to repair Alberto's car, but in Istanbul we will be as hard-fighting as ever.

Alberto Valerio: "I'm deeply sorry both for me and for the team. The guys did a wonderful job, the car was lightning-quick. I did put a lot of pressure on Razia, and after passing him the first time I decided to let him through because I was sure that I was going to get a penalty. The crash is easy to explain: Razia's braking was really hard, and I had no choice but crashing in him or try to brake as much as I could. The car went sideways, and the wall was so close that I couldn't avoid the crash. I was on "attack mode" because getting the podium for me was more important than 3 points, but I have to say that I could have passed him later, when he was on worn tires. It's a pity, but we are fast and I'm sure we'll be on top again in Istanbul".

Vladimir Arabadzhiev: "Today my aim was avoiding any mistake and finishing the race to finally get acquainted with the track. Starting from P20 this was the only possible target, and this is why I chose not to push too hard in the first half. Then, lap after lap I got confidence, I started to feel the track and my pace improved as a consequenced. I was closing on Zaugg in the last laps and I still had some room for improvement. Experience is everything in Monaco, and after this race made up a lot of that for next year. Now, I'm looking forward to Istanbul".

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