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Driver Quotes, Race Two GP2 Series: Pastor Maldonado, race winner once again in Monaco: it seems as though you don't know how not to win here... Pastor Maldonado: Yes, again we win! It's very important because we've got some points, which is...

Driver Quotes, Race Two

GP2 Series: Pastor Maldonado, race winner once again in Monaco: it seems as though you don't know how not to win here...

Pastor Maldonado: Yes, again we win! It's very important because we've got some points, which is very important for the championship, and I think we increased very good through the weekend because in the beginning we were not so quick, especially in the qualifying, and the qualifying was not so good because I got a lot of traffic and didn't put all my best sectors together in my best lap. And at the end it was very bad because we were 14th, and you know here it is quite a big compromise for the weekend, but I just did an intelligent race, just waiting and waiting: I didn't do any mistakes and so at the end I was P8 and I got one point, and that was like I was planning for today. And today from the pole I missed a bit the start but I was very constant you know, pushing, and in the beginning we had the better pace than the others, I think a very good one, and I was just waiting for a mistake because here in Monte Carlo if you make a mistake, you will pay for that. So I was just pushing, very close to him, and in the end I don't know what happened to him, maybe some problem in the car: it was good. When I passed him I just slowed down and was saving the tyres, I didn't take any big risk, I was 20 seconds from the others so that was good, and at the end after the safety car I could start really good and after some laps I was 5 seconds in the front again. I think I was managing very well the race, and it's important for the team because we did two podiums today. I think we need to push a bit more for the next race to be more competitive, especially in the qualifying.

GP2 Series: It was unlucky for Karun, who looked to have things under control: do you think you could have done anything about him today?

Pastor: Maybe no, but I was just pushing. I think our pace was more or less the same, and maybe he was a bit sector in some sectors but me too, so at the end the same lap time. Monaco it is important to overtake when the pace is very similar, but I was just waiting, waiting, waiting: for Monaco that is the best solution that you have when you are behind someone else.

GP2 Series: And of course you were both a long way ahead of anyone else: does that give you any comfort?

Pastor: Yes, yes, and I'm happy: it's always special to win here, it's my third time, and I'm happy for the team too because we pushed very hard to improve the car, because like I said it was not so good at the beginning, but at the end the car improved a lot. As you saw today the pace was good, and better than many.

GP2 Series: Jerome, second in Monaco today after an unusual weekend: happy with your work here?

Jerome d'Ambrosio: Yes. I think we are doing a good job here, I mean me, the mechanics and engineers were able to use the maximum of what we have, and now we have to work hard to optimise that package because clearly we are not the fastest. But it's important to score points all the time, and I really want us to work, move forward and to improve the package, because I want us to be able to fight for wins and for fastest laps, which we are still missing a bit. But now I'm confident we can do it: it's just a case of working hard, and we all have the will do so, and that is important.

GP2 Series: It seemed like you beat Hulkenberg at the start and then held on for third, which became second: would that be a fair description?

Jerome: Yeah in one way it was, but in another way I was slower and so I wasn't just cruising around [laughs]. I was pushing and trying not to make mistakes, and clearly it wasn't as quick in slow corners, but we will work for that. Monaco is always special, and it's just good to take points in both races.

GP2 Series: You're up to equal second in the championship with Petrov now: it seems that the Addax guys are the quickest at the moment, so are you trying to show that you can be the most consistent?

Jerome: Yeah, but I'm a racing driver: first of all I want to be able to show that I can fight them and can win, and I don't believe, or hope not, that they will be so dominant all season. They will if you don't work, but we will work and we will try to get where they are, and eventually after that try to get even better. But first of all we need to work and focus on ourselves, try to get better, and then we will see.

GP2 Series: Istanbul next: do you think you can get that win there?

Jerome: We are definitely going to go for it: push hard in qualifying, and then we will see.

GP2 Series: Nico, after qualifying you were looking for a podium which you may have thought would be yesterday, but I guess you'll take this one...

Nico Hulkenberg: For sure, you always take a podium if you get the opportunity! It's been a long and tough race, and after the start the only action was driving around and killing the laps, where were getting quite long: they were like chewing gum, getting longer and longer, but we will take it.

GP2 Series: What can you do in a place like this when you've got a guy in front of you? It seems impossible to get by unless he makes a mistake...

Nico: It is impossible: all you can do is keep him under pressure in case he makes a mistake, and then if he is going to make a mistake then to do the move then. That's all you can do: keep pushing and keep the pressure up.

GP2 Series: A podium in Monaco on your first weekend here in GP2: a good weekend for you and the team?

Nico: Yeah, it's not bad! It started very well with P3, and I'm still quite surprised about the qualifying result and really happy about that, and then yesterday a bit unlucky and not so happy with that result, but we moved on and did a good race today. P1 and P3 for the team is good, it gives motivation to the team and the drivers, and I think it's a good thing.

GP2 Series: Heading to Istanbul you have the form going with you now...

Nico: Yeah I guess we do: we have to keep pushing and try to be competitive there as well.

GP2 Series: Karun, I guess the only question is to ask what happened?

Karun Chandhok: The driveshaft just snapped in half. I've never seen it before in GP2, and there's no mark on the wheel because I didn't touch anything: it just snapped in half when I was going down the straight, and that's it.

GP2 Series: It's hugely disappointing: you were looking untouchable today...

Karun: Yeah it is. I was saying to my engineer this morning that if I get in front I'm going to go like hell for the first 5 laps to break the pack, even if Maldonado is there I'm going to break the pack, and after that just control the pace and look after the tyres. And that's what I did: I went like hell for the first 5 laps and broke the pack, made 3 seconds I think, and then I just sat there. Every time he came to 1.2 or 1.3 I just went half a second to get it out to 2 seconds, and kept doing that and just looked after the tyres, in case at the end of the race I needed to have some tyres left to fight.

GP2 Series: After your in Spa we know what happened back home, so a win here...

Karun: Yeah, a win in Monaco ... I really like this place, and I think we were robbed a little bit of a good qualifying position because we had traffic at the end of qualy, and yesterday I got robbed because all those guys went across (at Ste Devote) and fine, I was always going to get it back, but I sat in traffic all day. I felt we deserved something this weekend because we were quick, were genuinely in the ballpark, and I love this place and am generally quite good here.

GP2 Series: And it would have been the team's first win too...

Karun: Yeah, it's a huge disappointment for them, because they've come in and look at the teams we're fighting against: ART, 2 time champions, Maldonado, a specialist here, and we had them covered. We genuinely had them covered: even [ART team boss] Fred Vasseur came here and said we had them covered! And then look at the next one down, Dams with d'Ambrosio, just won and came second in GP2 Asia. People criticised me because I came here to a new team, what are you doing sort of thing, and it would have just been nice to put this one to bed, get six points: it would have been good. You don't get many opportunities to win in Monaco, and I hope I get some more.

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