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Race one quotes, Monaco GP2 Series: Romain Grosjean, Monaco winner: how does that sound? Romain Grosjean: Very good! Winning Monaco is something special, even if it is only ten points like every other race, but it was an interesting ...

Race one quotes, Monaco

GP2 Series: Romain Grosjean, Monaco winner: how does that sound?

Romain Grosjean: Very good! Winning Monaco is something special, even if it is only ten points like every other race, but it was an interesting race, especially with the problem on the grid when we didn't know if we could take the start of the race. We had a big problem with the throttle, and it would have been very dangerous to start if we didn't find the solution: one minute before the start we found it and went 'okay, we'll see'.

GP2 Series: It looked as though you didn't get a good start: is this why?

Romain: No, it was just because I didn't have any time to do a formation lap and so tyres were very cold and there was too much wheel spin, that's why.

GP2 Series: And then you had a lot of pressure from your teammate behind you: how was that to deal with?

Romain: Yeah, at the beginning I didn't want to push at all because the race was going to be very long, and I wanted to keep the car as alive as possible at the beginning, and when I saw him go into the pits I pushed and when I exited in front I knew there were no more problems. The car was very good for this stint, and I could do some really good laps.

GP2 Series: And a really good pace, because you've set another fastest lap...

Romain: Yes! I was not trying to get it but Vitaly was pushing a little bit, and I saw on the board that he was catching a little bit so I thought I'll have to go and make the gap, and after the pitstop I tried to be careful but I knew I could push a bit because there were not a lot of laps left.

GP2 Series: So a fast car but starting from 8th tomorrow: what are your expectations?

Romain: I don't know! I hope we can take a good start and stay out of trouble, and then one or two points maybe? If it's more it's very good, if it's not then it's like this, but we know that here in Monaco overtaking is very difficult...

GP2 Series: Vitaly, second in the feature race in Monaco: are you pleased with your result?

Vitaly Petrov: Happy? I'm quite happy, but when you understand you are quicker, sometimes this can make you feel ... not happy, I don't know how you say this in English. In the beginning I tried to push quite hard and I made some good laptimes, and I understood I can be quite quick in the beginning, but then my mechanics made a pitstop mistake and I lost three seconds or something: I thought it would be a good fight with Romain when he comes out from the box, but not my luck. We had the call and I tried a little bit to push, but I had no reason to push because I cannot overtake him here because it is very dangerous here. Anyway I had to just stay behind, and keep the car on the track.

GP2 Series: It looks also like the result was set up a bit at the start, where you didn't have the greatest getaway...

Vitaly: Not really, no. I didn't want to warm up too much the tyres, but I didn't want to have too much wheelspin ... I did okay for the rear tyres but I don't know so much what happened: I released the throttle and the car almost stalled, so this was not a good start!

GP2 Series: Of course it's not a bad position to be in, if you're disappointed to be only second in Monaco...

Vitaly: No, I'm really happy because we did a good job: in qualifying the car was something unbelievable because I was fifth, second, fifth and always fighting, but like I told you I pushed for one lap and was P2, so I'm really happy with that. But yeah, I have a a really good relationship with my engineers and mechanics because we're really good friends, and we do everything totally together. For this race really, and also in Barcelona, we were really carefully preparing what to do for things, and we found a really good set up, I think.

GP2 Series: Tomorrow is there any chance of points?

Vitaly: I will try: I will try and do it in the start, because I don't want to do again what I did today, and I think all the race is just in the first corner: after that we will see what happens, because for the race you have to be super quick, but sometimes 2 seconds is not enough to overtake here. It's Monaco.

GP2 Series: Lucas, third today and you moved up a bit from your grid position: happy with your job today?

Lucas di Grassi: Yeah, I'm pretty happy: I think we did a pretty good race, I drove the best I could and the team did a very good job on the strategy, at the moments we needed to be fast we were fast, the moments we needed to stay on the track we stayed, so I'm quite satisfied with the job that we have done today.

GP2 Series: It's always a hard place to know what to do with the strategy here, but as you say the team did a fantastic job with both of you today: was this something that you discussed in detail before the race?

Lucas: Yeah of course, strategy is a very important thing: we didn't have a very good strategy in qualifying and that's why I qualified so much in the back. We made sure for the race that we would be quick, so it was just a matter of position ourselves during the pitstop so we could get an advantage, and it went so good that we almost took Petrov in the end!

GP2 Series: It was very close, and then of course you held on for the podium: was there anything you could have done pacewise for the guys in front?

Lucas: No, no, I think Barwa is in another planet at the moment: the team has been incredible fast, Petrov and Grosjean have been one and two for the first two races and I don't understand how they can come so much better than the other ones. They are really, really fast, they are really, really at another level, and the car and their pace, you could see in Barcelona or anywhere, they are so fast that it's very, very hard to understand how they can be so fast. It's the only thing I think we need to work on at the moment: I think from the rest we have the best car, but they are in a different planet.

GP2 Series: And for tomorrow?

Lucas: Tomorrow I start sixth and it is impossible to overtake, but the race is long and maybe we can gain one or two places at the start and then we'll see during the race how it goes. I think the guys in front are quite slow, if you reverse the grid it means a bit of a hold up, but we'll do the best we can and try to get the best result possible.

GP2 Series: Andi, you've now been promoted to third: are you happy with that?

Andreas Zuber: Yes of course: I think it's completely right and the stewards did a great job, because they completely cut the first corner inside, and I think Nico took advantage because I was already side by side with him and that took the chance to overtake him up to the next corner, so that is completely okay, and Lucas also cut the first corner and although he didn't take any advantage he cut it. And I think also that both drivers cut the chicane after the tunnel a few times, and I never did it: I think it's always difficult for the stewards to do this, but I think they are completely right.

GP2 Series: I don't think any driver likes to get a result like this, but you've also had a great drive today and the team have done a good job, so you must be happy with how the team have performed?

Andreas: Yeah, of course: I mean, everybody knows that FMS have not ever been really at the top in the main races, and we did today a great job and I'm really proud of them. Even in Barcelona we did a great race although we were unlucky there, but here in Monaco we showed it. I was stuck in behind Hulkenberg all the time, so that shows that we were quite quick: I just lost at the end a little bit of time because of all the lapped cars, but in the end I'm very happy, and I hope that we can continue like that and get even better. The only team which is really quick and far ahead here is Campos, and I hope that we can catch them sometime this year.

GP2 Series: What do you put the turnaround in the team down to?

Andreas: We're working! [laughs] We're working hard and I am pushing them, and they like me and we work together really good, I can give them a lot of feedback, and for us the testing is more or less the races because we don't get a lot of testing, but from Barcelona already it has been a big plus, and I'm looking forward to the next few races, to Istanbul, Silverstone, and of course tomorrow we have another race here. We start now sixth, and I hope I can gain some positions tomorrow and get some points also, which is important, and the team grows and grows.

GP2 Series: I was going to say that ironically it's good for you today but bad for you tomorrow, because it pushes you back on the grid: do you think it will make much difference?

Andreas: I think from the speed we've been good today, so that is good: for tomorrow normally I would start fourth but now I start sixth, and everything is possible, I'm still in the points, so we'll see tomorrow. Maybe a good start, and then a train drive! [laughs]

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