Monaco: Race 1 press conference

Perez, Maldonado and Clos discuss their race GP2 Series: Sergio Perez, Monaco winner: how does that sound to you? Sergio Perez: It sounds great! It's been a dream for me to make it to here, and it's been fantastic! It feels great, and we had...

Perez, Maldonado and Clos discuss their race

GP2 Series: Sergio Perez, Monaco winner: how does that sound to you?

Sergio Perez: It sounds great! It's been a dream for me to make it to here, and it's been fantastic! It feels great, and we had some really bad luck in Barcelona so I think today we should have won 2 races, but it's okay: today we have luck, and it is how it is, sometimes you have luck and sometimes no, but we were so competitive and so much faster than anyone else on the grid. We won because we were the quickest today, and I will keep pushing because the championship will be very long and our rivals are very tough.

GP2 Series: You were much faster even than Pastor, who is always quick here, and then the safety car and the pitstop came: what happened there?

Sergio: I was really afraid: I saw the accident and I came on the radio to tell them that the safety car was going to come, and they told me to wait one more lap. When it came I was very, very confused because I thought that had lost the race, but then it came and it was okay.

GP2 Series: You came out and you were still ahead, but Pastor was looking quite fast in the second half of the race...

Sergio: Yeah, in the end he put some pressure into me but I managed it quite well: I knew he was not going to overtake me at any point, and the last five laps he closed on me quite a lot, but it was quite a hard race to be honest because you cannot lose at all your concentration, you have to be always focused, and I'm really happy and looking forward to tomorrow. Starting from P8 is going to be difficult, but I want to at least get some points.

GP2 Series: It all means you have an early lead in the championship, too. Which one is more important to you: leading the championship or winning in Monaco?

Sergio: [laughs] To be honest, winning in Monaco: it just feels great, it is my dream, every driver wants to win here, and especially to beat Maldonado who has won here I think four of five races is really great. It's a great day for me, and of course it is also nice to be leading the championship!

GP2 Series: Pastor, P2 today with a strong run to the flag, but it wasn't quite to be for you today...

Pastor Maldonado: Yes, I think we did our best from the beginning, it was the maximum we could do, and I'm happy because we had a good race, we have points in the championship, and I think it's very important for us to be always at the top. At the end of the race I was very strong, and during the race too: maybe at the beginning we missed some tyre pressure and Perez was stronger than us, but after the pit stop we adjusted the pressure and the car was amazing.

GP2 Series: A very nice start for you, but then you were looking at Sergio's rear wing for the rest of the race: did you think there was any chance of finding a way past?

Pastor: No, for sure not, because it would have been a very big risk to overtake, so I was happy with second today: it was the maximum.

GP2 Series: What happened with your pitstop, when you came in at the same time as the safety car went out?

Pastor: Maybe it was some seconds before the safety car! My pitstop was good, it was perfect, and I'm happy because the guys were very strong. There was no problem, and with the safety car everything was good.

GP2 Series: You're now second in the championship, one point behind Sergio: how important is that for you now?

Pastor: Yeah, I think it is the second race and a little early to see for the championship, but I'm happy because we scored in Barcelona too, and we will see tomorrow: tomorrow maybe one or two points, we'll see. It could be.

GP2 Series: Dani, P3 and another podium for you in the championship, but I suspect you were looking for a little more?

Dani Clos: Yeah, for sure I was hoping for a little bit more, but I'm happy anyway. At the start I was a little bit slippery on the dirty side, and in the shadows, and the other side had sun, but I'm really happy because we are really constant, three races in the points and two on the podium, so I'm pretty much happy. During the race it was quite hard, because at the beginning I had a really good rhythm and was pushing Pastor really aggressively, but here it's really hard to overtake and so I had to just stay behind and try to make him make a mistake. I don't know, I think something strange happened with the safety car because I came in early and then I went out just behind the safety while the other pitted the lap after: I don't know, something strange happened but they decided to do it that way, and for me I'm happy because I'm scoring points in every race, the championship is long and my time will arrive.

GP2 Series: I was wondering about that, because you were right behind the safety car for a lap and then you weren't: did they tell you anything on the radio about that?

Dani: No, they didn't tell me anything, but that's their decision and we can't do anything about that, but I think we were in the right place at the right time, so maybe next time.

GP2 Series: And it gave you a nice fight with Pastor, who is always good here...

Dani: Yeah, Pastor is a hard bone, he is really quick in Monaco, he has really big ... you know what I mean [laughs], and I'm happy: I'm happy for them because they were driving really good in this race, and I'm happy for me because I'm there. So let's keep like this, constant and working hard, I'm happy with the team who are doing a really good job and are 100% with me, so let's keep it that way.

GP2 Series: Equal second in the championship, one point off the lead: it's not so bad, really.

Dani: Yeah, it's not so bad: last year we were hoping to score one point at least [laughs], and this year I'm happy: we just have to keep working, keep working all the time.

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