Monaco: Qualifying press conference

Qualifying Press Conference Monaco GP2 Series: Pastor, pole position once again in Monaco: how does it feel? Pastor Maldonado: It feels good! I know the circuit very well, I've won for the last two years in World Series and GP2, so this year I...

Qualifying Press Conference

GP2 Series: Pastor, pole position once again in Monaco: how does it feel?

Pastor Maldonado: It feels good! I know the circuit very well, I've won for the last two years in World Series and GP2, so this year I was very confident. I think it's a magic circuit, because there is a lot of history here in Monte Carlo. I enjoy the laps: every lap here I enjoy 100% in the car. During the qualifying I got a lot of traffic in the beginning, but I stayed very calm and waited for my chance, and when I had a clean lap with no traffic I pushed well, not at the limit - I never take any risk here - and the laps were coming easily. The car was good and I could perform well here.

GP2 Series: What do you think it is about this circuit that brings out the best in you? You're always fast here.

Pastor: I think the driver can make the difference here, not just the car like at the other circuits. I have fortunately a very good car this year, so I think it is the combination of both, you know? I think this is one my best years ever, I've had really good performances, and my team is good too, so I think the combination is the way to work to win.

GP2 Series: There was just one little mistake early in the session when you went too deep at Ste Devote: what happened there?

Pastor: I think I tried to go in too fast, and I went too far, no? But anyway I never take any risks in the parts of the circuits where you can crash: there you can go and it's okay, but at the other parts I went very clean, with a good line and not overtaking the limit. I think that's the best way to be on the pole.

GP2 Series: And tomorrow?

Pastor: Tomorrow we will see: I'm very confident, very calm, and it's better if I'm going to win. We will see: I know this race very well, and it's difficult but I have a good car, good pace, and for sure I want to win!

GP2 Series: Bruno, second today, so close but so far: what more do you think you needed to take pole today?

Bruno Senna: Get a lap! Obviously the car was running really well today, so I have to thank the team for doing such a good job, and I got only one real clear lap today and that was good enough for second, but I'm pretty sure that if I had another lap with the second set we could have gone a lot quicker. My lap, where I put some sectors together, was really good, but I'm pretty sure there was more time left there. P2 is not too bad though, and it's very possible to win from there.

GP2 Series: I think you had the fastest first and second sectors today, so you can certainly see the potential was there...

Bruno: Yeah, and I didn't get the last sector because I always had traffic there: I only had one lap where I could put everything together, but judging from how the car was feeling I'm pretty sure we could have gone a fair amount quicker, but anyway everyone got traffic, everybody had an excuse: at least I put something good together, and I got a result with it.

GP2 Series: And it is Monaco, you're on the front row tomorrow, which sets you up nicely for the race...

Bruno: Exactly. I'm pretty sure I can do a good job at the start - I've been having pretty good starts, and I've only had the one bad start - so I know fairly well what to do. The difference is everybody already used the grid spot to put rubber down (at the practice starts after qualifying), and the first grid spots are always used so they are pretty rubbered in, so I think I should do a pretty good start tomorrow. If I can overtake Maldonado at the start then great, if not then I will see what I can do from there, but I'm pretty sure that we have really great rhythm, so if we don't pass him I'll be right there with him.

GP2 Series: You probably deserve a bit of good luck after everything that's happened to you so far this season...

Bruno: I need results, that's what I need: luck ... that's something that people create.

GP2 Series: Mike Conway, P3 in Monaco: how does that sound?

Mike Conway: That sounds good. At the beginning it was pretty difficult to get a clear lap, and I just did a banker lap on the first set, and then just pulled out a good one when I had one clear lap and that put me straight up to P3. I didn't really get a clean lap, so maybe we were looking for pole, but I'm happy with third, and the team are really happy. We didn't really change anything on the car, I'm just finding time in myself.

GP2 Series: It's been a bit of a troublesome start to the season for you guys: this must bring a lot of joy back to the team truck here of all places?

Mike: Yeah, it's been tough over the first few races to be up there on the pace but for some reason not quite being there, but towards the end of the weekend we are, but I thought we'd be stronger here with the softer compound tyre. The car seems to be working a lot better too so I'm happy, and we knew the car was going to be fast here because of last year: obviously Pastor was quick in that car, and he's done that again, but we're a lot closer, for sure.

GP2 Series: How hard is it to get a good lap here in qualy?

Mike: You've just got to take the chances when you do get a clear lap, and you know how hard you have to push, how close you have to get to each barrier, and even on your quickest lap you're sliding all over the place, but that seems to be the quickest way to get a time out of it: just boot it out of all the corners and slide it!

GP2 Series: And stay off the barriers!

Mike: Yeah! It really pulls you, some of the kerbs are angled up and they pull you up if you just kiss it too quick. But it's cool though.

GP2 Series: So second row tomorrow: what are your expectations for the race?

Mike: Good, just get a good start and then see where we are from there: we've got the pace to be in the top three, and anything can happen in Monaco and it always does, so we've just got to be consistent and push when we need to.


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