Magny-Cours: Racing Engineering race 2 report

Once again, and for the 4th time this year Neel Jani was able to have a top 5 finish. And like all the previous times this season, Neel ran in a podium position for the majority of the race, but in the end finished in 4th. For the Spanish Racing...

Once again, and for the 4th time this year Neel Jani was able to have a top 5 finish. And like all the previous times this season, Neel ran in a podium position for the majority of the race, but in the end finished in 4th.

For the Spanish Racing Engineering squad, the French round of the GP2 Series was another step in consolidating the team's position as one of the strongest teams in the championship. Keeping in mind that most of the tracks are new to the team, a steep learning curve has been achieved so far. Since the beginning of the season there been a constant improvement in Racing Engineering's cars. Most noticeable, allowing the drivers to rely on an increasingly competitive car.

The 4th position of Racing Engineering's Neel Jani is yet another confirmation of the Spanish team's focused path on improvement. On this occasion, only the fast Renault driver Kovalainen, stopped Neel from making it to the podium. An interesting detail seems to be the fact that in practically all of the Sunday races, Neel Jani and Racing Engineering have been running in either 1st, 2nd or 3rdh position at some point during the race. Currently Neel is 7th in the drivers' championship standings.

As predicted before the race, Borja Garcia's 20th position on the grid didn't leave him many options to shine during the sprint race. Magny Cours is a racetrack where overtaking maneuvers are complicated and the cars' increasing reliability doesn't leave many possibilities for drivers starting from the back of the grid to gain positions. Borja is currently in a position which is not according to his abilities as a driver. He also seems to be attracting all the technical problems the team has had to face. We hope that this situation changes quickly and allows the young Spaniard to obtain the positions corresponding to his talent and speed.

After finishing the race in 12th position, Borja Garcia commented, "I am not at all happy with this weekend. I suffered from problems during the Friday session and faced a technical problem yesterday that forced me to abandon the race. The result wasth a bad starting position for today's sprint race. Starting 20 doesn't allow a driver to make up many positions on this track where overtaking is rather difficult. I also wasn't too content with the set up of my car, but hope that in Silverstone everything finally goes well".

Neel Jani, scoring points in both races this weekend, said, "I had a good start, although critical, when I was pushed onto the grass by Piccione and thus lost a position to Yoshimoto, who I had already passed. In the early stages of the race I could keep up with Yoshimoto's pace, but Rosberg was incredibly fast today. Comparing our performance with yesterday we made another step forward, but 3rd position was not defendable. So once more I finished close, but not on the podium. Now we have to continue our path in improving the car and make another step forward for the Silverstone weekend. But in general this weekend was good as we made improvements and scored good points".

Alfonso de Orleáns-Borbón at the end of this race weekend announced, "Both drivers did a good job today and it was hard for Borja to get a good result when starting from 20th on the grid. He did all he possibly could on a track where overtaking is very difficult. I hope that we will finally overcome the bad luck and so he can show what he is really capable of at Silverstone. As for Neel, he also did all that was possible today. We have to admit that Arden and ART are a step ahead of everyone else in the field and in respect to this we are certainly among the best of the rest. But knowing our history, we are not settling for that and will continue to work hard in trying to improve our cars all we can. Neel, however, was fantastic over the entire weekend and his races showed that we are on the right path as he achieved an unthreatened 4th position. But there is no doubt about the fact that Borja needs to start scoring points like his teammate. This should also convince people outside of Spain that he is an excellent driver. We as a team will continue to work hard so as to supply him with everything that is necessary, but sadly not everything is within our hands".

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