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Both Fat Burner Racing Engineering drivers, Lucas Di Grassi and Dani Clos, showed an excellent performance to finish today's feature race in Turkey 8th and 12th respectively after starting from 13th and last on the grid. After Friday's ...

Both Fat Burner Racing Engineering drivers, Lucas Di Grassi and Dani Clos, showed an excellent performance to finish today's feature race in Turkey 8th and 12th respectively after starting from 13th and last on the grid.

After Friday's qualification, Lucas and Dani knew they would have to take risks and make the best of their strategies on Saturday's feature race to be within a chance of scoring points or finishing in a good position for Sunday's sprint race... And they did not disappoint.

Both Fat Burner Racing Engineering drivers had a good start and kept away from any possible incidents when entering the first corner. Lucas, who had gained one position on the grid due to several drivers having been handed grid penalties after Friday's qualifying, passed a stalled Chandhok at the start and was ready to fight his way into the points. Dani, on the other hand, seemed to be on a mission and when the lights went off, immediately made up 5 positions in the first few corners.

Lucas' race then took a turn for the worse shortly after the start when he lost his front wing after contact with his compatriot Valerio in the last corner of the opening lap. With the pit stop window opening only five laps later, Lucas lost numerous positions due to the lack of front downforce, dropping him back to 20th, when he finally entered into the pits on lap 6. The Fat Burner Racing Engineering staff quickly and efficiently changed his front nose, wing and tyres, but Lucas nevertheless had to rejoin the race in last position. However, this did not distress the Brazilian, who, lap after lap, but also due to some retirements and a safety car period, caught up with the rest of the field and was able to finish in 9th position.

The final part of the race was full of excitement as the Fat Burner Racing Engineering driver, consistently set excellent lap times, put under pressure Rigon. The Italian, seeing the determination of Lucas, tried to open a gap that would allow him to stay in his position, but the Brazilian was not going to have any of it and finally overtook him, along with Zuber, to finally cross the line in 9th. A penalty handed over to Van der Garde afterwards meant that Lucas was moved to 8th position and he will therefore start the Sunday race from pole position.

Dani once more showed his brilliant overtaking skills and kept away from trouble despite having had little time on Friday to get used to the Turkish layout. The 10 place penalty might have seemed harsh, but the Spanish driver did not let this spoil his race and from the start pushed and fought to make up places while at the same time kept at bay those drivers trying to take advantage of his 'rookie' status.

A mistake, when he tried to overtake Mortara and Chandhok, saw him spinning and could have cost him dearly. But Dani did not let it put him off and rejoined the race, determined to carry on with his charge. During the last laps, the Fat Burner Racing Engineering driver had an intense battle with the Indian driver, but in the end, it was Dani who came out victorious to finish 13th, but later was confirmed as 12th.

Lucas Di Grassi: The start was good, but the opening lap of the race was really bad. I touched with Valerio in the last corner of lap 1 and lost the car's front wing. Because the mandatory pit stop can only be done from lap 6 on, I stayed out for 5 laps without front wing, losing positions. After the pit stop I dropped back to last and when the safety car was deployed I was running in 20th place. Then I pushed a lot and was able to overtake several cars. During the last lap I passed two, Rigon and shortly after Zuber in the last corner, which allowed me to finish the race in eighth position.

Dani Clos: I had a good start and during the entire race the car was just perfect. We have a very good set up and our pit stop was crucial for the strategy we had chosen. After the safety car period I went a bit wide and touched the grass in corner 9, which allowed the cars behind me to catch up. I went into the following corner on the inside and touched with another car, which made me spin. But I was able to continue and I carried on fighting with Rodriguez and Chandhok, who suffered from a technical problem. To have finished this race without many problems it is really positive. We need to continue this good work in tomorrow's race.

Alfonso de Orleans-Borbon, Team's President: The guys did an amazing job. Congratulations! Even tough Lucas started quite far back and lost his wing, which forced him to drive without it for 5 laps, he was able to get the car back and race up the way to 9th, which now has been confirmed as 8th as a drivers in front of him was handed over a penalty. Dani did a fantastic race as well. With a bit more regularity we will see him scoring his first points any time soon. The drivers and the entire team did really well today.

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