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Fat Burner Racing Engineering has traveled to Istanbul where the third round of the GP2 Main Series will take place this weekend. After scoring eight points in Monaco a fortnight ago, Lucas Di Grassi hopes to be at the front, fighting for his...

Fat Burner Racing Engineering has traveled to Istanbul where the third round of the GP2 Main Series will take place this weekend. After scoring eight points in Monaco a fortnight ago, Lucas Di Grassi hopes to be at the front, fighting for his first victory of the season, whilst his team mate Dani Clos is determined to show his real potential, bring his car home and score his first points in the category.

Lucas Di Grassi: "I want to win as many races as possible"

Lucas, you have shown a great pace during the first two rounds of the season but you have not really been able to translate that into results, why?

I think we had a bit of bad luck and didn't start into the season as expected. However, we made a podium in Monaco and had a good car and race. Monaco is obviously special and overtaking impossible, so it's not really representative. But it was good to score points on Sunday as well.

In Monaco you scored your first eight points of the season, but after both races you mentioned that it was an 'average result' though you finished third, before you were given the 25 seconds penalty, on the feature race and fourth on the sprint race...

A third position is an average result for us, as our goal hasn't changed. We want to win the championship title and are working very hard in achieving this goal.

With the championship leader 23 points ahead of you after only four races, how do you see your chances of catching up and fighting for the title?

I am not worried about the championship standings at the moment. I want to win as many races as possible and then, towards the end of the season, I will start thinking about the championship.

The next round will take place at the Istanbul Park, a very modern track, very different compared to Monaco, with a couple of high speed corners and where you run in an anti-clockwise direction and where you have already won. What do you think would be the key for a good performance? And what do you expect from the weekend?

The key lies in the fine tuning of the car for this year's softer tyres. On the other hand, I haven't driven here for two year, so I will need a bit of time at the beginning to get into the rhythm of the track. But we have a good and fast car, so it's only logic we aim for victory.

Dani Clos: "If I finish a race, I will be in the points"

Dani, how would you summarize the beginning of the season?

Well, I have to admit that the first part of the season has been a bit tough. I was fast in Barcelona as well as in Monaco. I made mistakes, but I have learned a lot. Both the team and I know we can be at the top and get good results, but therefore I need to finish the races.

What points impressed you the most during the first two rounds of the championship, both on and off the track?

What I would emphasize the most is our speed, as we have shown that we can be very fast. In Barcelona, during the second race, I had a very good, fast and constant rhythm and I got the fastest lap. This was my home race, and this year I am very concentrated. We took away a lot of pressure regarding that race and took it as any other. In Monaco I was fast as well, setting good times. When I made a mistake I had actually just set the best sector time, the best overall. Also the atmosphere within the team is very positive and we are preparing the upcoming races very well. There is little to say about what happens outside the track as I barely get out of the paddock during the whole racing weekend. But the most positive point for me is to be able to share moments with the Williams Team. In Monaco I watched the race from the team's box.

After the two races in Barcelona you admitted that you needed to learn a lot to make progress in GP2. What aspects, do you think, are the ones where you need to concentrate on the most in order to improve?

I would say that the points I need to improve are a few, such as, for example, my experience in the category. But I think we have a good base to perform well and show what we are capable of.

This weekend you are racing in Turkey, where the temperatures are usually pretty high and this can affect the drivers performance. How did you prepare yourself for the third round of the season?

I have been preparing myself for a while, not only for these two races but for the entire season. I have a special type of training and I believe it is helping me a lot when I am driving.

Leaving any unpredictable event aside, what is your goal for this weekend?

First of all, my goal would be to finish the first race. Until now I have not been able to finish the first races and this has influenced the Sunday races as I had to start from the back of the grid. I know, if I finish a race I will be in the points and therefore I work on achieving this.

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