Istanbul: Race two press conference

Race 2 press conference Istanbul GP2 Series: Romain, congratulations on your first win in the main series. You must be delighted. Romain Grosjean: Yeah it was a good race, and it's good to feel the podium, the win: we missed one in Barcelona...

Race 2 press conference

GP2 Series: Romain, congratulations on your first win in the main series. You must be delighted.

Romain Grosjean: Yeah it was a good race, and it's good to feel the podium, the win: we missed one in Barcelona in race two, so here it was important to be back. The thing is start seventh is not easy, but we had a really good car today and really improved a lot from yesterday, and I improved my driving, and in the end it was very fast.

GP2 Series: It looked like you made your life a little difficult at the start: talk me through what happened there.

Romain: I made a really good start and then I went inside, and then I don't know what happened exactly behind me, I just know that I was side by side with a car, I think it was Carroll or Chandhok and we touched a little bit, but not too much, and then I tried to push and go away so I didn't see exactly what happened: I think Chandhok turned and we touched, but after that...

GP2 Series: Then you were fourth at the restart and...

Romain: Yeah, and I took Villa and then Buemi and Petrov was very difficult to overtake: I managed to do so but then I missed the braking, and so he overtook me again, and then there was a yellow flag so I just waited for the green flag to go and overtake him.

GP2 Series: It was a great fight between the pair of you...

Romain: Yeah, he is very difficult to overtake all the time: we had a nice fight already in Malaysia, so here was the second one. Here it is difficult to overtake, but then when I was leaving I was much faster, so it was easier to go in front.

GP2 Series: It certainly looked very easy for you from then, especially after the restart: was it as easy as it looked?

Romain: Yeah, it was: I pushed for two or three laps and then I cooled down for the last few laps because the gap wasn't what mattered. The restart was very good so I had already a good gap, and then I pushed for the point for the fastest lap, and then go easy until arriving.

GP2 Series: And of course it has set you up quite nicely in the championship, as you're up to second now.

Romain: Yeah it is quite nice, but I think it's not the main thing: I think we just have to think race by race, and now it's time to focus on Monaco. I have never been there, so that will be a challenge for me, and we shall see how it is.

GP2 Series: Vitaly, great job today for a strong second place which looked for a while like it be even more, especially after the start: what happened there?

Vitaly Petrov: I could make a good start, and I was thinking about this all night, about how to do this, how to get three places at the start! The car was very good compared to Grosjean, and I was only losing in two corners, but then I had a problem with my brake pedal and was hitting my cockpit so I had to brake harder, and this was why I had to take the second place. In Monaco, the next race, I hope we will do something with this brake problem.

GP2 Series: You are always a very strong guy when someone is behind you, but Grosjean looked very fast: was there just nothing you could do to keep him behind?

Vitaly: I know how I need to close so I don't do something strange, something crazy: I only close it and that's all.

GP2 Series: Yes, but when he did finally get past you was there nothing you could do about his pace?

Vitaly: No, because I had the brake problem and I was losing a lot of time, and in this car you win when you have good brakes, but I had a lot of problem there, as I had in Barcelona. It is a little better here, but I hoped we would have found the solution to the problem by now.

GP2 Series: At the restart you had Buemi all over your rear: did you feel you had him comfortably covered?

Vitaly: I know some corners I was quicker, and I know also where sometimes I was a bit loose, in the last 2 corners he was faster than me, but I know when I need to push a little bit more to make a gap, and it was quite fine.

GP2 Series: Sebastien, great result for you today: are you happy with your day's work here?

Sebastien Buemi: Yeah it was good: to finish on the podium, like in Barcelona, is good for me, and good for the championship. We struggled all weekend to find a good set up on the car, and I think that in the end we did some steps forward, which is important, so I'm quite happy with it. We still need to find some speed, if you compare it to Grosjean, so we hope to move up a little in Monaco where it will be obviously different and have a different set up. I'm quite happy with the weekend, and how it went, with eight points scored: I think it's important if you don't have a really good car and if everything doesn't work well, you need to get points to be in the championship, and that's what we did.

GP2 Series: It seemed like you had pretty good pace but just weren't able to overtake anyone: is that how you saw it?

Sebastien: Yeah, exactly. I'm pretty sure I was quite a bit faster than Petrov: the only thing was I couldn't go well out of corner nine and the long straight to follow, and that's the only place where you could overtake. I was a little too slow out of this corner, and I couldn't take the slipstream.

GP2 Series: You had almost a second bite at it with the restart, but couldn't get past: did you then just think of the points and hold on?

Sebastien: Yeah, I thought go for the points and get on the podium, which is good, and I could go again in the last three laps I think but then the race was over: I think more laps would have helped us, but I think it's not too bad. I'm happy with it.


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