Istanbul: Race 2 press conference

Thoughts from Dani clos, Luiz Razia and Giedo van der Garde GP2 Series: Dani, congratulations. Lovely start. It looks that after that it was easy for you. How was it from inside of the car? Dani Clos: Well, a race is never simple. I'm happy ...

Thoughts from Dani clos, Luiz Razia and Giedo van der Garde

GP2 Series: Dani, congratulations. Lovely start. It looks that after that it was easy for you. How was it from inside of the car?

Dani Clos: Well, a race is never simple. I'm happy because yesterday, I got lucky and I started on pole today. I took advantage of it. I made no mistake and I pushed from sgtart to finish. The team has made a fantastic job because in free practice I could only do a few laps and I had no time to test anything. We had a really good car for qualifying but later our race pace yesterday was not perfect. I'm happy because we've done the job for today. I have a good car. I had a lot of confidence today and I did the job. Now I will forget about this race and start thinking about Valencia. We have to start again from zero and work from the first lap until the end of the weekend.

GP2 Series: You said you had a difficult weekend, but you managed to end up with a race in. I don't think that the old Dani could have done that, but the new Dani has done it...

Dani: I mean I'm not different, I just work better. In the past maybe I did not work the right way and I couldn't accomplish this kind of thing, but now I'm not a different person, I'm just a guy who works a lot harder. Things are clear in my mind. I have my target and I go for it.

GP2 Series: And of course your team is 100% behind you.

Dani: It's very positive. I'm 100% with the team. The team is 100% behind me. The atmosphere in our garage is excellent. We are having good times and it makes a difference for sure.

GP2 Series: How were the tyres today?

Dani: At the end I knew we had a big gap so I wasn't pushing as hard. But the tyres were pretty good. I was taking good care of them and I'm happy with the car.

GP2 Series: You are second in the standings today. Any thoughts on that?

Dani: Well, keep pushing! And working, and working, from zero each race...

GP2 Series: Luiz, P2 today after a strong fight. How was it from inside the car?

Luiz Razia: I had a great start. I could have fought for second position, but it was a bit tricky outthere. During the race, the car was really good and I really tried to push hard every corner and every lap to close the gap with Vietoris. After that he had a problem in the middle of Turn 8. He was so slow in the middle of the corner I lost almost 4 seconds from Clos. After that it was too difficult to close the gap and I thought that P2 was a good enough result. I focused on making no mistake and that's it.

GP2 Series: A lot happened at the start. Guide us through that...

Luiz: When we put the helmet on, we become fighters so my start was really good. I was very close to van der Garde, but I did not touch him. I think the car was really good and that's why I could save the tyres after that. I need to improve my qualifying now...

GP2 Series: After that, it seemed that you were just waiting for the flag to drop...

Luiz: When Vietoris went off and I lost around four or five seconds, it was difficult to close the gap. There is no pit stop during the sprint race and the tyres degrade quickly. It is so hard to catch up with anyone.

GP2 Series: It is a nice result for you. You are now third in the championship...

Razia: Yeah, I think I have been consistent up until here. We know that we could hit an obstacle or two on the way. We need to score points every time possible. The championship is so long and there is a lot of things to improve. It's too soon to think about the championship. My main goal is to be consistent and try really hard and work hard with the team.

GP2 Series: Giedo, third today. How was your race?

Giedo van der Garde: It was pretty good. I had a good start, but unfortunately I could not go for P2 or P3, but Razia was something else at the start so I did not take any risks and I lost a little bit there. The pace was there at the beginning, but after a few laps I had problems with my side pod: it was opened. That's why I was not that quick. Of course, the problem with Vietoris helped go on the podium. At the end there was a good fight with Valsecchi

GP2 Series: He caught you because of your side pod problem?

Giedo: Yeah, I think it was the main problem. We were not very quick in the straight line. So he closed the gap with me. In the end, it was a very nice fight. Of course, the podium was there. I'm very pleased with it. Another nine points this weekend in my pocket... I hope we can score more points again. In the end, we are where we should be.

GP2 Series: You've had a tough start of the season...

Giedo: Yes. It did not go as planned... I think that Barcelona and Monaco were hard especially in qualifying. Here we had the pace in qualifying but we were not as quick during the race. It is strange you know. You see the guys from Racing Engineering were not that quick yesterday and today they were flying so it's always up and down.

GP2 Series: Looking at the drivers' standings, it looks like Pastor Maldonado may be getting away but he had a tough weekend in Barcelona as well. It all changes quickly in GP2, so in Valencia, it could be your weekend...

Giedo: Yeah. For sure. That's the good thing of the moment. There is not one guy that stands out. It's a close championship so far. The main thing is to take points whenever you can and keep pushing in the right direction. That's the way to go

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