Istanbul: Post-qualifying press conference

Qualifying Press Conference: Istanbul GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the post qualifying GP2 Series press conference here in Istanbul. Joining us today, in third position Andi Zuber for iSport International, in second position...

Qualifying Press Conference: Istanbul

GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the post qualifying GP2 Series press conference here in Istanbul. Joining us today, in third position Andi Zuber for iSport International, in second position Timo Glock, also for iSport International, and in pole position Luca Filippi from Super Nova International.

Luca congratulations, great job on pole today. I guess that's the perfect way to come back from the break away.

Luca Filippi: I'm really happy because we needed this pole, because we had two very bad weekends. We scored zero points, so I got more points with this pole than from the last two weekends. I think our potential was good anyway in the last two weekends anyway. Free practice we were always fighting on top, but here we demonstrated that we are still there and our potential is good.

GP2 Series: I was a little surprised to see you up here. You always said you preferred the medium compound to the hard compound tyres. Today we were running the hard. What made the difference?

Luca: Obviously you always have to try and do your best with what you have. We found a way to go faster with the hard compound and it worked. For me it was working also very well in Silverstone and now its still working. So also in free practice we saw we were very competitive and we made two moves that were right, so we were also lucky to find the good way to go. Honestly I think my pace was very strong during all the qualifying and at the end I got the best lap and it was a good one.

GP2 Series: What was it about the qualifying today. As you said you were very fast on your first set, you were even faster on your second set, I think you set the two fastest laps of qualifying. Was it just that you were lucky with the traffic, is this a circuit that you love, what do you put it down to?

Luca: With the first new set I did quite well and I went faster with the same set in the second set, and then with the second set I know I was able to go quicker. I got a very good lap but with two corners to go I got traffic and my third sector was bad, so I had a slow lap and I knew I was able to go quicker with a very good third sector. So my first sector wasn't too bad, second sector was OK and third sector I was pushing very hard and I got a better lap. Honestly I was very confident with the car, you know, when you have a good feeling you can push more and more and its a good feeling and I hope to have the same feeling today tomorrow for the race.

GP2 Series: As you say you got held up on your first lap on your second set, but even though you got held up behind Soucek you still set the pole lap then, and then went faster again. Why do you think it was that you were so fast?

Luca: Because was just two corners to go and the first and second sector were so good I said "I can't slow down, I have to finish this lap" so I passed him and I think I lost maybe no more than two or three tenths and was able to go on pole. The lap was so good I said "I can't stop now, I have to go ahead and finish the lap" and I was on pole.

GP2 Series: It's your first pole position since Bahrain, and you too the win in Bahrain, are you looking for a repeat performance tomorrow?

Luca: No, eighth position is enough. I'm joking, I'm joking. I'm starting from pole and I think we can score a good result. I am looking forward to a good race for tomorrow and I think we can have a good challenge with them [Timo and Andi]. They are just a little behind me so the start will be very important and then we see.

GP2 Series: Congratulations again.

Timo, a great job today but second which is slightly surprising for you

Timo Glock: (sarcastically) Yeah it's bad, it's really bad...

GP2 Series: You didn't even know which seat to sit in. The last couple of minutes in qualifying everything kicked off, the top six were out, everyone was pushing. You went faster again but just weren't able to get it. Did you think you could have gone faster or you think you got everything you could have out of the car?

Timo: It was a pretty good lap and I overdrove maybe the car a little bit in the last sector in the last three corners. I think that maybe a tenth or one and a half, but for a 34.2 was quite quick and I think fastest was not possible for me today, we had too many problems especially with the first set of tyres. We had a different setup, we tried something different and it didn't work out and we went back to the old set-up and it worked out but it was only one shot with one set of tyres. You know, I don't think that we could go faster than a 34.2, not possible.

GP2 Series: How much are you aware of in the final minutes when everyone is pushing, where everyone else is? Does the team keep you updated or do they just let you go and drive and see what happens?

Timo: No, my engineer keeps me informed and tells me what time the other guys are doing. But it doesn't change anything for me, you have to put down 100% and be as strong as possible and get the best out of the lap.

GP2 Series: Qualifying this year has been very different to last year. Last year the pole time came straight out on the first lap in qualifying on the F1 Rubber and this year it seems to be the last guy on track when the chequered flag goes gets pole. Why do you think that is?

Timo: It depends. The Formula One rubber is maybe not the same as last year. The compound changed and is a bit harder so that doesn't affect us so much. It's a better show [in GP2] and its really interesting to see the last five minutes and that's how it should be.

GP2 Series: It's much more fun to watch that's for sure... You're on the front row nonetheless, what are you looking for in tomorrow's race?

Timo: We have to finish the race, that's important, without any technical problems and try to be infront of Luca Filippi and Lucas di Grassi to try to open the gap in the championship again. It depends all on the start, the strategy, how the race goes, safety car, no safety car, you never know and you have to play a little bit and see how it goes.

GP2 Series: This is a circuit that you seem to like. There's a lot of natural areas to overtake people. How much do you think that will play into the race tomorrow?

Timo: You saw last year we had a couple of quick races here on Saturday and Sunday with quite a lot of possibilities to overtake so there should be everything possible. On Sunday when you start from seventh or eighth there is still a possibility to win the race or be on the podium.

GP2 Series: OK, thanks a lot.

Andi, very good job again for you today as well. You're back in the top three again which has been your aim all season. Were you happy with the session today?

Andi Zuber: It was quite OK, just a little bit of traffic and on my quickest lap I did a mistake in the last corner but as Timo said a 34.2 was a very good lap from Luca and would be very difficult to beat. So I'm quite happy with third place.

GP2 Series: When you say there was a lot of traffic, do you think you could have gone faster if you hadn't had that?

Andi: My lap was quite good, maybe half a tenth or one tenth but not more.

GP2 Series: So no chance for pole then?

Andi: No

GP2 Series: How have you found the hard compound tyres today?

Andi: I had some little problems in free practice, but we changed some things on the set-up for qualifying and it worked out, the car was quite good, so I'm very happy.

GP2 Series: And you hopes for tomorrow's race?

Andi: Podium.

-credit: gp2 series

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