Hungaroring: Race two press conference

GP2 Series: Javi what is it about this Sunday race? Javier Villa: This race, was really good. The plan was to finish eighth in the Saturday but i want to push in the Saturday and finish third or fourth, this is a good race. Yesterday Adam...

GP2 Series: Javi what is it about this Sunday race?

Javier Villa: This race, was really good. The plan was to finish eighth in the Saturday but i want to push in the Saturday and finish third or fourth, this is a good race. Yesterday Adam won and today it's more or less the same times, and this is good for me. I like this race more because the guys that go behind me are good guys, really quick guys, and I think that this is more the level for me and for everybody.

GP2 Series: It looked like a very tough race. You got a bit of a slow start, can you talk us through it?

Javi: Yeah the start was not the best, and then the first lap for me was really slow, really hard. The first few laps were slow and then we push a little bit, go to the first group and in this moment they crash a little bit and we overtake them an it's fine.

GP2 Series: When Adrian slowed everyone down were you thinking about overtaking Roldan or keeping Adam behind?

Javi: Zaugg start really well, his first lap was quick, then he went really slow. At this moment I went with them and I was pushing and trying to overtake, like normal in a race.

GP2 Series: Then Adrian and Roldan took each other out but you still had pressure from Adam.

Javi: Yeah, always! The gap was the same and we were pushing really hard, and when you win one race with this you always want more.

GP2 Series: Adam, a win and a second, you must be delighted.

Adam Carroll: Very! Its been a good weekend all round. We worked really hard this weekend on the car and proved that just all the time, we made changes from the race to today, we just tried a few things, just to see. Starting eighth I made a good start up to fourth and the race was on! I could see the guys at the front were battling hard and I knew it was going to end in tears, so I just made sure I wasn't in the middle of it and got second place. Javi did brilliant and I think he just didn't make a mistake. I couldn't do anything. He did very well.

GP2 Series: You certainly looked very happy for him, and of course you know him well after being team-mates last season.

Adam: He's a bit of my protege actually [laughs]. Of course, Javi's a great kid and it just shows how much he's come on since last year. Last year he struggled a bit coming up from F3 and being so young these cars can be animals and it was hard work around there today, so it just shows he's really improved and so have the team. He drove well. Fair play to everybody. Today the car was very good and drivable. We've just worked so hard and its great for everybody.

GP2 Series: Talk us through the start because it was pretty special.

Adam: It was good. My starts have been quite crap actually. I wasn't doing so much different to last year, I think the set-up's just a bit different so things like that change starts and just coming back and coming closer to the limit. You don't get many starts over the course of a weekend and you don't want to stall, so today I just moved a little bit closer to the limit and i got it.

GP2 Series: Do you think you could have caught Javi, particularly after the field was bunched up or did he have the measure of the race?

Adam: No, not really. He was quicker in some places then me in others, so it was a bit of a yo-yo effect around the circuit. In that situation all you can do is keep the pressure on and if he makes a mistake he does and if he doesn't there's not much you can do about it. When things are that close it takes the other guy to make a mistake and thats when you get the momentum and the run and to overtake you have to have an advantage or a mistake has to happen, and neither of them did.

GP2 Series: Roldan congratulations on your first podium, you must be overjoyed.

Roldan Rodriguez: Yeah, I'm very happy. I'm not 100% happy because I think I could win the race. I had the rhythm and th overtake [with Zaugg] I think he close the door and we crash. Anyway I'm so happy with the first podium and I hope to be there more times in the season.

GP2 Series: Earlier in the weekend I asked you what you wanted form the weekend and you said that just some points would be good. You've done that and more.

Roldan: yeah, it's incredible. Some races like Magny Cours I did sixth in qualifying I thought I could achieve the podium, but I just take one or two points, and here I did 14 in qualifying, I thought everything was lost and look now!

GP2 Series: It's been a crazy race, and as you say the move on Adrian. How did you see that from your point of view?

Roldan: Yeah I tried to overtake him and I think that he closed the door and I had no space where to go so we crashed.

GP2 Series: Just give us an idea of the race from inside your helmet.

Roldan: It was a good start, tidy, and Zaugg did a very good start as well. I could overtake Villa and I thought actually I could win the race but after the crash everything changed. The steering was bent and also I had a problem with the gearbox all the race. I thought I couldnt't finish the race because of the gearbox but at the end I could.

GP2 Series: It just shows the improvement in you and the team. What are your hopes for Turkey?

Roldan: During all the season the team is working in a very good way with me and we are adapting the car for myself. The car was for Piquet and was good for his style. The car is very fast but we have to adapt to myself and we are doing that each race and we can see in the results each race we are going faster and faster.

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