Hungaroring: Race two press conference

Top three drivers' quotes, Race Two GP2 Series: Giedo, congratulations for today. Giedo van der Garde, GP2 race winner: how does that sound? Giedo van der Garde: It sounds really good. I mean, it was quite a tough race. I had a really good...

Top three drivers' quotes, Race Two

GP2 Series: Giedo, congratulations for today. Giedo van der Garde, GP2 race winner: how does that sound?

Giedo van der Garde: It sounds really good. I mean, it was quite a tough race. I had a really good start and after that I had to control. We were quick at the beginning especially before the safety car. But then, the tyres wear off a little bit. Here, the key is to control and be focused and concentrated so that you don't make a mistake and go off. And then, you can win the race because it is very hard to overtake.

GP2 Series: Still, you were under pressure from Luca Filippi all race long. It must have been tough to keep him in check...

Giedo: He did not back down. That's for sure. But I was never too worried: as long as I did not make any mistake, I would be fine. Even when the safety car came in, at the restart, as long as you make a good exit at the last corner, you can stay in front. The weekend didn't start well: we only made five laps during free practice. Then we came short during qualifying. Yesterday, we started 16th and finished 7th: it was a good race. Then from P2 to the top spot. The win counts: it's good points and I have to thank the team a lot. We found something for the first race that helped me a lot. I'm glad. Very glad.

GP2 Series: You seem to have been struggling since the beginning of the season. Do you think that with this win, it's the start of a new season?

Giedo: Yeah. Definitely. We found something in the car which is very helpful for me. I always had a lot of understeer and no grip in the front. Now, it's all fixed. I think we have to find and analyse more in order to improve again and we should be able to finish the season well.


GP2 Series: Luca, you have been trying to find a way passed van der Garde all race long. How did that go from your cockpit?

Luca Filippi: I started to push from the start of the race. I managed to get into P2. Then I did three very fast laps, one of them was the fastest lap of the race. And I closed the gap with Giedo. And after that, I tried to put pressure on him. Maybe the safety car gave him a bit of time to breaths again and to reset his mind. After that, even if I was very close all the time and try very hard to put pressure on him, he made no mistake. It's a shame because my car was really good to drive. The set up was very good. The guys made a great job. I was very confident, but unfortunately, I could not get a couple of meters more on the exit and I couldn't overtake him on the brake. But I am pleased with our good weekend. And we scored seven points today. That's very promising for the next races.

GP2 Series: During the race, you were faster in the slow portions of the track, and in the straight line Giedo could regain an advantage...

Luca: It's possible that I had a slightly shorter sixth gear. And maybe today that's why he had a bit more acceleration. So maybe this is a good reason for it.

GP2 Series: For the past few events, Super Nova have shown being very competitive. Everyone is looking at ART, Barwa and Racing Engineering. Could your team get in the mix?

Luca: Yeah. I mean if we go back to the testing, we were always at the top. And if we look back at what happened in Barcelona mast May: I started 9th and finished a strong 4th in Race 1. I was super fast. I was second in Turkey. I mean we are always reasonably fast and I think now on top of the competitiveness, we also found consistency for the race. And for me, we have everything we need to win races.


GP2 Series: Lucas, yesterday during the post-race press conference, you told us that your aim today was to try and grab a few points... Happy with that new podium?

Lucas di Grassi: Yeah! I had a good start. I took advantage from other drivers' mistakes. The pace was much better than yesterday. We improved the car. And I was much happier with the whole car balance. I believe we are going in the right direction. This weekend, I scored the most points -- fourteen -- and two podiums. The team did a great job and everything went as expected. This turn-around mid-season puts us back right behind the leaders. Now there is a big break of three weeks. We will have to work during this break in order to be prepared for Valencia and for the final four events. We will make sure to fight for the title until the end.

GP2 Series: All race long, you were under pressure from Grosjean whilst trying to pass Filippi. Tell us a bit about it...

Lucas: The problem that happened in the race was that Giedo did not have a very good pace. So he hold up Filippi who, in retour, was holding me up. And I was holding Grosjean. The problem here is that you lose a lot of downforce when you are near the car in front. And at the same time it is very difficult to overtake. So we stayed there, queuing. The only move I made was when Villa made his small mistake in corner 11. But this is Hungary, it is very difficult to overtake. I think this third place is a great result starting from 7th. I think we can be satisfied with our performance this weekend.

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