Hungaroring: Race two press conference

Top three drivers' quotes, Budapest GP2 Series: Sebastien, I was saying to you this morning that you have a habit of doing very well on a Sunday, and you've proven me right: how was inside the car today? Sebastien Buemi: Yeah! It was just a...

Top three drivers' quotes, Budapest

GP2 Series: Sebastien, I was saying to you this morning that you have a habit of doing very well on a Sunday, and you've proven me right: how was inside the car today?

Sebastien Buemi: Yeah! It was just a very good race: it was quite difficult at the start when I tried to overtake Andy, but it was difficult because he closed the door and so I just had to wait for him to make a mistake, and he did one! So after that I could pass him and pull away, and my car was really good thanks to the team. We did a good job all weekend to now collect some points for the championship.

GP2 Series: You sat right behind Andy for a long time, and this circuit is a very difficult one to overtake on but his car looked like it was a bit of a handful: were you confident that if you just sit there you might get a chance?

Sebastien: I was confident that something may happen, but more towards the end: I was not so sure that he would do a mistake early on but I just stayed there, and then he did make a mistake so I could pass him, and that was better for me!

GP2 Series: After that you just took off: how happy were you with the car today?

Sebastien: Yeah I'm really happy: we just improved the car all weekend, so to be now in the top spot is just really good! I think I might had some of the fastest laps too, which is great.

GP2 Series: You're now just two points behind Romain in the championship: what are your thoughts on the battle there and for Valencia in a few weeks?

Sebastien: I'm thinking now about Hockenheim where I lost so many points! It is difficult but we just need to move on and continue like this in Valencia, and then what until the end of the championship and see what happens.

GP2 Series: Andy, congratulations on second today although I guess you were looking for a bit more: it looked like your car was a bit of a handful today, would that be fair to say?

Andy Soucek: Pretty much, yeah: it's not that the car wasn't any good, but more that I was too hard on the tyres at the beginning of the race, and I think it was my only chance to take the win to push really hard at the beginning and make a little gap with Buemi and then try to maintain it. And I think I did my job for the first 12 laps but then I broke a little bit too late and I lost a little bit the back, and I preferred to go win then to go spinning! That is when Buemi got me, and then I had two laps where I lost a bit of concentration and the tyres were a bit dirty as well, and then my pace was still more or less consistent, but then I had a big drop off at the end with the tyres where I couldn't really hold the car on track anymore, and that's why Bruno got up to me in 2 laps easily: I couldn't even brake, and I was defending more my 2nd place than trying to catch Buemi and doing another mistake so Senna could overtake me. I think I did an intelligent race, and I scored 5 points which are so important for me for the championship. I'm 13th now, and the best Spanish driver, which I'm not proud about but at least I was the one who did this result now. Now I'm just looking forward to scoring more podiums in the last 3 races.

GP2 Series: It was a really dramatic last few laps for you, first with Pastor and then with Bruno: how do you deal with that in that situation?

Andy: I don't know how I did it: I didn't want to look to the mirrors too much because I knew they were closing the gap really quickly. I was just thinking about braking as late as I could for the car I had, getting on the power as soon as possible so they couldn't get me on the next braking point: so it was pretty much a defending driving mode, but I would say that it was worth it to do that rather than lose the second position as well.

GP2 Series: You got the result, which is very important for you and the team, and now you've got Valencia coming up, your home race and a circuit you like a lot...

Andy: Yeah, I was just there taking a look, taking some information: I think we will be pretty good on it, and if we do a good qualifying I'm sure we can do another podium again, and I think this will be our biggest aim, to finish top five in the first race and then if we can score a podium in the second one.

GP2 Series: Bruno, second podium for this weekend which was probably more than you were expecting: it turned out to be a good weekend for you here...

Bruno Senna: Yeah, definitely. I think for once we had very good luck with traffic and we had some people having problems in front of us, whereas usually we have the problems! [laughs] It was really good, and today Lucas helped me to gain two places and then Maldonado had a mechanical problem, which helped me get another place in, but again we were there waiting in the right place at the right time, and the team were doing a good job: I was just driving the car, pushing and not making any mistakes, and we probably didn't have fastest car yesterday or today but we had a consistent car, so the car was quick enough lap after lap. today I wanted a few more laps in the race because I was starting to enjoy myself in the end, when there was no oil in my face [laughs].

GP2 Series: It didn't really look like you were pushing that hard, but rather were waiting to see what would happen...

Bruno: The first time that Maldonado's car started to spew a lot of oil I was like maybe he's going to fail really quickly, but he didn't fail and he just spilt oil everywhere: sometimes the oil went on his tyres and he had oversteer, and I was behind him and had oversteer as well because he was really spilling: my helmet was full of oil. It was difficult to trust the car and judge the braking, because suddenly if you just dump some oil then I could go off, so I was being careful. As soon as I cleared him I was quick again, so it was difficult.

GP2 Series: I wasn't suggesting that as a complaint, but more that the race came back to you, especially when Soucek and Maldonado were fighting in front of you...

Bruno: Oh yeah, for sure: I just had to wait a little bit, and at the beginning of the race I was there with them, but as soon as he started spitting oil I decided to fall behind a little bit and make things safer for me, because it's two points that could be very decisive for me in the championship, and it turned out to be three so it's a lot of points.

GP2 Series: And then it seemed as though it could have been second but for a lap or two more...

Bruno: Yeah, but could have been, could have been, but wasn't: next time I could push a bit harder and get a better result but still, it's not a bad weekend, that's for sure.

GP2 Series: And now Valencia is just around the corner, and I believe you liked your experience there the other day.

Bruno: I did enjoy it, I had a good experience there, and I think with the team we're having some very interesting ideas for the set up there. I think this is a place where I had to learn the circuit and drive very well, but I think the team is going to pull a nice one out of the hat there, and if they can do it I think we're looking pretty good for poles and wins there, and for the championship also.


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