Hungaroring: Post-qualifying press conference

Post Qualifying Press Conference: Hungary 03/08/2007 GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for qualifying at the Hungaroring. Joining us today from third position is Lucas di Grassi from ART Grand Prix, in second ...

Post Qualifying Press Conference: Hungary

GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for qualifying at the Hungaroring. Joining us today from third position is Lucas di Grassi from ART Grand Prix, in second place we have Andi Zuber from iSport International, and between them is today's poleman Timo Glock. Timo, congratulations on your second pole position in a row: you must be delighted.

Timo Glock: Yeah, definitely. We had a pretty difficult time in free practice this morning when we weren't 100% comfortable with the car, especially with Giorgio's time we thought it would be pretty difficult in qualifying, but we made the right change in set up and the car was just perfect. I couldn't quite get it together, and I made a mistake with the first set on the last corner, or else we would already be on a 27.5 with the first set, and then on the second set I had the problem of Andy Soucek slowing down the car in the last sector so I couldn't get the temperature in the tyres, especially the fronts, so the first sector was not perfect: the following lap was a bit quicker but I had to stop it because of yellow flags. But at the end it was okay and we got the pole, and the two points, so I'm happy with it.

GP2 Series: It looked like quite difficult conditions today: it's always a dusty track, and in both sessions it looked as though if you went slightly off the racing line you had troubles. Was it the conditions that kept the times down today, particularly at the start of the session?

Timo: Yeah it was pretty difficult today: I made that mistake at the last corner and just went off line a little bit and then had no chance to go back because of all the marbles and everything off line. When I saw the lap time was still a 28.6 with the mistake in the last corner I was still comfortable, but you have to make nearly a perfect lap, otherwise you go off line and you're done.

GP2 Series: Then of course you put in a pretty good lap at the end of the session to slap everyone down: was that the perfect lap?

Timo: No, not perfect because the front tyre didn't work in the first sector because I had to slow down the car in the warm up lap and had to wait until Andy Soucek pulled away, and I think that cost me a little bit of temperature in the front tyres. It was not perfect in the first sector because of that, but the rest of the lap was pretty spot on.

GP2 Series: From the outside it looked as though your pace was okay but not brilliant until the end: can we read anything into that for the race tomorrow?

Timo: No, I think it will be different for the race tomorrow. I think if I didn't make the mistake on the first set of tyres I would have had a 27.5 or whatever, but I think the race pace will be anyway different, and the strategy will be different, so I think we have a good car for the race distance so we should be okay.

GP2 Series: Congratulations. Andi, another great job by you but just beaten by Timo in the end: how were your last laps at the end of the session?

Andi Zuber: Yeah, it's a pity because I had a little gearbox problem the whole of qualifying, and it cost me just a little bit of concentration and I made some little mistakes, but it total it's a great result for us, the first two again, and tomorrow we fight for the race.

GP2 Series: Timo said he made a couple of mistakes in the first half of the session: your times were fairly similar to his, so does that mean you made some mistakes as well?

Andi: Yeah, on the first set of tyres I had problems, but luckily it was better on the second set.

GP2 Series: With the times being so close between you both, are you comfortable for tomorrow on race pace?

Andi: Yes, our race pace is usually very good, and it also surprised us a little bit that in qualifying we were so quick, but I'm very comfortable for tomorrow.

GP2 Series: Talking about tomorrow, the traditional question when you're both on the front row: have you been given any instructions for the start?

Andi: No, we can't speak together because the last time we spoke together it went wrong! So this time we don't speak together and it will be right!

GP2 Series: Maybe you really should talk though...

Andi: [laughs] Don't worry, it'll be alright!

Timo: I think Paul [Jackson, team boss] calibrated the joystick right, so we should be okay! [laughs]

GP2 Series: Maybe Paul has two joysticks and he'll be holding them as far apart as possible! Great job today Andi, thanks. Lucas, so close and yet so far: it looked as though you had it until Timo slapped it down right at the end: how disappointed were you to miss out on pole again?

Lucas di Grassi: Well first the team did a very good job, and I'm happy again to be top three, but when I left the pit with my second set I knew the pole was at 28.4 and I did for me quite a good lap: there was a lot of traffic, but everyone had a lot of trouble with that. It's very, very difficult not to have some trouble in Hungary like that, because somebody is slowing down, going off the track or doing something in front of you: I had I think Senna in front of me on my fastest lap, and it was a good lap, a 28.3. I was quite happy with my lap: I could do better but I think not as iSport did. I think they've done again a very good job, and the car looked very, very fast: I think being in the top three is a very good place to be, and depending on the weather we should be able to fight for the win: that's what I'm here for, so we'll have to go over their pace tomorrow and do a good race.

GP2 Series: Is eight tenths behind iSport in qualifying too slow for the race tomorrow?

Lucas: I think like at the Nurburgring I was half a second behind Timo in qualifying, but in the race we were much closer, and in race two also it was very, very close. So I think that we are going to work and find a solution for the long term tyre wear tomorrow, and the race is long tomorrow, 42 laps, and try to surprise them for tomorrow's race.

GP2 Series: The traffic is always bad here, you know that, but there have been a lot of drivers complaining about the condition of the track, that it's very dusty and more bumpy than last year: how did you find it?

Lucas: I think the circuit is much faster than last year: last year's pole was 29.4 for Piquet, and this year it was 27.5, almost 2 seconds faster, so it should be better.

GP2 Series: So no problems for you then?

Lucas: Hungary is a bit like Monaco: if you go outside of the line it's a bit dirty, so you don't.

GP2 Series: Fair enough. Thanks gentlemen.

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