Hockenheimring: Race two press conference

GP2 Series: Karun, a little while between drinks for you but you're a race winner again, here in Hockenheim: how does it feel? Karun Chandhok: Very good: this time is a little different to Spa last year, because Spa I was just really, really ...

GP2 Series: Karun, a little while between drinks for you but you're a race winner again, here in Hockenheim: how does it feel?

Karun Chandhok: Very good: this time is a little different to Spa last year, because Spa I was just really, really pleased but this time there is a little relief as well because this year I came into it believing we were fast enough, knowing we were fast enough to win races but it didn't happen in Asia, and for a number of reasons I think we got robbed of a few wins there. I was really, really pissed off after Asia, so it's really nice to get one under our belts here: we've had good race pace all season long you know, in Monaco and Silverstone, and we've struggled a little bit in qualifying for a few reasons but yeah, just very pleased. And I'm really pleased for the team as well, to get two drivers to have won a race, so I'm just really pleased and I just love working with these guys: they're the best team I've ever worked with, they're just so good to get along with, and with Bruno as I well because I think we get along better than any other teammates in the pitlane. It's just a great feeling right now.

GP2 Series: Was it the best way to get it done: start from pole and just fight from the front?

Karun: Yeah, but we lost off the line! It was a pressure race you know, it wasn't an easy race: okay, starting from the front but it was a pressure race the whole way because Zuber was quick here all weekend and qualified third, and Bruno is quick as well, but I was quite comfortable and don't think I made any mistakes: I had a second gap to Zuber and just sat there, and the team did a great job to keep me informed of where things stood, where we were quick and where we weren't, and that helped things a lot.

GP2 Series: Was it just a case of managing the race? You didn't set any fastest laps, but you always looked comfortable there...

Karun: We had fastest lap very early on in the race, but I wasn't too fussed to be honest because I just wanted to make sure we looked after the rear tyres: the last thing I wanted was to have a situation like Grosjean had in Silverstone where he destroyed the tyres and then couldn't do anything for the last ten laps. I'd rather have the six points for the win than the one point for fastest lap!

GP2 Series: It has been a bit of a monkey of your back getting the win here: can this help you for the remainder of the season?

Karun: Yeah, we've had pace all season long at places like Silverstone and Istanbul, and in Monaco we had good race pace: it's just nice to get one under the belt as an indication that we can complete the job as well.

GP2 Series: Andreas, you told me before the race that you were going to have an amazing start and push for the race win, and that's exactly what happened: how was it from inside the car?

Andreas Zuber: Yeah, it was good today: we know what the problem was yesterday, it was just too long a first gear, so that was the problem yesterday and we burned the clutch, so today we know that we can start because we're not stupid, you know: it looks like it because we had so many start problems this year, we knew already the problems after. So today was just great: I had a really mega start and after just one lap I was sixth already, I overtook four or five cars at the start and then on the first corner I was a bit wide because one guy pushed me out so I lost even two places there but I made it back, I overtook my teammate, di Grassi, and then I went when Pantano and Soucek were a little bit fighting and overtook them on the outside when they touched, and it was really nice. After five laps I was pushing Chandhok quite hard but then my rear tyres lost a little bit of grip and I saw Bruno flying from behind and so I said okay, I'll wait for a mistake from Chandhok but it didn't happen - he drove a really good race today - and when you come from eleventh to second you don't want to risk too much!

GP2 Series: You did have a great start and pushed hard: was it just a case of being sensible and getting on the podium rather than pushing too hard?

Andreas: Yep, it was half-half: I saw Bruno coming and I was thinking the car is oversteering, so I went okay leave it like this now for the last five laps, and Bruno was coming more and more and then I pushed a little bit more and made a little mistake, and after the mistake on the second last lap I just thought finish the race, I can't push any more.

GP2 Series: The team have had a few problems in the last few races, but the car looked great today: do you think you've found the solution for the rest of the season?

Andreas: Yeah, of course at the last race we had big problems in the race with tyrewear, it was just crazy because after five laps you didn't have any rubber anymore, but now after five laps we have rubber: not too much, but we still have rubber on the tyres! [laughs] It's going better and better, and we changed some things on the car where we know there is a problem, and I am very confident for Budapest.

GP2 Series: Okay, we'll see if you can do the same thing there.

Andreas: I hope so!

GP2 Series: Bruno, third today for another podium: is it fair to say this was a bit of a recovery race for you?

Bruno Senna: Yeah it's fair to say: we started from fifth place which would lead to a forward looking race but I had a really bad start, and I got swamped by many cars and just had to let some people pass me because I was just being careful not to be taken out. And it worked, because everybody got too excited during the race and cleared the road a little bit: I had a good move on Alvaro, it was a good opportunity and I took the chance very well, so it was one of those days where you have to fight back without making any mistakes and I did it, so it was good to finish third. I have to thank the team because they did a great job today, and it was a good day for the team because Karun won and he broke his jinx, his Sunday jinx in great style, and I'm happy for him as well. This is great for him and for the team because it motivates the whole team and next time we are just going to be stronger and stronger, and we lead the constructor's championship once again too.

GP2 Series: You were possibly a little unlucky yesterday and a little lucky today with the guys in front of you, which sort of evened up a bit with Soucek and Pantano going out...

Bruno: Yeah, I think yesterday I was unlucky because of the weather only, but to be fair one lucky day compensates for an unlucky day, especially if they're not Saturdays, but it doesn't matter because today we were quite strong and we did a good job, and we've had a good battle with Giorgio this year: he's quite great and consistent, and winning too many races for my taste! [laughs] But he is driving well and deserves what he has got, but he's only doing this because I had too many problems at the beginning of the year, and if it wasn't for those problems things would be a lot different.

GP2 Series: True enough, although he is building up a fairly handy lead in the championship: what can you do to reign in that lead?

Bruno: Just keep pushing with the team, and get more points than him in the race! [laughs]

GP2 Series: Sure, but if he keeps getting on the podium...

Bruno: It's hard but it's not impossible, and now if I score 3 or 4 points more than him on a weekend I can win, so it's not easy but it's not impossible, and if he has a bad one and I have a good one then everything evens out and that's it. The problem is that there are many competitive drivers out there taking the points from everyone else.

-credit: gp2series.com

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