Spa race 2 press conference

Spa race 2 press conference

GP2 Series press release

What Filippi, Bianchi and Kral had to say

GP2 Series: Luca, congratulations. A second win this season... How does that feel?

Luca Filippi: Today, honestly, I really wanted to win because yesterday’s race was okay but the start for us was a big disadvantage because I was on the outside on the wet part of the track. That’s racing but after that I think there was a point where I was so much faster when the safety car came in. After that I could not gain positions. So yesterday, we could not show our potential and today we had a good chance. The start was okay but after that I think we’ve shown a very strong pace, We were so much faster everywhere. I was super quick through Eau Rouge. I was able to take it flat out with a very clean line, the steering wheel almost straight so I was exiting in the corner with a great speed. This is one of my favourite corners in the world. I was trying to focus in that corner to have enough speed to overtake. That is what gave me the chance and after that we have the point for fastest lap. It’s a perfect day.

GP2 Series: You did push all through the race. How did the tyres handle?

Luca: Actually we had no problem with the tyres. We started with a small understeer and finished with a small oversteer. I think we had a very good balance and I am very happy with the tyres. Since the beginning of the season, I’ve had a good feeling with the Pirelli tyres. It’s the kind of tyres that makes your life more difficult in terms of management and this is what I think gives a driver the chance to learn how to manage your tyres and be clean. At the end of the race, you can see big gaps.

Now, we are in the position to try and finish in the Top 3 [of the championship].

Luca Filippi

GP2 Series: With this new win, you are back in the top five in the drivers’ standings. Monza is coming in two weeks. What are your hopes?

Luca: After Valencia, I lost a possible podium and another one in Turkey. I never thought that I would be there. Now, we are in the position to try and finish in the Top 3. Actually, I am not thinking about it. Monza is a great place for me because of the Italian environment and the tiffosi. I want to go there to warm them up before the F1 race. If we can make them a bit happy, it would be great for me. At the same time, we have a chance to finish in the Top 3 which is unbelievable from where we started.

GP2 Series: Jules, congratulations. Another P2 today. How did the race go for you?

Jules Bianchi: I had a really good start and in the first corner, I decided to go on the outside but it was the wrong choice because I was a bit closed in. It was difficult and I lost some places. Then I was P8. I attacked Hartley. Then I tried to close in on Clos and overtook him in the last chicane. Then Romain was fighting with Fauzy. I tried to overtake him in the same corner and it was really close and I lost again a position to Clos. After the safety car period, I knew that my tyres were very good. So I could push a lot and catch Clos and Romain again. They had a small fight with Fauzy in the first corner and then at the exit before Eau Rouge we were side by side and I had a bit more speed there so I could get ahead of them in Eau Rouge. After that I was able to pass Cecotto on the same lap in the last corner. Then I overtook Kral for P2. It was amazing for me and my team. We improved the car a lot from yesterday. There is nothing to say. We just need to keep pushing for Monza to try and finish second in the drivers’ standings. But I do not focus too much on that. I just try to think about the race and to be quick and then we will see at the end of the season.

GP2 Series: You were flying today...

Jules Bianchi
Jules Bianchi

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Jules: Filippi was in front and maybe he was trying to save his tyres. He did the fastest laptime on his last lap. But I think we had a really good pace which was important. Yesterday we were good but not fast enough. Today, we were fighting for the quickest laptime. This proves that we have improved since yesterday and we need to keep like that for Monza.

GP2 Series: You are now one point behind van der Garde before Monza. Do you like this track?

Jules: I think I did well on that track last year. I did pole and P2. Anyway you can see that things change a lot from one year to the next. Last year, in Spa, I was struggling and this year I was really quick so we have to see. We need to be focused and calm. Van der Garde will be quick there for sure, same for Pic. We don’t have to forget Sam and Filippi now so of course we have to push and keep our momentum.

GP2 Series: Congratulations Josef, P3 today. But I’m sure you are a bit disappointed...

Josef Kral
Josef Kral

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Josef Kral: Yeah, exactly. It looked like we could win today. I had a really could start and pulled away,. I was pushing hard to build up a gap but unfortunately I had to look after the tyres a bit because they were quite used. The Safety Car came out and the tyre temperature dropped. At the re-start, I could not put the temperature back up because there was not a lot of rubber left. I had a good re-start but Filippi had a better one and could pass me after Eau Rouge where it is very difficult to defend. It was quite easy for him I think. Then I was struggling with the wheel spin. Jules overtook me as well. It was quite tough at the end of the race, but I am happy to be back on the podium. We overcame our problems in the last few races. We’re getting better again and I hope that in Monza we will have a similar weekend.

GP2 Series: We’ve had no dry session this weekend. Do you think it was thus difficult to find the right set up for today?

Josef: I think that our car was very good until the safety car and I managed the tyres well. Unfortunately it was like this today. That’s racing. We need a bit more luck for next weekend. Yesterday I went from P15 to P8 was quite lucky and I really have to thank the team for today’s podium because this is where we should be and I hope we can stay there.

GP2 Series: What are your goals for Monza?

Josef: Another podium I hope or at least more points. I didn’t score points in the races before so I need to collect some for the championship. My season started quite well and Monaco came and I had a great result. After that, going to Valencia was tough where I injured myself last year. From then on, we started to race on tracks that I didn’t know or had not raced on in a very long time. I was lacking in experience. It was tough but that’s why that I’m really happy that I was able to get back on the podium here although I had not raced in Spa on a GP2 car before. I love this track just like i love Monaco so it was the two best tracks for me to be on the podium!

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