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Silverstone Sprint Race driver quotes
Grosjean, Clos and van der Garde discuss the race

GP2 Series: Romain, a third win for the season: you're making it look almost easy!

Romain Grosjean: It really wasn't! (laughs) It wasn't easy today: the race is long, I took a good start and was P3, and I was expecting Dani to struggle at the end of the race, but Giedo I didn't know. I was just waiting, saving my tyres for a long as I could, and then at the end of the race I saw that my pace was very good – the team did a great job – and I could put 2 nice moves in to get the lead, and then I went on for the victory. So it's a very good weekend: looking at the ten place penalty we had on the grid, which was not the best way to start the meetings (laughs), but in the end we got more points than the others so that's the main thing.

I hope we put everything in the right place.

Romain Grosjean

GP2 Series: It has certainly been a useful weekend for your title challenge...

Romain: I hope so! (laughs) I hope we put everything in the right place: we have had some bad luck, I have done some mistakes as does every driver, but I hope it turns around and we can go without any problems to the end of the season.

GP2 Series: It looked like you were protecting the tyres: how were they today?

Romain: Well they were not in good shape at the end – I think that is the same for everybody – but we knew that 21 laps was more or less the limit of what they could do. We saw yesterday in 15 laps that some were already struggling badly at the end of the race, so basically we did a good job to preserve them, and obviously it worked quite well!


GP2 Series: Dani, P2 today after a tough race: how was it for you?

Dani Clos: We started the race a little bit aggressive, and I knew that Giedo was going to be really quick so at the beginning I tried to attack: I saw the space in the third corner but it was not possible, and then I got it in the fourth. After that we had a really good rhythm, I felt really happy with the car. With just 7 laps I did a mistake where I locked up the tyres, the front left, and then the rhythm was not the same, Romain had a really good car and he drove well, so he won, I was second, and it's okay.

GP2 Series: You've had some troubles with the tyres this year: how were they for you today?

Podium: race winner Romain Grosjean, Dams, second place Dani Clos, Racing Engineering, third place Giedo van der Garde, Brawa Addax Team
Podium: race winner Romain Grosjean, Dams, second place Dani Clos, Racing Engineering, third place Giedo van der Garde, Brawa Addax Team

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Dani: Yeah, they were good, good, good: I was happy, we've done a good job in that way, the team has been working hard and myself too. After a tough weekend, because it's been a tough weekend for me in many aspects, we've got a nice podium, good points: that's good because we need them! It can only go better.

GP2 Series: And two podiums for the team is a nice reward for the boys in the team, too...

Dani: Absolutely, that's really good: I really appreciate the work they do, and they deserve so much more too!


GP2 Series: Giedo, P3 today was probably not the result you were looking for, but how was it out there?

Giedo van der Garde: I'm happy I got points: in the end you can see where I came from - 19th to 8th – so 1 to 3, well, normally I don't like losing places, especially here, but anyway... I think at the start Clos was too aggressive: he hit me in turn 2, I came sideways and he put it in again in turn 3, so for me it was a bit too much. But anyway, racing is like that: I gave him the place, and in the end Romain passed us like we were standing still! (laughs)

GP2 Series: It looked like you were waiting for Dani's tyres to go off, and then Romain just came from nowhere: is that about right?

If we do one weekend very good, we can catch up.

Giedo van der Garde

Giedo: Yes. I was waiting, but I suffered too much on the front tyres, so in the end I couldn't pass anymore.

GP2 Series: But some more points, although Romain has stretched away a little bit this weekend...

Giedo: Yes, but I think he is, what, 9 points away or something? If we do one weekend very good, we can catch up. He is quick, but we know also that he can become a bit crazy sometimes! (laughs) We just have to wait for that, and in the end I'm happy that we could get more points here, and now we just have to get ready for the Nurburgring.


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