GP2 Series Post Qualifying In Budapest Press Conference


Budapest qualifying press conference
Quotes from Razia, Filippi and Ericsson

GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to today’s qualifying press conference. Joining us is poleman Luiz Razia for Caterham Team AirAsia, in second place we have Luca Filippi for Scuderia Coloni and in third place we have Marcus Ericsson for iSport International. Starting with you Luiz, fantastic result today, your first ever pole position, but also for your team. You seemed to have to work really hard to achieve this result and pushed until the very last lap. How did it go?

Luiz Razia
Luiz Razia

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Luiz Razia: Yeah. I think we’ve been working for three years to get here (Laughs). No, it was hard work especially since the level is so high in GP2. It’s incredible. We did a good job today. After the free practice we were a bit lost – P17. Then I said: “we need to do something”. And we did it. I’m really happy. Everybody who takes pole is happy, right? Let’s hope that tomorrow will be clean as well and we stay in front.

GP2 Series: What did it take to take pole position today?

Luiz: On my first set of tyres, I felt that the car was really good and I told myself “this is the time to get the pole position of your laugh, man. Drive it like you stole it” (Laughs). On the second set of tyres, I did my best lap on my first fast lap where I had the most grip. Congratulations to the team. They did a great job. We are still learning: it’s a new car, new tyres. I think everybody is getting there. I’m really pleased.

GP2 Series: How did the tyres handle around this track?

Luiz: Well, I think Pirelli did a good job overall. We have brilliant races. I think the tyres will behave quite well tomorrow. We hope to see some overtaking and maybe a little bit of degradation. We’ll see tomorrow.

GP2 Series: Now that you’ve pocketed your first pole, what about tomorrow?

Luiz: It’s another story, isn’t it? Pole position is one race. To win a race is completely different. Obviously, it is a good thing to start in the front, but we need to make sure that we make a good pitstop and have a good car for the race that takes care of the tyres. That’s very important. Let’s see tomorrow.

GP2 Series: Congratulations again and good luck for tomorrow.

Luiz: Thank you.

GP2 Series: Luca, P2 today. I’m sure you are a bit disappointed though because in your last lap you looked set to improve but couldn’t because of a yellow flag in the second sector. Do you think you could have taken pole today?

For tomorrow I think we can really fight again for a good result.

Luca Filippi

Luca Filippi: It’s hard to say. I mean today we found a good balance and a good speed and I was first after the first stint so I was waiting a little bit to see if people were improving. When it was time to take to the track again, the traffic was fine, but I had a yellow flag. I felt the car was very good and had a really good grip. Obviously, you can think I could have improved, but you never know because you need to finish the lap first. But I am pleased because it’s not so common to have two front rows in a row (Laughs). And the team is very happy. For tomorrow I think we can really fight again for a good result.

GP2 Series: What’s the secret of your success at Scuderia Coloni?

Luca: I think, you know, you need a good driver, a good car, but sometimes, you just need something to click. And at Scuderia Coloni, it clicks. We look at each other and we know what we want. It’s a very nice feeling. This morning, after free practice, we were ok, but not great. Everybody looked very sad. Everyone is highly motivated in the team and now I can see they are all smiling again. It certainly keeps me even more motivated.

GP2 Series: What will be the key to the race tomorrow?

Luca: It’s hard to say. At the moment, we can see that the tyre degradation is not too bad. But obviously, it is worse than Nurburgring. So we need to see. The start is going to be key and the position we are. Also the pitstop window which I believe will probably be more or less the same for everybody which is on Lap 12. I would say that it is going to be very hard between us and who will come back out first, who gets traffic, etc. I think that is going to be a first key moment and the second one will be at the end of the race if some drivers have a better balance and more grip, I think the last ten laps should be interesting. So I hope I will have the same consistency that I had last weekend.

GP2 Series: Thank you Luca and good luck as well. Marcus, welcome back to the press conference. I believe this is a very nice result for you and your team?

Marcus Ericsson: Yeah. I have had some good weekends now and I’ve been struggling all year with the qualifying and to be P3 today is a great achievement and a great step forward. The car has been quick in qualifying conditions which my teammate has shown. I have not been able to do what the car was capable of until now. I’m really pleased for that. I have been in good form for the last couple of weekends and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow.

GP2 Series: How did the qualifying session go for you?

Marcus: Obviously this morning during free practice we were ok but I spun after six laps and lost half of the session. Because of that you always go out and you are a bit more careful. It took me a bit of time to get every sector right but still the first stint was not too bad but could have been better. The second stint we did some small changes on the car and I felt comfortable to know how much I could push. The car was great as usual with iSport. I mean I have a very good team behind me and I am really happy that I could put that lap together for them as well. It’s a great result for everyone.

Marcus Ericsson
Marcus Ericsson

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

GP2 Series: What about tomorrow?

Marcus: As I said, we’ve had a strong race pace so far as we’ve had in qualifying. And because I did not qualify well, we had a lot of catch up to do. But now I qualified in the front. I know I am strong in the start and strong in the races. Hopefully I will finish even higher tomorrow.

GP2 Series: It’s also up to Luiz and Luca I guess... (Laughs)

Marcus: (Laughs) Like Luiz said, the competition in GP2 is extremely hard and all the drivers – especially at the top – are super drivers, but it should be a good race tomorrow and I am really looking forward to it.

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