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Budapest Feature Race press conference
Quotes from Grosjean, Pic and Razia

GP2 Series: Welcome to Budapest Feature Race press conference. Joining us today winner of the race Romain Grosjean for Dams. In second place we have Charles Pic for Barwa Addax and in third we have Luiz Razia for Caterham Team AirAsia. Starting with you, Romain, congratulations for this fifth win in 2011. Some people may say that it was handed to you after Marcus Ericsson had a drive through. Does it still taste the same?

Romain Grosjean: It taste exactly the same. I think you have to do everything right in order to take the win. That’s the team’s fault I think for an unsafe release. But again, the sooner you release a driver, it can make a difference on track and you can pass other drivers so... I’m sorry for Marcus who was doing a good race but this is a good result for me and Dams. We did the job today.

Romain Grosjean celebrates his victory on the podium with Charles Pic and Luiz Razia
Romain Grosjean celebrates his victory on the podium with Charles Pic and Luiz Razia

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GP2 Series: I know you were a bit disappointed yesterday after the qualifying session. But today, you made a perfect start and you had the pace to challenge Marcus first and then to pull away when you got the lead.

Romain: Yesterday, we had to move around the M25 of the Hungaroring (Laughs). It was a nightmare to get a clear lap. I think we had the pace to take pole. But the fact that we had to start from P5 makes me feel that this fifth win was not easy. I had a good start and a good lap. I was fighting with Charles. Then I knew I was P3 with Charles and Giedo behind who are my main rivals at the moment. Then we were cruising behind Luiz who starting to struggle a little bit. Unfortunately we had to pit earlier than planned because Luca Filippi was going very fast and when we got out of the pits it was tight with Luca. We had a nice battle. And then we could get some good laps to be in front of Luiz. Then we were behind Marcus until he got the drive through.

GP2 Series: Five wins so far this season. What is your goal for tomorrow?

Romain: We want some more points. We have a good lead in the standings but nothing is done. So we will try to get some points to see where we stand before the summer. And then we will see. I think this year we have a very nice championship. It is tough. The level is high. There is a new car, new tyres. Pirelli are making the races hard and interesting to watch. Tomorrow, it will be a long and tough race.

GP2 Series: What will be the key then?

Romain: I think the key will be fast at the end of the race.

GP2 Series: Thank you very much Romain. Good job. Charles, congratulations. P2 today. A strong result, even more so considering you are a title contender so every point helps... How was your race?

Charles Pic: It’s a good result for us. On the first stint I was slower than Romain and I think this is very we lost the race. We still have to work on that. On the second stint, the car was very good and even better during the last five laps. Second place is still a good result. We still have to push and tomorrow to try and take a good start in order to take some more points.

GP2 Series: Your team, Barwa Addax, seem to be very strong on this track with you finishing P2 and your teammate Giedo van der Garde finishing fourth. Do you think you could get the same kind of result in tomorrow’s race?

Charles: I hope that tomorrow we will be strong, but we will start with four tyres with the same level which will be like in the first stint today. We still have to work, I think. I had a lot of tyre degradation in the first stint today and it was not easy to manage.

GP2 Series: Your objective for tomorrow will basically to stay ahead of Romain?

Charles: (Laughs) No, it’s not my objective. It will be to take a good start and as many points as possible. This is my goal.

GP2 Series: Thank you Charles. Good luck. Luiz, from pole position to P3. You fought hard to get back on the podium today. Talk us through your race...

Well, I did a good start but Marcus had a very, very good start!

Luiz Razia

Luiz Razia: Well, I did a good start but Marcus had a very, very good start! He went to P1. My pace on the first ten laps was not bad but I had quite a lot of tyre degradation until lap 16. Basically we were to pit on lap 14 but we decided to stay out two more laps which I think was not a great idea. Romain pitted a lap earlier and on that lap I was trying to push to not lose too much time but the rear tyres were pretty much gone. Our pitstop was ok. Then, after it, the car was so good. The tyres were great. I was behind Pic trying to push him a bit. I saw with five laps to go that Filippi was really struggling. Pic passed him and it took me a lap to pass him myself. It took quite a long time. At the end of the day, I finished third. Had we started third and finished third, we would have been happy. I think it was great to take pole for the first time and to finish P3 is good. But we made the wrong call on the pitstop obviously.

GP2 Series: I guess it’s a risk you have to take sometimes... How do you think the tyres will behave tomorrow?

Luiz: Well, we think that when you start and keep the same tyres you struggle a little more than on the second set of tyres. The key for tomorrow is to work a lot on that part and I think our team is doing a great job. This weekend we’ve been pretty strong. Let’s hope that tomorrow we can work a little bit more and then take some more points.

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