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It was a really unlucky Race 2 for Scuderia Coloni in Hungaroring: both the two cars of the team didn’t see the checkered flag, as Luca Filippi went off track due to the really treacherous weather conditions and Michael Herck forced into retirement by some debris stuck under his car.

Luca Filippi
Luca Filippi

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Filippi’s race was really unlucky, as his strategy was good but he couldn’t make the most of it: after experiencing the track grip while going from the pits to the grid, Luca asked the team to put on slick tyres and the staff agreed, as this would have undoubtedly been the best choice if rain wasn’t to come again on the track.

Being the only driver on slick in the first half of the grid (he was starting 3rd) Luca had to cope with a very tricky start and with some very difficult first laps. He even spun twice, but after some laps a dry line started appearing on the track and there the strategy started to work: with his slicks already at the right temperature, Luca gained position after position and seemed ready for a great result. Anyway on lap 12 rain started falling again: the team was preparing wet tyres for Filippi, but the track conditions were awful and Luca spun again, this time putting an end to his race.

Paolo Coloni: “With such a weather there’s always some gambling involved, because there’s no ideal solution. Slick weren’t ideal, wets weren’t ideal either, but speaking with the driver we decided together for the dry options. It’s the same solution used by both the race winner and the 2nd placed driver, so we’re happy to know it was the best one, but this doesn’t mean that it was easy, especially for a driver who has to tame 650 bhp on the wet with a dry setup. So there’s nothing to blame Luca for, he just gave his best as he always does”.

By: Scuderia Coloni

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