GP2 Nurburgring Sprint Race Press Conference

GP2 Nurburgring Sprint Race Press Conference

Nurburgring GP-Strecke

Grosjean, Bianchi and Filippi discuss the race

GP2 Series: Romain, another trophy for your cabinet, but this one was a little harder: how was the race for you today?

Romain Grosjean: It was a very difficult race! The conditions were very, very tough, nobody had grip so you could see the cars sliding everywhere! It was very difficult, and then my engineer told me it should be raining in ten minutes, so I was keeping the tyres alive and the rain never came! (laughs) Then Gutierrez came back and we took the right decision to change the tyres for slicks: the team took the decision because I said “look at the sector, look at what the others are doing, and we will follow the trend”. It was the right call, and then Jules did a small mistake: I tried to overtake him once but there is only one line so it is quite difficult. Then he did a mistake one lap to the end and I could go for the win: it was great, and the team did a very good job too, as you know! (laughs) We are happy with this win, which is important, and now we will try to keep our advantage, and maybe increase it a little.

GP2 Series: There were so many things going on in this race: can any of it be fun on a day like this?

It was always on the edge and a little bit raining, which is the worst for me.

Romain Grosjean

Romain: It's not so much fun, to be honest! (laughs) Particularly when you are second! When I got the lead then I had more fun because you can brake to your braking mark: if you miss a little bit or go wide behind Jules I would have hit him. It was always on the edge and a little bit raining, which is the worst for me: I had no idea of the grip on the track, so it was a very difficult race.

GP2 Series: You got a chance to run both types of tyres today: how were they for you out there?

Romain: The rain ones had a bit of an issue when they were getting dry: they were losing really a lot of grip. But the slicks were nice: it was clearly a little difficult for the first few laps, but then they worked very well to the end.


GP2 Series: Jules, congratulations on a strong podium in a strange race: how was it for you?

Jules Bianchi leads Romain Grosjean
Jules Bianchi leads Romain Grosjean

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Jules Bianchi: Really difficult. I did a good start and then van der Garde and Clos crashed and I was P2, and then Sam did a mistake and I was P1: I led the race for a long time, and in the rain we were really quick and could build a big gap. After that we did a pitstop, I made a mistake in the first corner and then I didn't have any more gap: Romain was quite quick, and again the same situation as in Silverstone where they pitted before us so they were quicker.

GP2 Series: You were still leading then, but it looked like you cut the chicane: what happened?

Jules: I pushed a bit, I made a mistake in the second last lap at the chicane, and Romain overtook me: I'm very disappointed because without the mistake I would have won for sure, because it was not possible to overtake. But Romain has been really strong, and all the time very close to me, so he did a really good race and I congratulate him and his team, and I thank my team because the car was good today and I think we improved a lot from yesterday, even though the track was difficult. It was my mistake today, and that's it: I'm really sorry about that.

GP2 Series: It is always going to be difficult to make a pitstop call in conditions like this: how did you come to the decision on when to come out?

Jules: Because everybody was improving laptimes on the slicks, especially Filippi who was quite strong, so we had to pit and we did a good pitstop, but that was it: I'm just quite disappointed.


GP2 Series: Luca, another podium here after the win yesterday: how does it feels?

Luca Filippi
Luca Filippi

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Luca Filippi: I'm very glad that we made a perfect strategy, and we were the fastest car on the track: we couldn't overtake because there was only one dry line, but I'm very pleased: the strategy was perfect, and we pitted at exactly the right time.

GP2 Series: Although you very nearly had some more bad luck at the end...

Luca: For me the accident was not ... well, I tried to pass and locked the front, he was there and maybe he could have left me a little bit more room, but to me I have no complaints: we talked after and he understood that there was no bad intentions, he was fine with the contact, and it was okay.

GP2 Series: A win and a podium with your new team: you can't ask for much more than that, can you?

Luca: It was perfect: I'm very happy! It was very important for us because you could see how much it meant for the boys: you could see it in their eyes, and I am so proud and happy that I could present this to them.

by: GP2 Series

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