GP2 Nurburgring Feature Race Press Conference

GP2 Nurburgring Feature Race Press Conference

Nurburgring GP-Strecke

Filippi, Pic and Grosjean discuss the race

GP2 Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for today's feature race here at the Nurburgring: joining us are race winner Luca Filippi from Scuderia Coloni, in second place we have Charles Pic from Team Addax, and in third place we have Romain Grosjean from DAMS. Luca, congratulations on your first win of the season: you made it look easy, but how was it from inside the car?

Luca Filippi: First of all I am extremely happy: I couldn't believe it when I was P1 and building a gap between me and Charles! I couldn't believe it because today everything went so well, from the pitstop when we decided to pit one lap after him so I pushed really hard on old tyres while he had cold tyres, and I really pushed at the pit entry 100%, almost to the guardrail! (laughs) Everything went perfect, the pitstop was great, we came out in front and I just tried to build up the temperature not too quickly in the first 2 laps after the pits. After that the balance was great, just a small understeer to give me confidence I would not have too much wheel spin for the rest of the race, the car was consistent, and for me and the team it is something really amazing because I came and raced for them, and they gave me a great car, some nice changes between qualy and the race, and the car was great to drive. We couldn't believe it because we were expecting a good weekend, they are obviously a good team and I know the car and so on, but everything just went perfect.

GP2 Series: You've had great form this year but been very unlucky with the results: does this make up for it?

I am extremely happy: I couldn't believe it when I was P1 and building a gap between me and Charles [Pic]!

Luca Filippi

Luca: Yeah it's true: apart from Silverstone in the wet conditions where I didn't look very fast, but in the dry was very fast as well, but we have lost a lot of points in Turkey and Valencia, where I was going for the podium, so I have lost a lot of points but today was another day: we didn't really think about, and the atmosphere we had before the race was really amazing! All the mechanics were motivated, everybody really wanted a great performance, and I was really able to see in their eyes how much they wanted this victory. Until now for them the season wasn't so great: obviously they were very unlucky when Rigon was injured, and Ceccon did a great job but obviously he is a rookie, and once they had a chance to show how they are they did everything perfectly!

GP2 Series: The car looked good today, and it seemed to work well with the tyres: before the stop you stayed with Charles and after the stop you could pull away well...

Luca: Yes, as I always said I like this soft compound, and I have a good feel on the rubber and can manage it pretty well: I think even in the second stint, which was longer, and even at the end of the race I had a pretty good balance and good traction, no problems under braking, so I was able to even do extra laps! (laughs)

GP2 Series: With all your bad luck I half expected a camel to walk out on track or for you to be struck by lightning or something, but you crossed the line eventually: does this mean your luck has changed and it's the start of your championship fight? (laughs)

Luca: (laughs) Well, first of all I can't complain about bad luck because I'm a super lucky guy: I've done many GP2 races, and it's something that makes me feel a very lucky guy! I can't complain about anything! (laughs)

GP2 Series: Charles, congratulations on P2 today: how was the race from your seat?

Charles Pic leads the field into turn one on the opening lap of the race
Charles Pic leads the field into turn one on the opening lap of the race

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Charles Pic: The first part before the pitstop was good, and I was able to manage the gap with Luca and also to break the gap. After the pitstop I exited behind him, and on the second part of the race he was faster than us. But P2 is a good result: I think today we were able to make a better result but maybe we didn't make all the right decisions at the right moment. We still have to work and focus on the next races, but P2 is a good result.

GP2 Series: I guess the turning point of the race was the pitstop, which was always going to be a difficult choice to make today: what was the process behind coming in when you did?

Charles: Honestly I don't know: I haven't had the debrief yet. But we lost the position during the pitstop, so we have to understand why: this is the first thing, and secondly we were a little less competitive than Luca, so we have to understand why.

GP2 Series: Any thoughts why, at the moment?

Charles: Yes, I have my thoughts why, but I will keep it! (laughs)

GP2 Series: Some good points today: are you thinking at all about the championship now?

Charles: Nothing changed compared to yesterday: the championship I will take race by race, and try to be there all the time and make as many good results as I can, and we will see at the end.

GP2 Series: Romain, congratulations on P3 today. You started P3, lost one at the start, made one at the pitstop, and finished where you started: a fair summation?

Romain Grosjean
Romain Grosjean

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Romain Grosjean: Yes, as you say it was nothing special in the race! I was quite careful at the start: I was side by side with Luca and I saw he locked the wheel so he couldn't turn, and I had to wait a bit for him to open the line so Jules could find a way past. Then we had to manage and to see what Giedo was doing, and he pitted very early: basically we had to go to the pits before them (Luca and Charles), and I knew it was not the best way to win the race! When you don't have the performance to win you have to take what you can get, and today the car was not great: we did some mistakes, and P3 is a good result when you have a bad car.

GP2 Series: It may not have been the best way to win the race, but allowed you to jump Jules and catch Charles, who you were chasing after the stops...

Romain: We had a great pitstop, but with no tyre blankets you know the first section of the outlap is very difficult, especially when I had to fight a little bit with Valsecchi to not let him past! If not it would have killed the goal of being in front of Jules or Charles, so that was the goal.

GP2 Series: The car looked a little better on the second set: was that down to the tyres, or something else?

Romain: No, it wasn't the case! I was quite careful on the first set, but it was a disaster on the second set: we did 20 laps, and the 3 laps at the end were a little better and I could push, I tried to catch the gap to Charles and see if he made a mistake for the position, but basically I was too far and the gap was too much.

GP2 Series: P3, ahead of Giedo and Sam: I guess you can't be unhappy with that...

Romain: Yeah, that's for sure! For the championship it's a good result and we're a little bit higher, tomorrow we will try and make a few more points, and then think about pole position and winning in Budapest!

by: GP2 Series

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