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Tough race for Parente and Chilton

Alvaro Parente
Alvaro Parente

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

It was disappointing afternoon for Carlin drivers Alvaro Parente and Max Chilton in Monza today, in the final feature race of the 2011 GP2 Series. Both drivers faced the prospect of a strong result, with Parente lining up fourth and Chilton 10th. However, Chilton’s race was soon over after another driver crashed into him on lap two, while Parente lost out on a potential top three result after serving a drive-through penalty which left him 12th.

Both Carlin drivers made a good start as the race got underway, with Parente immediately challenging for third. Chilton meanwhile had held position but saw his race come to early conclusion when Michael Herck out braked himself at the chicane and ploughed straight into the Carlin man, taking both drivers out of the race.

With Chilton reflecting on his misfortune, Parente set about challenging for a podium position and was putting pressure on Charles Pic for second place. By lap seven the duo were close but Parente couldn’t quite get close enough to find a way past.

A few laps later, Parente was under pressure himself as Romain Grojean put in a challenge for what was now third place place. Parente took the opportunity to pit from third place on lap 11. The Carlin mechanics made a quick pit stop, but in the rush to beat several other drivers out of the team were deemed to have made an unsafe release.

Having returned to the track in fifth place, Parente was under investigation as he put in a couple of stunning laps. The Portuguese racer was then handed a drive through penalty. Following the slow drive through the pits, Parente lost several positions and rejoined the race in 13th place.

Parente pushed hard to make up positions, but with limited laps left could only managed to climb to 12th at the chequered flag.

Reflecting on the team’s race, Trevor Carlin said, “It’s a real shame as there was potential for great results for both drivers today. Max’s race was ruined very early on by a ridiculous move by another driver and unfortunately Alvaro lost out through no fault of his own due to a tricky pit stop release. We were quick enough to get a very good result today and we must take the positives from that and push hard for the final race tomorrow.”

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