Catalunya: Race one press conference

Race One Press Conference GP2Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for race one here at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Joining us today after his maiden win is race winner Alvaro Parente from Super Nova ...

Race One Press Conference

GP2Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for race one here at the Circuit de Catalunya in Barcelona. Joining us today after his maiden win is race winner Alvaro Parente from Super Nova International, in second place we have Bruno Senna from iSport International, and rounding out the top three is Andreas Zuber from Piquet Sports. Alvaro, congratulations on claiming the win in your first ever GP2 race. How does it feel?

Alvaro Parente: It feels great! Since yesterday things have been going great, and the team did a great job. Since the official testing my car improved a lot, gives me a lot of confidence, and it's a shame I didn't put it on pole after a little mistake in the final sector yesterday with a bit of over steer which maybe cost me the pole, but it was great today. Maldonado had a bad start and stalled, so I got first place there, and then I had a lot of pressure from Bruno but I managed not to make any mistakes and keep focused, and the same gap all the race more or less.

GP2Series: As you said you had a bit of an easy start with Pastor's problems, and then you had to come in under the safety car for your first pit stop, and with everyone all around you in the pits: how was that from your perspective?

Alvaro: The safety car came, and my team called me in for a pit stop so I came in as quick as possible: they were very fast changing the tyres and that helped me to get back out in front. Pastor made the mistake at the start and I got him there, and my start was pretty good: my first official GP2 start went really well. Normally there were people struggling with that, but I managed to make it work and then take it from there.

GP2 Series: You then had Bruno on your tale for the rest of the race: how much pressure did you feel with him breathing down your neck for so long?

Alvaro: I felt it quite a lot! I could see him in mirrors all the time, but I was pushing all race long, although it didn't seem to end! It felt a very long distance, but I managed to take it to the end without any mistakes and win the race.

GP2 Series: Fantastic job today: congratulations again. Bruno, I guess we need to see that from your perspective: how was the race with this guy right in front of you the whole way?

Bruno Senna: Yeah, I have seen his rear end for too long! He did a good job: we were good in the pit stop but unfortunately he was very clever and he pushed after the yellow flags and built a good gap between him and me and Andi, and we weren't close enough to try and overtake him on the pit stop, so I just got as close as I could to Andi and that worked out very well for us because I came in with my nosecone buried into his gearbox, and as soon as we pitted I could get in front. After that we had a good race: at the restart I got close to Alvaro but he did a good job, he had a clean race and didn't make any mistakes, and I think I did what I could, tried to push him as much as I could, but he did a good job.

GP2 Series: There was quite a lot of cars and general activity right by your pit during the stop: were you surprised to come out second?

Bruno: The team did a great pit stop, and I was quick in and quite clean: I was a bit worried about having a pile up on the side and not being able to exit, but surprisingly there weren't many cars in front of me when I came out of the box, so that was great, the team did a great job, and I am very happy to come out in front of Andi because it was one less guy to overtake if I could.

GP2Series: You were on Alvaro's tail for the whole race, which shows you had a lot of speed: do you think if you could have found a way by you would have been able to pull away?

Bruno: It's difficult to say: obviously I was using my tyres a lot because I was in his slipstream and you are sliding around a lot, and this car gets a bit more upset about the slipstream than the old car, but I think sometimes I made a few mistakes in his slipstream and fell back and then could come back again. I think I could have probably been a bit quicker, but this is really just supposing: we'll only know when we have the opportunity.

GP2 Series: Congratulations for your drive today. Andreas, congratulations to you too. Obviously you had your teammate stall in front of you at the start: how hard did that make your job today?

Andreas Zuber: I had quite a good start today, a mega start, but then I had to lift because Pastor stalled and I was quite sideways! It was quite close so I was a little lucky, but that was already the first part of the race, and I was quite surprised to keep second after the start, and then I did a mistake in the first corner and blocked up the front tyres quite hard, so I had a big, big flat spot on both wheels. Then Bruno overtook me in the pits because I had a lot of traffic and couldn't get out of the pit, and the whole pits was full of cars, so I just closed my eyes and went out! But two cars got past me, and I was third.

GP2Series: Your team has had so much pace here all weekend: were you surprised that you weren't able to do anything about the guys in front of you?

Andreas: Yes! But like I said I had mega flat spots on both wheels, so I lost a minimum of four tenths each lap: we just changed the rear tyres because I was afraid to lose more places in the pit stop, and I didn't really know, you know, how the fronts would be in the race. But then they just got worse and worse, and I put my brakes more and more to the rear, but they still locked fronts all the time so I could push really hard and out of the corners I had a lot of under steer. It was a very difficult race for me, but I still managed to stay just behind these guys: I was hoping they might fight a bit and help my chances, but they didn't do that much!

GP2Series: They fought, but I guess just not enough for you! In the early stages of the race you were able to stay right with them, but towards the latter stages you pulled back quite a bit: was that just the tyres, or were you being conservative?

Andreas: Yes, I just tried it and then in the middle of the race I was just looking after my tyres, because I knew that if I kept pushing I would... risk the rears more and more, and so I went back a little with the brake points and all that stuff. In the end I tried to push again, but I just couldn't catch them.

GP2 Series: Nevertheless it's the first race of the year, so it's always good to get some points under the belt...

Andreas: Yes, my aim was a podium, I got it, so tomorrow some nice points and then we will see.

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