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GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the GP2 Series Press Conference at Barcelona. We have the top three with us from qualifying today. In third place, Giorgio Pantano from Campos Grand Prix, in second place Andres Zuber from iSport ...

GP2 Series: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the GP2 Series Press Conference at Barcelona. We have the top three with us from qualifying today. In third place, Giorgio Pantano from Campos Grand Prix, in second place Andres Zuber from iSport International and in pole position Timo Glock from iSport International.

Timo, fastest in practice this morning, fastest in qualifying this afternoon, and two points mean you're the joint leader of the championship. Do you think you were just a bit too lazy today?

Timo Glock: Ha ha. No I think GP2 it's never so easy. I think we had a pretty good start to the weekend. Already what we had in qualifying is what we had in Bahrain as well, but in Bahrain we had not the best qualifying and I think today we got it together, especially for the last run on the new set of tyres. In the end we were on pole and Andi's in second place so it's great for the team, they did a perfect job I think. That's the hard work we did over the winter, especially the engineers and its great to be on the pole.

GP2 Series: You were exceptionally quick today, obviously you guys have been very good in testing here but what do you put that down to?

Timo: I think concentrated work in testing. I mean Andi was really quick in testing here and we're pushing each other every time which is good for the qualifying. When I saw his 28.1 I thought that was a good time, and a big step from free practice. I knew it would be hard to beat but I got it together and had a perfect lap and I think that the result of it is concentrated work. Don't look to the left, don't look to the right we just keep doing our job.

GP2 Series: Fair enough. Also it's your first ever Pole in GP2. What does that mean to you?

Timo: Yeah the last time I was on pole was 5 years ago in Formula 3 in Germany, I think in Hockenheim but I can't remember really. It's a long time ago! So it's great to be on pole. Last year we were second in Magny Cours and really close to the pole and now its great to be on pole for the first time.

GP2 Series: Does it surprise you at all that this is your first pole in the series, and also for so long?

Timo: I mean, last year it was a difficult situation when I had to change the team. First of all we had to get used to each other and work together. We had a couple of good qualifyings but I came out and every time said, 'OK that wasn't a 100% lap' and I practiced a lot over the winter doing qualifying stuff in a go-kart. I think that worked well and resulted in pole today.

GP2 Series: It's also the first 1-2 for iSport. What does it mean for the team.

Timo: Yeah it's great. You can see that with all the mechanics. They were really happy. Last year when we were sitting in Monza together and ART won the team championship, I think Paul and the guys said OK we want it next year and we're going to work really hard on it. And that's what they've done. You could see it at every test in the winter, that they did a really concentrated job and were only looking on the set-ups and how we can get the car quicker and that's the result of it.

GP2 Series: Thanks Timo.

Andi, a great drive from you today, You had a really strong push to get pole. How was it for you?

Andi Zuber: Yeah, it was very difficult. I was first for a long time, then I heard that Timo did a 27.7 and so I was pushing really hard on my last lap. I made a little mistake in the last chicane, but I'm very happy for the second place, I'm very happy for the team, and as Timo said we did great work in the winter testing, especially for qualifying, and... yeah. This year we did it.

GP2 Series: Early in the session you were at the top of the time sheets, but Timo put his car top. At the end you had some really quick laps too. Do you think pole might have been on for you apart from that mistake?

Andi: Timo did a very quick lap. I don't know maybe if I was one tenth slower, two tenths slower, one thousandth quicker... We'll see tomorrow. We will have a great race.

GP2 Series: In testing here you've always been at the front. Were you slightly disappointed not to get pole today?

Andi: No. We had a very strong winter test, especially here in Barcelona where we were first and second. I was expecting top three, top four in qualifying, but second place is very good for me.

GP2 Series: Timo's obviously been with the team a bit longer, you've joined him this year. How's the atmosphere within the team?

Andi: It's great! We work really well together in the winter and obviously now together at the races. First race in Bahrain was great and now we're looking forward for tomorrow.

GP2 Series: Giorgio, some nice drives for you in practice and qualifying, and you were clearly pushing it to the edge, but it didn't quite happen for you. How was your day today?

Giorgio Pantano: For me, compared to Bahrain, free practice and qualifying was much better, but for sure it was not possible to catch Timo -- that was not possible at all. Another tenth or two maybe, but not more than this. I know always in the winter tests and also last year had some problems to find the set up for qualifying, but I have to say we have proved a lot today. I know we have a good car for the race because always on the old tyres and with a full tank the car was quite consistent, so the feeling is fantastic for the race.

GP2 Series: About halfway through qualifying almost everyone else had come in and you were on a great lap, right on the edge, and you found I think the only two cars on the track and then went a little wide -- do you think if it wasn't for that you could have had pole?

Giorgio: For me it wasn't possible {Giorgio's phone rings] Sorry! For sure, for me it wasn't possible today, one hundred percent. They had for sure a better car today for qualifying, and we are trying to work and keep it together for qualifying, but we are a little bit on the back of the iSport car.

GP2 Series: You've joined Campos this year and so it still fairly new for you -- how are you fitting in with the team, and how is everything going there?

Giorgio: To be honest Campos did a really good job to take more people into the team, and from the people we got last year we started working and the feeling was fine, everything was perfect, because the first test we did together we were on top, and it just meant that the people that were there just needed everything together, the driver and the engineers, to work together, and we are at the moment. We just need to find now the single qualifying lap -- that's all we need.

GP2 Series: You've been with a few of the teams in the paddock -- how do you rate where Campos are now compared to when you were with Super Nova or FMS?

Giorgio: I don't want to compare one team to another -- I'd say that the teams I've been with, both FMS and Super Nova, we tried to work together, and we did a big job at Super Nova because we had a lot of problems, but that was because the car was new. I think we always a good result with Super Nova and Fisichella Motor Sport, and I think we can do that now with Campos.

GP2 Series: Obviously the five place grid penalty must be a disappointment for you, but what do you think you can get out of tomorrow's race?

Giorgio: Depends from the start, because if we do the same start that we did last time I can be first in the first corner (Timo laughs)! The thing here we know is that it is very difficult to overtake here, so we have to make a good start so we can be in the first five at the first corner, and then we can do the strategy and see what we can do.

GP2 Series: Timo you were having a bit of a laugh about that. Do you think you'll have to watch your mirrors tomorrow?

Timo: No I'll do the same start I did in Bahrain so I don't have to watch for him. No but he's pretty good at the start, really consistent. So he knows how to do a good start, but so do I from Bahrain. But I think Bahrain will be really difficult to do again what I did there. P7 to P2 was a pretty good start, but lets see how it goes tomorrow.

Giorgio: Yeah but for sure tomorrow you're making a mistake! (Laughs)

Timo: (Laughs and pats Giorgio on the back)

GP2 Series: With the two of you guys on the front row, is there team orders? Anyone saying you've got to avoid each other at turn one?

Timo: I don't know, you should ask Paul (Jackson) maybe... but I think we will be clever enough for the first corner.

GP2 Series: What do you think's going to happen Paul?

Paul Jackson: (Laughs and looks to the heavens...)

GP2 Series: OK any questions from the floor?

Wolfgang Monsehr: One question for all of the three drivers. This is the last year with the current car and you have some new aerodynamic parts on the car before the brand new car for the GP2 Series next year. Is there any much difference in the set up and driving style from last year?

Timo: I think it's not a big difference to last year. It's a bit more efficient and you've got a bit more rear downforce with the new rear wing but it's not a big difference in driving style and we are not so much quicker than last year. But the aerodynamic balance is more together front and rear. It's pretty good to drive and more consistent over the distance.

Andi: The same as timo. More consistent and quicker!

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