Barwa Addax Team happy with work but not with results in Malaysia

Jake Rosenzweig with physical problems and Rio Haryanto affected by unfortunate puncture.

Barwa Addax Team were very satisfied with the work carried out at the Sepang race circuit in Malaysia, throughout the whole weekend, even though they didn’t achieve the results they probably deserved.

Both drivers, Jake Rosenzweig and Rio Haryanto were hit by an unfortunate run of bad luck.

Jake Rosenzweig
Jake Rosenzweig

Photo by: GP2 Media Service

Jake Rosenzweig, was suffering from physical problems which made driving very difficult for him and he found it impossible to perform to the level expected. His discomfort was all due to an accident suffered which left him in terrible pain all over his body.

Despite this, he was able to overcome the discomfort and took part in the free practice session and the qualifications. He finished well down the field in 21st and 24th respectively. In his rather delicate condition he drove a creditable first race.

With a lot of patience and a great tolerance for the pain he was going through he started to pick up pace and moved through the pack of drivers from his lowly start position.

He was even up to the leading positions before coming in to make his compulsory pit stop. Although Barwa Addax Team carried out a great tyre change it wasn’t enough particularly after being rigorously given a drive through penalty for not respecting yellow flags in his sector, according to the race authorities.

It was a shame for Jake because he was really making a titanic effort to get in among the points or at least a top ten finish. In the second race he could only hold his position among the back markers in the field with heavy traffic making overtaking very difficult. He was also suffering by tyre wear towards the end of the race.

Rio Haryanto had all his hard work thwarted due to an unfortunate incident which effectively ruined his weekend. Rio started his participation with a great free practice session where he finished in 9th at the end of his stint. The result was especially important after what had been a complicated pre season for the Indonesian driver.

In qualification, Haryanto was able to compete with the fastest drivers and after having done a good job with the first set of tyres, he was able to take advantage of his second set and post one of the best times of the day to put himself in a good 6th place on the starting grid, despite the odd detail in his fastest lap which could be improved upon.

The Spanish team driver made a good start in race 1 and was fighting it out for the leading positions when he came to grief in a tussle with Julian Leal. After making contact, his right rear tyre was punctured which ruined both his race and his weekend because in trying to box the car on what was basically three wheels, severe damage was caused to the car.

He came in to the pits to change tyres, even though they didn’t count as his compulsory pit stop with tyre change. Between the time lost with the puncture and the two pit stops he lost one whole lap to the leading drivers.

Unable to show his race pace with the car damaged, he also had to suffer the fact that this damage caused irregular tyre wear. In the second sprint race and starting from the back of the field, Rio Haryanto was only able to make up a couple of positions, held up by traffic and the delicate state of his tyres which were very unpredictable.

Barwa Addax Team, are happy with the work carried out by all members of the team, including the drivers who were not to blame for the adverse circumstances which occurred over the weekend.

Jake made a great effort this weekend and was on the verge of getting his best result in GP2 and get into the points whilst Rio has shown real signs of his capacity at this level.

An unfortunate puncture ruined his results for the entire weekend but he has a lot more opportunities ahead to show what he is made of.

The team was forced to try out different set ups for different situations due to the fact that starting from so far back. It was very difficult to think of producing good results given the circumstances.

Barwa Addax Team

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