Asia: Sepang: Race one press conference

GP2 Asia Series: Diego, congratulations on a superb win. Diego Nunes: Thank you very much. GP2 Asia Series: First GP2 win. How does that sound? Diego: Well, it's amazing. We have been working for so long to get this result and now the time...

GP2 Asia Series: Diego, congratulations on a superb win.

Diego Nunes: Thank you very much.

GP2 Asia Series: First GP2 win. How does that sound?

Diego: Well, it's amazing. We have been working for so long to get this result and now the time has come for me and I'm very happy. The car has been perfect all through the weekend. I lost the pole yesterday after my mistake during qualifying, but thankfully, everything went fine today and I'm very happy.

GP2 Asia Series: After d'Ambrosio had a problem and did not make it to the starting grid, you were on pole position. You seemed to have a difficult time at the start though...

Diego: Yeah. I think my start and Jakes' were about the same and not very good. I think Petrov made an amazing start. I had to close the door on him, and I managed to keep my lead in the first corner. After that, my car was perfect. In the first laps I think everybody had the same pace. But then, my car was consistent and without pushing too much and therefore destroying the tyres, my pace was still good. Our pitstop was okay. It could have been quicker though. However, it was enough for me to keep my lead.

GP2 Asia Series: How stressful was it to lead in the last few laps?

Diego: The most difficult thing was the last five laps... It was too hot! But well, when you're in front and nobody is pushing you, you still have to stay focused and not make any mistake... So, I stayed concentrated on each corner, and I tried to not think too much that I was about to win. I stayed clam and then, at the chequered flag, I was overjoyed!

GP2: What will this win change for you

Diego: Maybe my confidence. Now I proved to everybody that I can win races and I can be quick and I don't make mistakes. It's good for me. I have to keep doing a good job for the Main Series.

GP2 Asia Series: Thank you Diego and again, congratulations. Kamui, you started P4, but really P3 since your teammate was not on the grid. Jakes almost stalled, which should have put you in P2. Still, you got passed by Petrov and Maldonado. How did that happen?

Kamui Kobayashi: I know! Petrov was on the outside and then Maldonado. I didn't make a good start. I had the same pace as Nunes, but I think Petrov and Maldonado had a really good start. So I let Petrov go through and then Maldonado came on the left hand side -- between the wall and me where there is no space. Maybe I could have closed the door, but then it was too late. So I let him pass me and in the first corner, we were side by side. We braked at the same point. I was outside in Turn 1 and he was inside. And in the second corner, he was slightly in front of me. Normally, I would have pushed to pass him, but this time, I thought about the championship and I didn't want to take any risk. I braked and waited. Then, Pastor made a mistake, maybe his tyres were not warm enough or he didn't take a good line and he missed the Apex and I had a good one. So we were once again side by side, me on the left until turn 4. And there we braked and he was on the inside of the corner where it's a bit dirty. So after that, I closed the door. It's quite a long story! It could have been a shorter one if I had closed the door like I normally do, but this time, I really didn't want to take any risk because I want to win this championship. Therefore, I can't afford losing points and crash.

GP2 Asia Series: Then you were stuck behind Petrov although you were faster than him

Kamui: Definitely

GP2 Asia Series: We could really feel your frustration. Is that why you pitted so early?

Kamui: Good point. It was quite difficult to overtake for me. I think I tried to overtake once, but Vitaly is very difficult to pass. And after, I waited for another opportunity, but my rear tyres were destroyed because I pushed too much at the beginning you know. So it is very difficult to overtake. So my team decided to pit early. And we changed the rear tyres so that I can push again and overtake them when they pitted later. I think it was a good strategy.

GP2 Asia Series: You like this circuit right?

Kamui: Yes, but today it was really tough in these high temperatures. I think racing at twelve was the worse time... This is quite difficult especially since we have been testing a lot during the winter season and now we are coming to summer temperatures for this event. For us it is difficult to adapt.

GP2 Asia Series: You are now seventeen points clear from Valsecchi. Are you going to play it safe tomorrow or go for the podium?

Kamui: I think tomorrow, for me, it will be a different story because Davide will start from pole position. So he has an advantage and a chance to score much more points: six points plus maybe bonus point. I will be starting from seventh place which means zero point right now. So I will try to score some points. I hope I will make a good start and maybe there will be some accidents! Of course, I will have to push again on new tyres. It will be a really different story. Points are my goal. I don't think I can win tomorrow: it's not easy to overtake on this track.

GP2 Asia Series: Thank you Kamui and good luck for tomorrow. James you scored your first podium today. You must be delighted...

James Jakes: Yeah. It's good and hopefully it's the first of many. It's been long to get here, but better late than never I suppose. Now I hope to get a deal for the Main Series and carry on the good momentum.

GP2 Asia Series: Javier Villa and you were flying today. He got fastest lap and you were second fastest -- you even scored the bonus as Javier failed to finish in the top 10. Do you think you could have done better than 3 today?

James: Yeah. We could have won actually today. I made a descent start and then I got hold up behind Kamui and you know it's not easy in this heat to start following people around. I nearly stalled at the start, but thankfully I managed to get away. I'm not sure what happened to Javie. There was so much grip out-there even on the practice start that I did yesterday when I released the car it nearly stalled. So I was worried but luckily I managed to get off the line. After that, I pushed as much as I could. When I saw Javier behind me I asked on the radio if it was him behind me or not. So once I realised that he wasn't P5 I just tried to follow Kamui and be as quick as possible. But then when I tried to push in the last five laps I had a lot of under-steer. So, eventually, P3 is a good result and I'm happy, but if we look at all the facts, we could have won.

GP2 Asia Series: What are your expectations for tomorrow?

James: Tomorrow, we'll start sixth so anything again is possible. It's a sprint race and everyone will be on new tyres. Also we don't know what will happen with the weather. So we'll just have to see what it's like when we wake up...

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