Asia: Ocean Racing Tech Abu Dhabi test summary

Ocean Racing Technology wraps up its tests with a positive result

The Portuguese team is ready for the challenge of the GP2 Asia Series

Ocean Racing Technology has wrapped up its tests in preparation for the new season of the GP2 Asia Series. On a short version of the Abu Dhabi circuit which will be the track used on race day, the Portuguese team concentrated on collecting specific technical data from the new single-seater, the GP2/11. The two sequences of two days of consecutive testing was also used by the team to learn about and understand the behaviour of the Pirelli tyres, which will be making their debut in the 2011 GP2 Asia Series.

Lastly, Ocean Racing Technology's third objective was to integrate its two new drivers, Olivier Turvey and Andrea Caldarelli, into the fold. The drivers, one English and the other Italian quickly found their marks and established a rewarding and productive technical feedback with their engineers. One consequence of this busy schedule is that the raw performances of Oliver Turvey and Andrea Caldarelli are not a reflection of the team's potential. Both drivers went through the entire range of set-ups and took the time to simulate starts, pit stops, and also a race to test their endurance and that of their care/tyre packages.

"These four days were rewarding," declared team director Tiago Monteiro, "Their importance can only be measured later in the season, but they represent a basis for development work on the car. Now we have to analyze the data and work with an eye toward the first races. Here, the most important thing was not to have great lap times, but to build solid foundations that we can use to build our future and become a team in contention for the championship."

The fourth season of the GP2 Asia Series will be composed of three meetings of two races each, and the first one will take place on the Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi February 10-12. The races will be broadcast on Eurosport, Friday February 11 at 1:00PM and on Saturday, February 12 at 5:00PM (UK Time). Ocean Racing Technology's ambition is to be competitive for the first races, but also to be best prepared for the GP2 Main Series.

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