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GP2 Asia Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for Race 1 in Dubai. Joining us today Race winner Kamui Kobayashi from Dams, in second place we have Davide Valsecchi from Durango and in third place we have Roldan Rodriguez...

GP2 Asia Series: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the press conference for Race 1 in Dubai. Joining us today Race winner Kamui Kobayashi from Dams, in second place we have Davide Valsecchi from Durango and in third place we have Roldan Rodriguez from Piquet GP. Congratulations to you all. Starting with you Kamui, what a start and what a great first part of the race. You seemed untouchable at that moment...

Kamui Kobayashi: Yes. Definitely. In the beginning, I was trying to save the tyres, but I had a great pace. I managed to create a comfortable gap. But, after the pitstop, I didn't push enough and Petrov and Rodriguez overtook me. I had to overtake them again. I think I complicated things unnecessarily.

GP2 Asia Series: When we saw you were much slower after your pitstop, we all thought you had a problem. But you're saying you simply were not pushing enough, is that right?

Kamui: Yeah. I just didn't expect Petrov to come that quickly and I was just going in a normal pace. That's how I lost the lead and later, that's why Rodriguez also passed me. I woke up after that. Actually, I was thinking about saving the tyres as I knew that this track is hard on the tyres.

GP2 Asia Series: If I remember correctly, you were expecting rain for today?

Kamui: yes. So when I woke up, it was strange! [laughs]

GP2 Asia Series: Three races and three different race winners, who happen to be you three gentlemen. Kamui, did you expect to win here after you passed Vitaly?

Kamui: Well, when I was behind Roldan, I focused first on catching him. My goal: Rodriguez first and Petrov second. But Vitaly was far. Still, my pace was really good. I caught him and he opened the way. After that, I just knew that I could win because I had the pace you know. I always want to win.

GP2 Asia Series: So far, you've scored 13 points here in Dubai. Starting from 8th place tomorrow and seeing how you managed to overtake in today's race, are you going for the win tomorrow to?

Kamui: I don't want to jinx it, but I am aiming at the podium. I could make a good start and then be lucky. Maybe I can even win. We'll see.

GP2 Asia Series: Thank you Kamui. Davide, awesome start from P5 to P2. Do you have a secret?

Davide Valsecchi: There's no secret and I don't think I made that great a start. Today, I started 5th and I was 2nd at the end of the first lap which was ok. I tried to stay close to Kamui, but he was unbelievably quick today and it was impossible to stay right behind him. And I lost a little bit of pace just before the pitstop, but after my car was perfect and it was possible to gain two positions and stay at that position. I'm very happy my team and my family. We will see what we can do tomorrow. We'll start from 7th place. I want to get back into the Top 5.

GP2 Asia Series: We've seen you also overtake. This track seems to be really good for that

Davide: It's not that easy. You have to check the conditions of the tyres and sometimes you have problems. This time, I managed my tyres just right and I was able to find the opening to pass Rodriguez. Kobayashi was just too quick.

GP2 Asia Series: You said you were struggling with your pace just before your pitstop. Something to do with tyre degradation too?

Davide: No. We put an extreme set up to be quick at the beginning in order to gain positions and keep the same pace as the car in front of me. And then we check the result at the end of the race. It was the right solution. It was perfect for me.

GP2 Asia Series: Do you expect the weather to be as hot tomorrow?

Davide: It was hot today, but it's always hot in the car. The track conditions were perfect.

GP2 Asia Series: Thank you very much. Roldan, you could have finished the race on a higher step of the podium. Your pace changed quite a lot all through the race...

Roldan Rodriguez: At the beginning, I was very comfortable and I think that I was faster than the people in the front. After a few laps, the tyres started to deteriorate and it was more difficult. I was getting slower. My rear tyres were really deteriorated, so it was extremely difficult. Then, the same happened in the second part of the race: after my pitstop, I was again fast and comfortable at the beginning of the run, but the same happened towards the end. I did the best I could. We'll see what will happen tomorrow.

GP2 Asia Series: Still, third is a good result don't you think?

Roldan: Yeah, it's not that bad. I always want to be in the front. So, third is in the front!

GP2 Asia Series: Now Kamui is leading the championship. Are you focusing on trying to get your leadership back?

Roldan: The truth is I don't mind that much. I try to do my job. If I can win or finish on the podium, I will push for it. Mainly, I want to take points tomorrow and maintain a good position in the championship.

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