Asia: Bahrain II: Race one press conference

GP2 Asia Series: Diego, congratulations for this second win. You made a great start and got in the lead. After that, you were never caught... Diego Nunes: I think that my teammate also made a great start. I was really concentrated before the...

GP2 Asia Series: Diego, congratulations for this second win. You made a great start and got in the lead. After that, you were never caught...

Diego Nunes: I think that my teammate also made a great start. I was really concentrated before the race because I knew that the start was going to give me an opportunity to sneak into the lead. I knew that my car was really competitive because we have a very good car for the race and I managed a good start although it's really difficult. Sometimes, you fail. So I'm very happy that everything went well.

GP2 Asia: Were you a little bit worried after the second formation lap?

Diego: A little, yes. I was more concerned about the engine because it went on the temperature alarm. I could see the light blinking. But apart from this, I stayed calm.

GP2 Asia: And then, you had to stay focused all through the race... Although it's nice not to be under pressure, it must be difficult not to lose your pace right?

Diego: My first ten laps were tough because Rodriguez was behind me. But I knew that my car was quick. I managed to stay focused and I kept the pace until two laps before the end. I have to thank all the people from my team as they did a really good job.

GP2 Asia: Two feature race wins in a row. You're getting closer to the Top 3 of the championship... Is that your goal?

Diego: Well, we have to check the points in the end, but for sure tomorrow I will try to do a good race as I did in Malaysia. But also, I want to start thinking about the Main Series...

GP2 Asia: Thank you Diego and good luck for tomorrow. Roldan, did Kamui's poor start surprised you?

Roldan Rodriguez: Not really. I only focused on the track in front of me. The first few meters were very good, but I don't think that it was my best start. I had a little oversteer and I lost traction, so I lost a bit. Then I saw Diego was faster than me. I think after that I only thought about the team. I was faster for three laps or so, but I knew that the race is long so I preferred to bag the points for the team.

GP2 Asia: So you're saying that you played it safe?

Roldan: Yes, exactly. I didn't want to take any risk. Diego did a very good race, he's a very good guy and the team need those points for the championship. So I didn't want to take any risk.

GP2 Asia: That's another eight points for you. You are now standing second in the drivers' championship. You plan on keeping it that way tomorrow right?

Roldan: Yes, of course. I think Petrov and Valsecchi did not take any point today. It's good. I mean I had a bit of back luck last January here when I lost the brakes. Then, in Malaysia I had a problem with the engine in the second race. We were a bit unlucky, but in the end, I think we are where we should be: the Top 2, maximum 3.

GP2 Asia: This would be a nice way to end the Asia Series before going into the Main Series in two weeks in Barcelona...

Roldan: Exactly, but there's still a race tomorrow. I have to do well then also. But, for sure, the Main Series will be a different challenge and I believe that it's important to finish well the Asia Series and make a statement before Barcelona. It's a different car, a different staff and the level will be even stronger. It will be hard.

GP2 Asia: What about tomorrow's track conditions?

Roldan: I don't think it will be much different than today. The first laps will be hard on the tyres and then even more after that!

GP2 Asia: Roldan, thank you. Finally, Jerôme congratulations on a superb race. A splendid start and then great moves to fight your way back into the field... You must be very pleased.

Jerôme d'Ambrosio: Well, I made a good start and then a good race. But let's not forget that I was quickest yesterday as well. But I had to start P11. I managed my way up. I knew I was going to be super fast again today. I pushed my way up. As soon as I could see an opportunity, I took it. I'm very happy for the team. We've secured the Team's title and Kamui secured his title and I did a good race. I'm very happy.

GP2 Asia: Kamui was P3, but you wouldn't let him be crowned champion with another podium would you?

Jerôme: I mean I'm very good friends with Kamui, but that's outside the track. On the track, we know the rules and you always push to be in the front and beat the other one. That's the rule of motorsport. He had already secured his title. I wanted that podium, so I took it!

GP2 Asia: Bahrain seems to agree with you pretty well as last January you already secured 13 points here after a disappointing start of the season...

Jerôme: It's not just here as I did pole position in Sepang three weeks ago as well. We just had a difficult week in Qatar as both Kamui and I struggled. Apart from that I think I had this step in Dubai race 1. I spun in the first corner, but after that I fought my way back to P6 or 7. Shanghai was my only difficult weekend. After Dubai Race 1, I kept on improving. I hope this will continue in Main Series. I take things step by step. I try to give my 100% in every single lap.

GP2 Asia: You are now fourth in the Championship. You could finish P2...

Jerôme: Then I'll push! I will go for the win tomorrow and hopefully do the fastest lap again. I don't have to focus on the championship. All I have to do is give my best lap after lap and we'll see what comes after that!


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