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Filippi, Pic and Turvey talk about their result GP2 Asia Series: Luca, congratulations on this pole position. You must be really happy... Luca Filippi: Yes, I am very happy because we really wanted this pole position and finally we've got a ...

Filippi, Pic and Turvey talk about their result

GP2 Asia Series: Luca, congratulations on this pole position. You must be really happy...

Luca Filippi: Yes, I am very happy because we really wanted this pole position and finally we've got a clear qualifying. Last time, I lost the pole for half a tenth and this time I managed to have a really good lap. The care was fast. I am very happy because the team is from Bahrain and this is an important result for them.

GP2 Asia Series: What made the difference today?

Filippi: It's a different layout, but we were fast also last round. I was P4. In one lap, you can always improve. The importance is to be fast. This time, on this longer circuit, it was maybe easier to have a bigger gap and maybe I managed to take all the best from my second and third sectors. In the first sector, I had a little bit of traffic and I lost three or four tenths. Anyway, it was enough to be on pole. I'm also happy because we didn't use the tyres too much, so we will have good tyres for tomorrow. Even if it is going to be very tough because the race is very long and everybody will struggle a bit with the rear tyres.

GP2 Asia Series: On the old layout you won your first GP2 win on this generation car. You always said that Sakhir was special to you. Do you like this new layout as much as the old one?

Filippi: To be completely honest, I prefer the old one because it was a bit faster. Now you have a very long and slow and narrow part and then a fast part at the end. Before, it was a bit more balanced with all the fast corners. But, still, you know, when you are on pole, you can't complain and the importance thing is to have a good traction for tomorrow. I think it's not going to be about drivers' skills. The middle sector is just one line. During qualifying, you have to push to get the best of the tyres. But for the race, if the car is stable and the traction is good, then you can go fast. Otherwise, I think we will see a lot of drivers struggling a lot. We have to work a lot tonight and fast the best set up for tomorrow.

GP2 Asia Series: Do you realise that you have signed the very last pole position of this car?

Filippi: I love this car! It really fits my driving style and every time I jump in this car, I find a perfect feeling in every condition. So, I'm really happy to be the last poleman following big names. It's my third pole position on this car only, but it feels incredible. I'm in love with this car. I won't be able to take one home with me, but I will take home the memories...

GP2 Asia Series: You scored two points today which means that you are now ahead of Turvey in the drivers' standings. I believe that you will be aiming at Ricci's second place tomorrow...

Filippi: It's going to be really tough because Giacomo has been very consistent in the last two rounds and he always managed to score points. So, even if he didn't qualify too well today, he can still finish in the Top 8 tomorrow and score in both races. I will do my best first of all to get the podium at least and also because it is important for this team because they deserve a great result.

GP2 Asia Series: Charles, you were on pole position until the last couple of minutes. Is P2 still a satisfying result?

Charles Pic: Of course it's a shame because we lost the pole position in the last few minutes, but second place is still a good result for us. It's a good position for the start tomorrow. The team has made a good car and I have also improved my driving compared to the Free Practice. Now we have to focus on the race for tomorrow. It will be hard: we have to be careful with degradation and because the track conditions will change. We are thinking about the set up for tomorrow. But I also have to improve in turns 17 and 18... I haven't found the perfect breaking points for now in these corners.

GP2 Asia Series: You said before that your weak point was maybe how quickly you can learn new tracks. Today, you seemed to have managed the learning quite well.

Pic: Well, we have to consider that this track was new for every body. Last time, we had very experienced drivers that already knew the old layout. Not me. It was harder.

GP2 Asia Series: You will be starting next to Filippi tomorrow. What will be your strategy at the start?

Pic: I will do everything to have the best start as possible. We worked quite a lot on that because it was not so great in Abu Dhabi, but it was better last time. We keep on pushing on that point. It is quite an important moment in the race of course, but then it will also be very important to find the perfect set up for tomorrow and preserve the tyres. And also, let's not forget that I have to improve in corners 17 and 18 Laughs.

GP2 Asia Series: Oliver, how happy are you with that result?

Oliver Turvey: Obviously, I'm reasonably happy to be in the first few rows, but being quickest in free practice I though we had a fair chance to fight for pole this afternoon. So I'm a little bit disappointed to miss out on the pole, but you know it's very close. I've got to be pleased: the session run without problems. I couldn't get out the maximum of the tyres. I think there is still a little bit more there. I'm looking forward to the race. We have a really strong race pace and we have shown throughout the Series that we can be strong in the race. I'll be focused on getting a good start and beat them off there. But you know, I know that over the race distance we have a quick car...

GP2 Asia Series: You won in Abu Dhabi feature race. That must boost your confidence...

Turvey: So far I've made really good starts the last few rounds and I've got a good chance tomorrow to get to the lead in Turn 1. In this car it is quite tricky to get off the line but I'm confident we can fight for the lead into Turn 1 tomorrow. So that's the aim and hopefully we'll see how it goes after that.

GP2 Asia Series: Filippi scored two points today and passed you in the drivers' standings. Tomorrow's race will not be just about the win, but you must be thinking about the endgame aren't you?

Turvey: Definitely. We were trying to get the two points from pole today and that's why I'm a bit disappointed to miss out on pole. But you know overall I feel I'm in a good position. There are big points in the race tomorrow. We've got a good chance to score two good results this weekend. My aim is to try and secure second in the championship. It is very close between several drivers. I think it will be a good battle tomorrow in the front of the grid as well!

GP2 Asia Series: On the grid tomorrow, John Surtees will wish you well. You are a very lucky boy!

Turvey: Of course. It is fantastic to have John here this weekend and he is the Racing Steps Foundation Ambassador and a previous F1 World Champion. His advice will be valuable throughout my career. He has been giving me a lot of them already. It's great to have his support this weekend and hopefully I can have a strong race and try and get the win.

-source: gp2 series

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