Ferrari's XX programme coaching pros and amateurs alike

Italian manufacturer Ferrari presents learning racers with a chance to hone their craft in the XX programme.

Born to become the best Ferraris in business, the XX models are crafted to provide true driving excitement along with reasonable handling, suitable even for amateur drivers.

Taking good care of the XX programme members is a full line-up of driving coaches who are highly-successful drivers as well. Among them, Max Mugelli is one of the most experienced.

“The driver instructors are available for the customers," says Mugelli. "And they can choose whether to go one-to-one, staying with the same instructor for the whole event, or receive a demo at the beginning and ask us to sit alongside them and providing live advice while they drive.

"At the end of the session, we analyse the telemetry together to find where they have to improve”.

There are no chances for private running as the cars stay located in Maranello. “This service is available for all the XX events organized by Ferrari around the world. The program is managed by Ferrari itself as the technicians are needed to put the cars in operation.

The level of skills and experience ranges greatly. “All the drivers are already Ferrari owners so they are basically gentleman drivers. Sometimes one of them stands out though. There are former drivers who had a racing career in the past but most of them are amateurs so they need some coaching and basically that’s why we’re here.

"They tend to make the usual rookie mistakes, braking too little before going into the corner, trying to carry too much speed into the corner, using too much steering angle and hitting the throttle too heavily”.

Speaking of the new FXX-K, Mugelli has no doubt: “It’s sensational. With the new hybrid system you need to learn how to use it before taking the best out of it but in the end, it has 1050 horsepower, it’s like, wow.

"It's a car with lots of power but that it’s not really difficult to drive. Of course, like with all sportscars, driving them is different than taking them to their limit. But, for example, the 599 was more demanding, due to the front engine.”

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