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Formula BMW USA Indy double header Gelles Racing, fast at Indy was not enough Indianapolis, June 21st, 2005. -- Gelles Racing four drivers were consistently fast this weekend in Indianapolis but they struggled to get points and appropriate...

Formula BMW USA Indy double header
Gelles Racing, fast at Indy was not enough

Indianapolis, June 21st, 2005. -- Gelles Racing four drivers were consistently fast this weekend in Indianapolis but they struggled to get points and appropriate results. Maxime Soulet, Justin Moon, Darin Marcus and Ryan Campbell all qualified within one second of pole position in the single qualifying session on Friday with Maxime leading the charge in 3rd position followed by Justin in 7th. But that was not enough, and their fast times did not turn into needed championship points. Justin Moon was the only Gelles driver to finish the Top Ten in the abbreviated first race action while three of them completed the second round in seventh, eighth and ninth.

"I feel sad for those young and talented drivers who deserved better results, admitted team owner Bob Gelles. Maxime Soulet ran Top Five times in qualifying, as he usually does, but a post-session scrutineering found a minor technical infraction. There was clearly no intention of cheating: one wing element was mysteriously off by one-degree and in fact, played against him on the track. Maxime realized extremely quick times without the draft from other cars on the longest stretch of track this season and would have been a podium contender one more time had he started from his original 3rd position. Justin Moon had a promising 7th place at the start of the first race, but he struggled on the infield portion of the track, very uncharacteristic of Justin and lost some time. Ryan Campbell was very impressive this weekend, but an early contact took him out in the first race while an administrative action sent him back in the field for the second round. Finally, Darin Marcus will want to forget his first race at Indianapolis. But his second was a tremendous comeback: he started from 20th place and scores three championship points with an exemplary 8th overall to follow Maxime across the strip of bricks and just ahead of Justin.

Maxime Soulet

Drove to 4th and 3rd place in the single qualifying session counting for both races on Friday with consistently quick times. His rear wing main plane was found one-degree negative excess and Maxime had to start from the back of the grid in 24th position on both occasions. Finished the first race 12th overall, was making up ground every circulation of the circuit but with the multiple safety car laps, due to clean up from collisions at the start of the race hampered his comeback to score some points, effectively turned the race into a 9-lap shoot-out just running short of opportunity. In the second race, he made a 16-place sprint to come from last to 7th overall and scored four points. Still resides fourth in the championship points race with the point's equivalent of 1-victory from the top. As BMW Motorsport Director Dr. Mario Theissen said, "A few drivers got experience dealing with setbacks and this is an important part of their learning process in becoming a professional race driver."

Justin Moon

Started the first race in 7th position and finished in 10th with one point. For the second race, advanced three positions (12th to 9th) and earned two points.

Darin Marcus

Started both rounds from far behind. Went off on the circuit in the first event and his engine had some misfires, completed in 19th position. Was extremely quick in the second round with third fastest time of the day and earned three points with a solid 8th place overall. He made some tremendous passes and moved forward 11-positions, clearly his best drive of the season.

Ryan Campbell

Improved a lot in qualifying with times less than a second from pole position. Made an unwanted contact at the start of his first race and was done for the day. Was penalized with a back start in the second race and settled with a safe result, 19th.

Regroup before testing in mid-July

Drivers will take a well-deserved break for a few days after two extensive Formula One weekends. The crew is back at the workshop diligently preparing to be ready for two test days at Putnam Park in Indiana on July 12-13, as well as testing for three days at Summit Point, our home track, evaluating 4-new talents in advancement of our preparations for 2006 in additional categories. The next Formula BMW USA double header will take place at the pristine Barber Motorsport Park on July 29-31. Additionally, Gelles Racing announces its intention of attending the first ever Formula BMW World Final at the Bahrain International Circuit and will be looking for qualified funded drivers who want to take part. The winner will get a chance to test a BMW WilliamsF1 Team car.

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