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Team Autotecnica to campaign for the return of the Canadian Grand Prix at the Brazilian Formula One race Team Autotecnica -- Toronto, Ontario - For the Brazilian Grand Prix, Team Autotecnica will run a campaign in clear view of the Formula 1 ...

Team Autotecnica to campaign for the return of the Canadian Grand Prix at the Brazilian Formula One race

Team Autotecnica -- Toronto, Ontario - For the Brazilian Grand Prix, Team Autotecnica will run a campaign in clear view of the Formula 1 paddock, sending a message to Formula One heads to reconsider the future of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The announcement of Montreal's Canadian Grand Prix being eliminated from the 2009 Formula One calendar came as a shock to the motorsport world. The official news broke to the media on the morning of October 7, 2008.

Canada maintains an historical motorsport background, specifically with Formula One dating back to 1967 at Mosport Park, where it eventually became home of the Canadian Grand Prix until the end of 1977. The following year, Montreal was elected as the hosting city to the event and has remained so until 2008, attracting millions of racing fans to the event and probably billions worldwide via television over thirty years.

The loss of the Canadian Grand Prix has become the talk of Canadian media, industry, and businesses that use the event as a major marketing and advertising tool. Equally affected are supporting organizations and racing teams based in North America, working to keep young Canadian drivers amongst the world players in a world class sporting arena, headed by Formula One.

Team Autotecnica is a professional racing team that competes mainly in the American continent and that trains, coaches, and cultivates young driver talent in preparation for the top levels of car racing, with Formula One at the peak providing the ultimate goal for Team Autotecnica's drivers.

Enrico Diano, co-owner and Motorsport Director, comments "The announcement comes as a big shock." Diano adds, "In supporting the Canadian Grand Prix for the past six years with our junior-level racing programs, we were highly exposed to the various Formula One teams and fans. For our young drivers to be able to race while being watched by current F1 stars is a very rare opportunity and is a big selling point for our team. The FIA's decision, spurred by a lack of funding on the race promoter's side will only widen the gap between our young professional drivers and the Formula One industry. This is a relationship that we'd rather keep tight."

Italiano, co-owner and Business Manager comments, "From a marketing perspective, Canadian companies are very much in tune with marketing their brands, products, and services with a Canadian racing team, more eagerly on an event such as the Canadian Grand Prix, given the enormity of their campaign potentials. TV, radio, print media, demographics, and event attendance are an easy presentation. This announcement only further complicates the involvement of Canadian businesses within our group of partners."

Both Diano and Italiano have agreed to engineer the campaign and promote awareness of the impact of such a loss. They hope that Formula One organizers, Canadian Grand Prix promoters and Canadian Government officials can come to an agreement in their meetings over the next few weeks to keep the race as a financially viable international event on Canadian soil. Diano comments that, "It would be quite embarassing for Canada to lose hold of such a well known and respected public annual event, especially since the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics are just around the corner. What message is that going to give the world about our country's ability to host large-scale sporting events? -- Not a good one, that's for sure!"

Team Autotecnica's campaign effort will begin during the final Formula One Grand Prix weekend in Sao Paulo, Brazil on October 31 -- November 2nd. Formula One teams and fans, global businesses, local government officials, and Formula One Management will catch clear sight of their message. Team Autotecnica's three Formula BMW cars will don a commemorative graphic on their side pods (driven by Canadian Gianmarco Raimondo, Brazilian Ricardo Favoretto, and third driver, yet to be announced) while competing in the final rounds 16 and 17 of the Formula BMW Americas Championship, before heading to Mexico City for the World Finals in December. The team's engineers and mechanics will be wearing white team shirts portraying the same message. The commemorative team shirts will be based on a "Revive the Canadian GP" theme.

An email address has been created to communicate directly with Team Autotecnica regarding their efforts to help bring back the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix: Interested supporters, fans and sponsors can keep up with Team Autotecnica's successes at

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