IPS: Team KMA Watkins Glen, Lime Rock race reports

Team KMA Racing - Formula BMW and Indy Pro Series Snapshots A rather dissatisfied team manager gave these comments and explanations for race 7 and 8 in the FBMW series. "It would be a pleasure to give to our fans, friends, supporters...

Team KMA Racing - Formula BMW and Indy Pro Series Snapshots
A rather dissatisfied team manager gave these comments and explanations for race 7 and 8 in the FBMW series.

"It would be a pleasure to give to our fans, friends, supporters and sponsors only the best news - having won the last races - but as it mostly is in today's racing world - life is full of unexpected surprises. From Miller, flat tire for Jeffrey; Montreal GP, Jeffrey's brake failure; mysterious overnight shock settings to another tire failure, engine and clutch problems; to master switch breakage during the race; Robbie's engine failures in Indy and his sensor problems at the Indy Pro Series race last weekend - all this we hoped would come to an end!" Ingo Strackerjan goes on. "Our last 2 FBMW USA races at Lime Rock Park were at first the most promising ones - Mike Hill stepped up to secure 2nd place in the 8th round qualifying; Jeffrey Petriello was 3rd and we all were finally convinced that our "bad" luck had turned around, especially when Jeffrey secured a 4th place in Round 7 and Tim Hollowell, also a FBMW Junior driver, our newest addition to TKMAR, and Julia Landauer showed speed at this 7 Turn race track."

The ever changing weather conditions at Lime Rock, from nasty down pours to light drizzle and fog to brilliant sun shine and the most spectacular surroundings did remind everyone that it will not be easy to carry out their mission - solid driving, sound placing and securing their points.

Sadly enough this all did not work out - Mike Hill went off course just before Turn One and out of 2nd position, narrowly missing Jeffrey Petriello. Jeffrey rolled the car at the starting grid and was penalized with a drive through penalty.

"We objected to this penalty as he clearly stopped before the white bar and only then, after the lights went out, completed his start," Strackerjan continued. "But as it has shown many times in the past, after an in-race penalty had been assessed, the IMSA officials have rarely showed an open ear for such objection. Jeffrey came in and took his penalty which basically finished his podium chances and might also interfere with his Rookie Championship placing. It surely is sad that, as a team spoken here, there are no remedies to reverse an IMSA decision after a race. I certainly can understand Jeffrey's emotions and his rather frustrating drive afterwards, working hard for a championship, realizing that the car creeps forward, correcting it and then still getting the full penalty - that's not easy to take!"

"Tim tried his best and decided to see this race as an opportunity to hone his race craft and learn more for the next races - simply a good choice! Julia was still tired from the past 3 weeks of Exams, racing, traveling to Europe. Also, as she had a fairly severe shunt while testing in Canada, her back and nose was still sore. Overload? Possibly but racing is a tough sport!" Strackerjan displeasingly explained. "I only hope that Julia will have time to rest and taking care of herself over the next 10 days as San Jose is not an easy track."

Asking Strackerjan about Tim Hollowell he starts smiling, "Tim is a good kid, and will be fast sooner than later. He takes his time and goes bit by bit - he knows, really knows what he wants to be and that it takes time. I think he has the analytical skills, will power, physical and mental strength to be an accomplished race car driver! We were not planning to run a fourth driver but ... and we liked Tim right from the beginning. it makes life in a team so much easier!"

Robbie Peccorari in the Cabo Wabo Tequila #13 at Watkins Glen - Robbie realized that he had to sacrifice qualifying for a better race set up and started the 1st race in 6th place until the engine quit on him. But, through good team work and lots of help from the organizers the 2nd race looked more promising. Unfortunately Pecorari had to start in the 22nd position, as the starting grid was set by the first race results. Robbie drove a remarkable race advancing 11 positions, more than any other driver, in just the first few laps. Advancing as high as 10th position Robbie ended up in P11. What a determined and dedicated driver!

-credit: tkmar

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