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Harvey wins in the dry, Frijns wins in the wet. Zandvoort, 6 June 2010. The Formula BMW Europe drivers had mixed conditions for their races in Zandvoort. Race one was on a dry track, while race two was held in soaking wet conditions. In the...

Harvey wins in the dry, Frijns wins in the wet.

Zandvoort, 6 June 2010. The Formula BMW Europe drivers had mixed conditions for their races in Zandvoort. Race one was on a dry track, while race two was held in soaking wet conditions. In the first one it was Jack Harvey (GB/Fortec Motorsports) who took the win, while in race two it was Robin Frijns (NL/Josef Kaufmann Racing) who upheld local honours. Both podiums were completely different with Facu Regalia (AR/Eifelland Racing) and Timmy Hansen (ES/Mucke Motorsport) joining Harvey, and Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational) and Côme Ledogar (FR/Eifelland Racing) joining Frijns.

Race one had Hansen on pole with Harvey alongside him and Regalia in third, and this was how they arrived at Tarzan, the famous first corner. However, local driver Frijns was determined to make up for a disappointing qualifying, and was alongside Regalia as they approached the corner. The Argentinean held his line and so Frijns had to settle for fourth, a position he held to the end on this circuit that is notoriously difficult for overtaking.

At the end of lap three the Safety Car came out because of an incident involving the other local driver, Hannes Van Asseldonk (Josef Kaufmann Racing), and Fahmi Ilyas (MY/DAMS). When it went in two laps later it was still the same top four, with Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational) leading the Rookies after making up one place on lap three. The drivers were barely back in their racing strides before the Safety Car came out again for just a lap after Marc Coleselli (AT/Eifelland) hit the barrier on lap seven, the same lap that Hansen made a mistake on that let both Harvey and Regalia pass him. Unfortunately the damage to Coleselli's car was too bad for it to be repaired in time for race two.

The top four were quite close, but there was a real battle going on a few seconds behind them and by the end of lap nine Sainz was by Ledogar and into fifth. Also on the move was BMW Junior Maciej Bernacik (PL/Mucke Motorsport), who started 11th and finished the 13 lap race in ninth.

As the cars lined up on the grid for race two the heavens opened and so they all changed onto wet tyres. After two formation laps to get used to the conditions they lined up for a grid start, and the driver first into Tarzan was Ledogar, followed by Harvey and Hansen. As Harvey had made a false start it was only a matter of time before he was called in to serve a drive through penalty, but by the time he did that he was in the lead and, as the cars came by the pits at the end of lap four, it was a flying Frijns who was leading from Michael Lewis (US/Eurointernational), with Ledogar demoted to third.

Another driver on the move was Sainz, who was up to fourth. However, he moved up another spot when Lewis spun on lap six and then got into second on lap eight. Harvey was also fighting back through the field and by the time Frijns had a lead of 15 seconds on lap eight he was seventh. However, he was one of the many drivers who spun or slid off in the atrocious conditions, as the rain got heavier and heavier.

Hansen had fallen back into the clutches of the two fighting Rookies, Hannes Van Asseldonk (NL/Josef Kaufmann Racing) and Petri Suvanto (FI/Josef Kaufmann Racing). The Swede managed to hold on to fourth at the line while the local driver made it by the Finn for fifth. However, the star of the show was definitely Frijns who put in a flawless performance.

1st Round 3: Jack Harvey (GB/Fortec Motorsports): "I had a pretty good race, but the lights weren't what we were expecting and that did catch everybody off guard. However, it was a pretty good start for me and something I have worked hard on a lot recently. It was a pretty close race and I tried attacking Timmy into the first corner, but he defended pretty well. After the Safety Car I didn't make a really good start. I managed to catch back up to Timmy and put him under a lot of pressure, but there was some sand or dust on the track and that is why he went off. I was able to change my line, use my brake to make sure I didn't do the same as him and get round the corner. I made a better second re-start and set my fastest lap on the last lap so I think we were just getting faster and faster."

2nd Round 3: Timmy Hansen (SE/Mucke Motorsport): "The start was great as I managed to get a gap, so the first corner was pretty easy for me. Then Jack put a lot of pressure on me before the Safety Car. I made a really good start and got a big gap, but two laps after that I made a really stupid mistake. I tried to push a bit too hard, braked too late, and I almost hit the barrier. Then I dropped back to third, but after that the speed was really, really good as I think there was a second gap to Facu and I caught him within half a lap. The speed was incredible, but not enough for a win today so I am hoping for this later."

3rd Round 3: Facu Regalia (AR/Eifelland Racing): "At the beginning of the race I was really on the limit with the car, and Robin was putting me under pressure from behind. I closed the door on him really well so he could not overtake me in the first corner or the second and third laps when he tried to overtake me in the chicane. I was focused on trying to get second, as I did because Timmy made a mistake in the fourth turn. After the second Safety Car I was more concentratred on finishing the race at a good pace. The car was going really well towards the end of the race as the team had worked perfectly. I am really happy because now I am third in the championship and that is really important."

1st Round 4: Robin Frijns (NL/Josef Kaufmann Racing): "At the start I couldn't see anything and I was fourth so towards the front. So I took it easy and the braking was pure luck. Then Michael came by, and Carlos was trying a move. But then after the second lap I passed the guys in front of me and I knew I was quite fast as I was closing on Harvey by a second a lap. I was pushing like crazy and then after a few laps the team told me to take it easy as I was 15 seconds ahead. I took it easy then and just cruised around and brought it home."

2nd Round 4 Top Rookie in Rounds 3 and 4: Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational): "That was the most difficult race I have ever done as with the guys in front of me it was just impossible to see anything. You had to look at the white lines to see where to go and just be calm, be patient to do your laps and not make mistakes. That was the faster way and not by pushing like hell in the race. I am really, really happy with this result and let's see at the next race in Valencia if it is going this well."

3rd Round 4: Côme Ledogar (FR/Eifelland Racing): "This is my first podium in two years in Formula BMW. I think Robin and Carlos were faster than me, so this was my position and no more. However, I made a very good start and was in the lead for three or four laps. However, both Jack and Carlos were faster than me. Carlos went into the gravel a lot of times but I couldn't go by as he was faster than me. I preferred to keep cool and drive a good race."

-source: fbmw

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