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Carlos - Spain's First Winner of the Day. Silverstone, 11 July 2010. The win today for BMW Junior driver, Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational), in Silverstone was the first of the year for a Rookie driver. He was joined on the podium by Robin ...

Carlos - Spain's First Winner of the Day.

Silverstone, 11 July 2010. The win today for BMW Junior driver, Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational), in Silverstone was the first of the year for a Rookie driver. He was joined on the podium by Robin Frijns (NL/Josef Kaufmann Racing) and Jack Harvey (GB/Fortec Motorsports), who were second and third respectively. The 15-year-old's win makes him the third driver to stand on the top step of the podium in 2010.

For the second day running the driver in second place on the grid got the best start, so Frijns led into the first corner. However, Sainz had learnt his lesson from Saturday and followed him closely for a lap before seeing his opportunity to snatch the lead, which he then kept right to the end of the 11 lap race. Meanwhile Harvey was coming under pressure from Facu Regalia (AR/Eifelland Racing) but didn't want to lose contact with the two in front.

The first casualty of the day was Marc Coleselli (AT/Eifelland Racing) who lost his front wing on the first lap so had to pit for repairs. On the same lap his team-mate, Côme Ledogar (FR) spun off but managed to get going again but after starting seventh was running last.

It was not long before the leading trio was able to pull away from the rest of the pack, leaving many battles behind them. While Petri Suvanto (FI/Josef Kaufmann Racing) was the second best Rookie in fifth, Maciej Bernacik (PL/Mucke Motorsport) and Daniil Kvyat (RU/Eurointernational) were having their own private battle for 11th overall. At the end of lap four it was the Pole in front and there was no way the timekeepers could separate them as they crossed the line. However, on lap five the Russian got by and led him to the finish.

Later in the race Suvanto was under pressure from George Katsinis (GR/Fortec Motorsports) and, again, timewise there was no way to separate them at the end of lap six. On lap seven the Greek managed to get the better of the Finn and so won the battle for fifth. Right behind them was another battle with Javier Tarancon (FR/DAMS), Michael Lewis (US/Eurointernational) and Fahmi Ilyas (MY/DAMS) fighting for seventh. Tarancon finally won the battle and Ilyas got by Lewis after the American went very wide on lap ten.

As the cars came across the finish line Sainz had increased his lead to 2.3 seconds while Harvey was a further 1.1 seconds behind Frijns.

1st Round 8: Carlos Sainz (ES/Eurointernational): " It was quite a difficult race for me as it is not easy to keep a constant gap with those guys behind me with a lot of experience. Again, I didn't have a really good start. I knew the others had more experience than me and they would start much faster than me, but after a few laps behind Robin I felt I had a better pace and I tried to overtake him and managed to do this. He was very fair with me when I did it. I want to thank the team and my family who are always there helping me. I am really, really happy as it was a perfect weekend for me."

2nd Round 8: Robin Frijns (NL/Josef Kaufmann Racing): "I feel quite well. It was second again. Luckily Jack finished behind me so this is good for the championship. I was strong in the first sector, but had too much oversteer in the fast corners and Carlos was just a bit faster than me. I was holding Jack up a little, but that was it really. In the last lap I took it easy as my rear left wheel was a bit loose, so I was lucky I finished the race."

3rd Round 8: Jack Harvey (GB/Fortec Motorsports): "It was quite a good race and I had a good start, but had to fend off Facu for the first two laps. However, after that I managed to establish a gap to him in the right areas. I tried to chase down Robin but couldn't really get close enough. I tried to overtake him but made a mistake on the exit of Maggots and lost the rear part of my floor on the car, so after that I didn't have as much downforce. It was a really good weekend so I am looking forward to Hockenheim. My goal here was to try and get a home win, which I did yesterday, I have had two podiums so I couldn't really ask for any more."

-source: fbmw

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