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Final Official Test Completed in Hockenheim. Munich. For the past two days the Formula BMW Europe teams have been in Hockenheim completing their final 2010 official test session, so there will be no surprises at the tracks for the drivers when...

Final Official Test Completed in Hockenheim.

Munich. For the past two days the Formula BMW Europe teams have been in Hockenheim completing their final 2010 official test session, so there will be no surprises at the tracks for the drivers when they go racing. They have been to all the circuits except the one on the streets of Valencia and each driver can expect to have covered in the region of 4,000 kilometres since the first test in March.

The weather in Hockenheim was perfect on both days with dry conditions and temperatures in the region of 19 degrees Celsius. While the other tests have been particularly helpful to the Rookies, this one has been important to all the drivers as it is two years since the series has visited the track, because the German Grand Prix alternates between there and the Nurburgring.

The quickest driver in Hockenheim was Timmy Hansen (SE/Mucke Motorsport), whose fastest lap time was 1:44.905. However, the teams had no time to reflect on the results of this test as once the chequered flag was out they had to pack up and make the 540 kilometre trip to Zandvoort where they are racing this weekend.

For BMW Junior driver, Maciej Bernacik (Mucke Motorsport), and his fellow Rookies these tests are vital and the young Polish driver said at the end of the two days: "It has been a tough test as the smallest of mistakes means it is a really big gap to the times of the fastest guys. However, I am really enjoying the series and have a lot to learn. Prior to this in karting I had no data to look at and no engineers to talk to, as it was just my own impressions. I am learning about the car lap by lap and session by session, and in the first race I had to get used to the racing lines of a formula car. The team is really helping me, but I know there is still a long way to go."

Team Focus Eifelland Racing and Mucke Motorsport.

Eifelland Racing and Mucke Motorsport have more than being German teams competing in Formula BMW Europe in common, as they both played an important part in the early career of Sebastian Vettel, the formula's most famous former champion.

It was in 1979 that Eifelland was founded by Albert Hamper. Since then the team based in Dudeldorf has had some very famous names go through its doors and has an awful lot of trophies to fill its cabinets.

This year it is running BMW Junior, Marc Coleselli (AT), as well as a second year competitor, Côme Ledogar (FR), and a driver in his third season, Facu Regalia (AR). It has competed in the European series from the word go and its driver, Adrien Tambay, son of former Formula One driver, Patrick Tambay, won the first ever race in Barcelona in 2008, and went on to finish third at the end of the season. However, it actually started in the German series and it was there in 2003 that it guided the teenage Vettel to the Rookie Cup win.

Commenting on their involvement in the series, Hamper said: "This is a good championship and is the perfect platform for young drivers. We started the season off slowly trying to understand the drivers and for them to understand us. However, we are really progressing well now and this Hockenheim test was good for us and the performance is coming. If you have a driver who comes from another team he has to get used to our systems, but it is good to have a driver who the Rookie can learn from. We have spent a lot of time talking to the drivers and their parents and feel we are now finding the right way to go forward."

The famous names who have sat in the team's cars include Nick Heidfeld, Heinz Harald Frentzen, Jorg Muller, Bernd Schneider, Frank Biela, Michael Krumm, Tomas Enge and Lukas Luhr. Along the way they have collected numerous championships in Formula Ford.

Mucke Motorsport was where Vettel went in 2004 to win not only the German Formula BMW championship, but also set a record of 18 wins from 20 races that has never been beaten.

This year it is running BMW Junior, Maciej Bernacik (PL), and Timmy Hansen (SE), who is back for a second season in Formula BMW Europe.

The team from Korkedamm was set up by Peter Mucke in 1998 to run his son, Stefan, in the German Formula BMW ADAC series. This was very successful as he won the title. From there the team spread its wings running cars in Formula 3. In 2003 it ran Christian Klien in the F3 Euro Series, in which he ended up second in the title race. The team also entered the highly prestigious DTM series in 2005 and since then has added Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard to its list of drivers.

For 2010 the team also has three cars in the new GP3 series. This team is known as RSC Mucke Motorsport as it is a partnership with Ralf Schumacher.

-source: fbmw eu

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