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THOMAS HYLKEMA FIGHTS TOUGH AT FORMULA BMW RACES ON NÃœRBURGRING NÃœRBURG, 22 JULY 2007 - Thomas Hylkema, the Dutch rookie in the German Formula BMW 2007, has shown a good amount of bellicosity for the races on this weekend. A burning engine,...


NÜRBURG, 22 JULY 2007 - Thomas Hylkema, the Dutch rookie in the German Formula BMW 2007, has shown a good amount of bellicosity for the races on this weekend. A burning engine, an allegedly fastest lap and two catch up races provided the necessary topics of conversation amongst the drivers. The Eifelland Racing pilot who is only experiencing his 2nd race weekend finished the first race as 15th. In the final race on Sunday, he had to make do with the 21st spot after a spin during the race that threw him back. Because he has not partaken in the first two races of the season, Hylkma currently places 23rd overall with 48 points. Amongs the rookies this season he places 14th.


While most other pilots had already completed a day of testing on the course, it was Thomas Hylkema who was completely new to it. When he attempted a first exploratory run of the course and its specific features he was stopped by problems with his car quite early on in his first lap though. The problem turned out to be a fire in the engine which caused Hylkema to abandon his car rather quickly.

Whithough a single completed lap on the course he started in the qualifyings that same day. An almost unattainable task for the young talent who now had to go for fast laps immediately. He finished the session as 19th with a second fastest lap time of 2:09.216. His fastest lap was not recognized because he had allegedly completed it during a yellow flag phase. Although Hylkema protested and supported his view of things with data, race management decided that he would have to start from the back of the field in the first race.

RACE 01 + 02:

Hylkema caught a good start in race 01 on Saturday. He overtook 9 other drivers in lap 1 only. Afterwards he was stuck behind Luuk Glansdorp and due to a problem with his brakes spun of the course in an attempt to overtake his competitor. Finding himself in the last position after the spin, Hylkema fought his way up again, and after fighting with Mathijs Harkema for several laps, he finished 15th.

The final race began just as good as the one of the previous day for Hylkema. He caught a great start, overtaking 3 other drivers in lap 1. Afterwards his lap times became faster and faster and he was very well able to compete with the middle part of the field for several laps. Again, in an attempt to overtake another driver he spun and lost several positions. He once again fought his way back up but had to make do with a 21st position at the end of the race this time.

THOMAS HYLKEMA: 'It's been a hectic weekend. It all started with that fire in my engine that kept me from getting to know the course. That was too bad because it meant that I had to get to know the course during the qualifying where I was actually supposed to driver my fastest laps. Because I had had such little tracktime and not yet gotten into the right rhythm I was not all that I could have been this weekend. When then my fastest lap was not recognized, I was officially at a disadvantage. The races went very well though and I was able to drive along with many of the drivers from the mid- field. Especially my performance in race 01 gives me hope. In race 02 I made a mistake that kept me from performing even better than the day before. However, I have learned a lot this weekend and I will take that knowledge with me to the next Formula BMW races in Zandvoort (27-29 July).'

-credit: www.thomashylkema.com

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