Tiago Monteiro tests Formula 3000 at Estoril

Tiago Monteiro tests Formula 3000 at Estoril
Dec 1, 2001, 11:45 PM

Tiago Monteiro with a positive start in the Formula 3000 test Portuguese& ...

Tiago Monteiro with a positive start in the Formula 3000 test
Portuguese’s work satisfies Super Nova engineers

Yesterday, the 28th of November, Portuguese driver, Tiago Monteiro, tested for the first time a Formula 3000 of the Super Nova Racing Team and had a near perfect adaptation, satisfying the Team’s engineers. Monteiro had to adapt his driving to a new machine, once the F3000 has a completely different behavior while curving than the Dallara F3 to which the young driver drove for the last three years.

The Renault/ Elf driver, gradually adapted, taking breaks after each series of laps to analyze thoroughly the telemetry, comparing his laps to the team’s references on previous tests made in Estoril.

Tiago Monteiro ran a total of 73 laps around the Estoril track, and at the end of the practice day, was entirely satisfied with his apprenticeship:“ It was a tough day, but all in all, quite gratifying”, remarked Monteiro, explaining:“ The Super Nova Racing is a team with much experience, and helped me adjust my driving style correctly to the f.3000. With this car, it is necessary to enter the corner slowly so to accelerate earlier, a philosophy that completely contradicts the F.3 driving style. The car has a lot of understeer, the exact opposite of what I enjoy in these sort of cars, but I managed to adapt well”.

“ The day ran smoothly. I ran a good time compared to other drivers on track. None of them was in the same situation as I was, since they all had some sort of experience with these cars, some of them for a couple of years, others tested yesterday throughout the whole day. I know exactly where I’m losing time: at the exit of the corners, and I also know where I am well: on the fast corners. During my best lap, I braked too early at the end of the grid straight and lost a couple of tenths of a second. Overall, it was really quite positive and I adapted better than I thought I would”.

Team manager for the Super Nova racing Team, Andy Roche, made his final remark:“ Tiago impressed us with his professionalism and capacity for technical feedback. It was impressive how he adapted so well to the driving style of this car. He made an incredible evolution in just one day and proved his potential to become a Formula 3000 driver”.

Test Times:
1st J.Wilson (Lola de 2002) 1.28.002
2nd S.Bourdais (Lola 99) 1.28.984
3rd Gianmaria Bruni 1.29.275
4th Joel Camathias 1.30.097
5th Tiago Monteiro 1.30.321
6th Zsolt Baumgartner 1.30.451
7th Bjorn Wirdheim 1.30.320


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