Magny-Cours report

------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 7 at Magny-Cours------ Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Marc Goossens/B ...

------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 7 at Magny-Cours------ Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Marc Goossens/B Team Astromega BVBA 1'10:45.670 2 Kenny Brack/S Super Nova Racing Ltd +17.174 3 Jorg Muller/D RSM Marko 27.449 4 Laurent Redon/F DAMS S.A. 36.303 5 Christiano da Matta/BR Pacific Racing Ltd 45.969 6 Thomas Biagi/I Auto Sport Racing SRL 49.642 7 Guillaume Gomez/F Team Astromega BVBA 1:12.223 8 Patrick Lemarie/F Pacific Racing Ltd 1:27.458 9 Christophe Tinseau/F Apomatox F3000 -1 lap 10 Esteban Tuero/RA Draco Engineering SRL -1 11 Stephen Watson/ZA Team Alpha Plus Ltd -1 12 Elton Julian/USA Nordic Racing Ltd -1 13 Carl Rosenblad/S Team Alpha Plus Ltd -1 14 Akira Iida/J Nordic Racing Ltd -1 15 James Taylor/GB Salisbury Engineering -3

FL: Kenny Brack 1:29.078


Pos  Driver                     Pts
 1   Kenny Brack/S               41
 2   Jorg Muller/D               40
 3   Marc Goossens/B             24
 4   Tom Kristensen/DK           15
 5   Marcos Gueiros/BR           14
 6   Riccardo Zonta/BR            9
     Christophe Tinseau/F         9
 8   Christiano da Matta/BR       7
 9   Christian Pescatori/I        5
10   Laurent Redon/F              4
11   Pedro Couceiro/P             2
     Patrick Lemarie/F            2
13   Luca Rangoni/I               1
     Oliver Tichy/A               1

With Marc Goossens on pole, Kenny Brack beside him, Oliver Tichy and Jean-Philippe Belloc in row two, the train starts moving. Joerg Muller only in fifth position. Goosens wins the start duel against Brack. Behind the Swede, Tichy queues up third, followed by team mate Muller. In lap four Tichy leaves a wide margin for Muller to overtake. At the same time Ricardo Zonta is out of the race with electrical problems and after a collision the Apomatox-pilots Cyrille Sauvage and Christohpe Tinseau have to walk their way back to the pits. Marcos Gueiros is on his way through the field, first kicking the rear of Guillaume Gomez, then almost sending Biagi into the gravel. The same he does with Belloc and Pescatori until he finally ends up with a spin into the gravel. In lap 19 Belloc finds a gap, where no gap is and rams Oliver Tichy off the track. One lap later Belloc stalls with a broken suspension. Christian Pescatori is now in fourth position ahead of Redon, Da Matta and Biagi, before he slides without brakes into the gravel. There are no more changes in the top three positions from lap four on. They cross the finish line in same order.

[Source: MOTORSPORT aktuell 09-18-96]

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