Hockenheim notes and final standings

------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 10 at Hockenheim------ Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Christophe Tinseau/F ...

------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 10 at Hockenheim------ Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Christophe Tinseau/F Apomatox F3000 59:24.317 2 Marcos Gueiros/BR Super Nova Racing + 9.724 3 Oliver Tichy/A RSM Marko 16.264 4 Laurent Redon/F Dams S.A. 20.407 5 Elton Julian/USA Nordic Racing Ltd 27.246 6 Cyrille Sauvage/F Apomatox F3000 29.448 7 Thomas Biagi/I Auto Sport Racing SRL 35.482 8 Patrick Lemarie/F Pacific Racing Ltd 36.615 9 Akira Iida/J Nordic Racing Ltd 41.172 10 Stephen Watson/ZA Team Alpha Plus Ltd 48.202 11 Ricardo Zonta/BR Draco Engineering SRL 1:23.293 12 Carl Rosenblad/S Team Alpha Plus Ltd 1:32.395 13 Tom Kristensen/DK Edenbridge Racing -3 laps

Race notes ----------

Pole position for Jorg Muller, Kenny Brack beside him. In second row are Kristensen and Tinseau with Da Matta and Gueiros behind. Seventh and eighth are Redon and Goosens. Lamarie and Pescatori complete the top 10.

Brack wins the start duel. Right after the start phase Pedro Coceiro stalls his Lola with engine problems. Argentine Gaston Mazzacane is much too fast in the first chicane. He crashes into a tyre wall. His rear wing flies into a group of photographers, but only one journalist is hit at his hand and suffers a deep cut. Still in first lap, Belloc is starting to overtake Da Matta, who himself is starting to overtake Gueiros. Belloc crashes into the rear of Da Matta's Lola and out for both. Also involved in this crash is Marc Goossens, who tries to find a gap through this chaos, but doesn't find and ends his race with a damaged Lola. Muller latest on the brakes now and takes the lead from Brack. Austrian Oliver Tichy started from 11th position and is getting near to the points behind Tinseau, Kristensen, Gueiros and Redon. Kristensen is out some laps later with a broken gear box. Dramatic scene in lap 18 of 29 at the lead: Brack is getting closer to Muller. At the entrance of the Senna-Chicane, Brack is beside and moving to Mullers direction. Muller moves left to avoid a collision, but then there's no more room for two cars. They get wheel contact, Muller's Lola rises up, turns almost 180 degrees and lands on its wheels again with a broken suspension. Brack can continue. Two laps later the black flag is shown with Bracks number. The swede ignores it and finishes all 29 laps. The chequered flag is shown to the driver, who crosses the finish line second, Christope Tinseau wins his first F3000 race. Kenny Brack is disqualified from the race and fined with US$ 50,000 for ignoring the black flag. Jorg Muller is F3000 Champion 1996.

FL: Jorg Muller 2:00.413

Final standings:

Pos Driver Pts *1***Jorg Muller/D**Champion1996*52* 2 Kenny Brack/S 49 3 Marc Goossens/B 28 4 Ricardo Zonta/BR 27 5 Marcos Gueiros/BR 20 6 Tom Kristensen/DK 18 Christophe Tinseau/F 18 8 Christiano da Matta/BR 7 Laurent Redon/F 7 10 Christian Pescatori/I 5 Oliver Tichy/A 5 12 Thomas Biagi/I 4 13 Patrick Lemarie/F 2 Pedro Couceiro/P 2 Fabricio Gollin/I 2 Elton Julian/USA 2 17 Luca Rangoni/I 1 Cyrille Sauvage/F 1

[Source: MOTORSPORT aktuell]

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