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--------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 8 at Estoril-------- Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Ricardo Zonta/BR ...

--------FIA FORMULA 3000 INTERNATIONAL 1996 - Round 8 at Estoril-------- Pos Driver Team Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1 Ricardo Zonta/BR Draco Engineering SRL 1'14:55.143 2 Jorg Muller/D RSM Marko + 2.545 3 Kenny Brack/S Super Nova Racing Ltd 8.520 4 Marc Goossens/B Team Astromega BVBA 31.951 5 Fabricio Gollin/I Durango Equipe SRL 32.803 6 Thomas Biagi/I Auto Sport Racing SRL 49.734 7 Christiano da Matta/BR Pacific Racing Ltd 1:04.764 8 Pedro Couceiro/P Edenbridge Racing 1:24.984 9 Guillaume Gomez/F Team Astromega BVBA 1:25.875 10 Gaston Mazzacane/RA Auto Sport Racing SRL 1:26.798 11 Christophe Tinseau/F Apomatox F3000 -1 lap 12 Akira Iida/J Nordic Racing Ltd -1 13 Cyrille Sauvage/F Apomatox F3000 -1 14 Jean-Philippe Belloc/F DAMS S.A. -1 15 Patrick Lemarie/F Pacific Racing Ltd -1


Pos  Driver                     Pts
 1   Jorg Muller/D               46
 2   Kenny Brack/S               45
 3   Marc Goossens/B             27
 4   Ricardo Zonta/BR            18
 5   Tom Kristensen/DK           15
 6   Marcos Gueiros/BR           14
 7   Christophe Tinseau/F         9
 8   Christiano da Matta/BR       7
 9   Christian Pescatori/I        5
10   Laurent Redon/F              4
11   Patrick Lemarie/F            2
     Pedro Couceiro/P             2
     Thomas Biagi/I               2
     Fabricio Gollin/I            2
15   Luca Rangoni/I               1
     Oliver Tichy/A               1

Guest driver Norberto Fontana had problems to move the Edenbridge-Lola at its limit and only qualified 19th. Jorg Muller with his second pole since his victory in Pau. Christian Pescatori in second position, followed by Ricardo Zonta and Kenny Brack in row two, and Marcos Gueiros, Marc Goossens, Laurent Redon/F and Oliver Tichy in third and fourth row. Muller with a good start in the lead, ahead of Zonta and Brack. In the first corner Zonta has a better line and snatches the lead. First loss is the Argentinien Esteban Tuero. After a spin he stalls his Draco-Lola in a gravel trap. Excitement on the start/finish straight: Tichy has stalled the engine. With acrobatic steering manoeuvres all drivers are trying to avoid a collision. Swede Carl Rosenblad hits the front of Tichy's RSM-Lola with his rear weel and crashes hard into the barriers. Both drivers get out unhurt. Safety car for one lap. No changes in the top three. Zonta leads Muller very close, Brack a few seconds behind and after a big gap Pescatori, Goosens, Gueiros, Redon. Muller keeps his second place until the chequered flag. This gives the championship lead back to him, with one point ahead of Kenny Brack, who arrives third. Three laps before the finish Gueiros, currently fifth, found a new way of overtaking: he and Pescatori are landing in the gravel after a short flight. This gives three points to Goosens, two and one points to Gollin and Biagi. Fontana's race only lasted three laps. He was catapulted off the track by Patrick Lemarie. The obligatory crash of Jean-Philippe Belloc was not missing here. This time he rammed into Coceiro, who however arrived in eighth position, while Belloc continues after a pitstop for a new front and finishes with one lap behind in 14th place. Stephen Watson from South Africa crashed hard into the barriers and was brought to Hospital, but released again at the same day.

FL: Ricardo Zonta/BR 1:35.623 (=164.144 kph)

Next race on September 28 at Mugello/I.

[Source: MOTORSPORT aktuell 09-25-96]

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