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Most recently uploaded F3 photos:

Ross Jamison, Formula BMW Pacific Champion Marcus Ericsson
Basketball shootout: Roberto Merhi gets acclimatised
Sam Bird Drivers group photoshoot: the 2008 Macau Grand Prix lineup
Laurens Vanthoor
Brendon Hartley in thoughtful mood
It's all too noisy for Michael Ho
Drivers group photoshoot: Jaime Alguersuari subdues Mika Maki Podium: third place Brendon Hartley
James Winslow James Winslow
Start: Keisuke Kunimoto leads Edoardo Mortara Max Chilton puts on his helmet
It can get very busy at Melco Renger van der Zande is another staying out of the heat
Basketball shootout: Max Chilton looks a bit worried
Max Chilton
James Jakes takes it easy
Carlo van Dam Basil Shaaban gets ready
Brendon Hartley considers the distance to the front
Nicola de Marco
Jon Lancaster James Winslow, Australian F3 Champion
Kei Cozzolino
Marcus Ericsson enjoys the sunshine
Jaime Alguersuari still smiling
Sam Bird keeps cool
Oliver Turvey Oliver Turvey's car stands ready
Anthony Hieatt and Roberto Streit Edoardo Mortara, happy enough at this stage
Keisuke Kunimoto before the grand prix
Lion dancers Lion dancers
Lion dancers The lion dance to bring luck
The dignitaries finally arrive Carlo van Dam has a word in Masaki Matsushita's ear
Kei Cozzolino explains his race plan Stefano Coletti and Mika Maki have a chat
Sam Bird looks unhappy at have to stand around Merhi, Alguersuari and Hartley share a joke
Merhi, Alguersuari and Hartley share a joke Renger van der Zande explains something to Laurens Vanthoor